EW Sexy Beast: Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Showdown

We all knew it was coming folks given the way the brackets were divided. EW’s quarter final round now has Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black squaring off. Go vote, and please do no bodily harm to those voting on the opposite side :)


  1. Angela Graves says:

    You mean I can’t swing a shovel at the opposite Team? ;-)

  2. Taylor is not sexy…Rob all the way

  3. i am voting for both of them. because it’s not fair.

    • TwilightRocks!!!! says:

      me too! I like Taylor best in NM but Rob best in Twilight and Eclipse. They FINALLY had him wearing decent clothes in this one… the first two he looked very sloppy. Anyway Im still a little sad Brad didnt make it ;)

  4. Edward!! Please vote for him.. Jacob is in the lead. :(

  5. not cool :(

  6. switzy4ever14 says:

    oh my. this could get ugly. and i am pretty conflicted, considering i’m team switzy……

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      i just decided to vote for edward since being on team switzerland is having bella’s point of view: you love jacob, but you would choose edward in the end. that was my decision.

  7. I am team Switzerland all the way and think but are hot and awesome in their on ways…So not far this voting time:( I voted for both just to be fair or unfair however you want to look at it:*)

  8. I can’t believe that Jacob has more votes. I voted for Edward, but I like Jacob too.

  9. i think taylor is sexier. with da six pack. dark. tall. :::faints:::

  10. seriously? how can edward be losing?? Nonsense.

  11. Team Edward!! Get out there and vote! Team Jacob is winning!

  12. I was NOT looking forward to this at all… I’m absolutely all for Team Switzerland & this is definitely not helping me. I’ll just have to vote for both… :P

  13. I’ve been 100% Team Edward since the beginning.

    And I’ve noticed from talking to people at the movie theaters and on various websites many, many people are switching to Team Jacob! My own best friend! HOW COULD YOU! TRAITORS! ;p


  14. rob rob rob rob rob rob alllllll the way

  15. Jean Brown says:

    i will always be a Edward girl. I will never give the MIDGET ON STEROIDS my vote. Once again blame it on those stupid TeenyBoppers who will be sayiny Taylor Who? When the Twilight movies are over with.

  16. Wolf Gurl says:

    I challenge all Twi-Moms to cast your Team Jacob vote!

  17. muahaha… edward is wining! No, really, I wanted a Team Switzerland button on this one… it was kind of a conflict in my mind. :D

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      exactly! i’d love to see how many votes team switzerland could get. that would be so great if it won.

  18. Twilight dreamers says:

    Yay! Edward is winning! Team Edward forever! :)

  19. Edward is winning!!! Yay! 100% team Edward, always have been, always will be. ;)

  20. There needs to be a switzerland option!

    JACOB 0%

  22. radiowidow says:

    I can’t bring myself to vote. As a Twi-Mom it’s too much like choosing between your children. I just can’t do it.

  23. I think this whole thing has been rigged to end up like this from the beginning. Also, this was a hard vote for me. I’m Team Edward when it comes to the books, but since they mentioned specific actors I went with Team Jacob. When it comes to the physicality of the actors, I think Taylor has to win.

  24. I don’t like that is says Taylor and Rob… there ok but I mean they are just humans ugh :), Now if you said just Edward and Jacob THAT would be a more highly ranked poll in my book!!!!! I voted by ignoreing the humans… and embraceing Edward and Jacob’s inhuman beauty :) EDWARD CULLEN!!!

  25. Most romantic: def Edward. But sexy? That’s all Jacob!

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