David Slade Addresses The Eclipse Concerns

Yesterday we received a call from Summit giving us the heads up that David Slade would be personally emailing us to address the yesterday’s biggest news story, his comments on the Twilight movie that he made during a radio call-in program back in November.

It’s a good thing they called  because we’re fairly certain that we wouldn’t have believed someone emailing in claiming to be David Slade. In fact his email went to our spam box where we just found it. It was sent last night circa 10:00pm.

According to our contact, David is a really decent and down-to-earth guy who was genuinely concerned about what happened, and wanted to address it personally, not just rely on a studio press release.

In any case, here is David, unedited and  in his own words:

“Dear Laura and Lori

I would be grateful if you could distribute this statement to the fans of Twilight:I would like to address some statements that I made regarding Twilight.

When I made these comments, I had neither seen the film nor read the books. I was promoting a comedy short film that I had made for Xbox and every pop culture subject was seen as a possible comedy target. I was being silly and none of the statements were from the heart.

Of course, I have since seen the movie and read the books and was quickly consumed with the rich storytelling and the beautifully honest characters that Stephenie Meyer created.

I would like to reassure everyone involved that I am invested in making the best film that I am humanly capable of, and that I am acutely aware of the power of the original books we serve.

Please be rest assured this statement is absolutely from the heart.

yours sincerely



  1. Pamela says:

    We need to give the guy some credit for addressing this head on & for apologizing. He didn’t have to..he probably had the job in the bag. Let’s forgive him. Eclipse is such an important book & definitely my favorite; such a turning point, I think, in the whole saga. Let’s support him so he can make THE best Eclipse movie that he humanly can.

  2. La Bruja says:

    I hobestly personally don’t feel like his apology was sincere. I fell like he felt he had to do it or he could be fired. so i think he is full of it.
    Not forgiven.

  3. Well I think the whole issue of Slade mocking Twilight before he read or saw it just shows that he has contempt for the demographic who is drawn to Twilight, and that is women. Especially young women. What else could he have been be responding to? But then we wouldn’t have necessarily been better off with a woman director from Hollywood since the majority of Hollywood women pathologically seek male approval and because of that probably couldn’t make a movie aimed at women either. The female audience is there and we have money Hollywood just rarely connects with us.

  4. yay, david clear the rumors and believe me, i am not those stupid twi-fans who always trust in the net and i knew that david will end up asking fans forgiveness because summit will told him to do so, lol…summit PR loves hijack fans blogs nowadays..

    anyway, i am not disappointing about david comments and not buy that also, he is really good director and i knew he could make eclipse more dark and more battle, with fight in it, please do not always heard what fans want to be love story, please we got cheesy twilight in first which is bump. david, eclipse is my favorite book, i love the book, please do you best. love you david.

  5. It was good of him to apologize as such. Forgiven! Now, moving on to big and better things…

  6. Im sure his comments did not sit well with Summit who were not going to let him go without trying to fix his mess and got their PR people working quick on a statement… Just don’t screw up Eclipse…that will be the best apology.

  7. x.edward is my brand of heroin.x says:

    i think we should all move on from this and forgive him. I just hope he can capture the love that is in Eclipse, and the intense scenes. If he does this, then I’m fine with that.x

  8. shareen says:

    one thing though, i guess we all owe him an apology as well. we were mislead into thinking the comment was made more recently when in fact it isn’t. so, sorry Mr. Slade.

  9. Sorry David…you wouldn’t have ever changed your mind about the comments if Summit hadn’t offered you the job as director for Eclipse. I guess money is really important to you but the Twilight series is more important to me. I’m really not happy with you or summit right now.

  10. I am glad he has addressed the issue and has been honest(I hope) about why he made these comments, I will look forward to seeing Eclipse as will all the Twilight Saga fans, we have to wait so long for each one to be released it’s horrible and I am sure I am not the only one who has withdrawal symtoms if I don’t get my daily dose of Twilight, Roll on New Moon, Eclipse & fingers crossed Breaking Dawn. Go for it David Slade, do what your good at and bring Eclipse to life.

  11. I don’t trust this guy as far as i can throw him all i can say is he better do a good job of eclipse

  12. I don’t trust this guy as far as I can throw him all i can say is he better do a good job on eclipse

  13. Dear David,
    You are forgiven for now… but don’t F-Up your second chance. Because if you do, Twihards will ruin you. Take every bit of advice you can from Stephenie Meyer, and don’t run your mouth about things you don’t know anything about again. We all take this very seriously and so should you… Stick to the book and make Eclipse the best movie out of the bunch…

  14. Alice Kiki Cullen says:

    Hmm…I’m waiting and seeing on this. I admit I didn’t really want to read twilight but only because of the word “Vampire” Lol. Not romance. OF course once I read it ha, that was the end of that. But I am still unsure picking feeling nawing at me. I want to hear it, not read it. I want to hear him on tv saying it. I still am not totally convenisted yet.

  15. i don’t know if to believe him or not… but i would agree with some of the fan that Eclipse is intense in the love triangle between bella,jacob & edward. SO if they are planning to keep he better get the story right, its too intense to mess it up..

  16. This just confirms what I thought when I first read about his statements. What he said has been echoed by every male who hasn’t been exposed to Twilight’s story. My son made much the same comment when invited to see the movie with his mom and sister. I wasn’t worried about it and I’m glad David sent the email, that shows he plans on keeping the heart of the fanbase in mind.

  17. Of course he’s sorry, now that he has millions of twilight fans in an uproar wanting him removed from Eclipse! Way to save your ass David!!!!!

  18. He didn’t really have a choice not to apologise, and it was just a little brief email. But I’m quite willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, as long as he realises that this is a love story much more than it is a horror story! Im sure he only said it in jest.

  19. Does anyone remember that REALLY NICE statement chris weitz released when he got the job, saying he hoped he could do his best for us fans? appearance wise, it was white writing on a black backround. Ringing any bells???

    That, i feel, is the sort of director we should be getting for eclipse. And i fully acknowledge that maybe this was simply just a really ill-timed case of foot in mouth, but really…

    I dont mean to be knitpicking, but that apology was quite brief and…well… it was an email. no signatures or documents like weitz deals in. realistically, thats not the proper way to apologise for a blunder, even if he had only meant it as a joke. If people are annoyed, you make a Formal apology. Signed. make it official looking, just do something to show you went to even a bit of trouble or made an effort with it!! His freakin secretary could easily have typed that for him in 2 minutes, it’s kind of empty.

    Again, i’m a complete fussy knitpicker by nature. so maybe its just me. But I duno, I can’t explain it easily, I just dont like the attitude the guy gives off. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here, course. but I still can’t quite say I like him persay. I wish they would just keep one director rather than switching round.

    • Luthien says:

      Yes, Chris Weitz was being very pro-active and professional by sending that statement, not just an email that had to be retrieved from the trash, which is where it might have stayed if the personnel from Summit hadn’t alerted the Lexicon. Weitz has class, something sorely lacking in Slade, I’m afraid. I’m not a wait-and-see kind of person. I believe that if something isn’t right with you, you should do everything you can to change it. It may not make a difference in the outcome in the end, but at least you will have tried. I still sent my letter to Summit asking for another director.

  20. I’m not sure he is going to make a good job on eclipse….
    He said those things! And if he did so is because he felt it…I’m quite sure that this apology is just because summit told him to do it…. I guess Eclipse need another director…one who really love the story, or at least doesn’t hate it…

    Don’t like him from the beggining and with this I just like him less…

    Catherin was awesome and she really loves the story, Chris is making a good job, at least he hasn’t made such as comments, have to see more so we can tell but this Slade guy…

  21. Hathor says:

    I don’t know what the big deal is. If I hadn’t read the books prior to seeing the movie I would have thought it sucked. Heck I still laugh at some of the parts. The story would be compelling but the special effects…not so much. That being said I think that now that he has read the books, he is probably drawn into the world that we all fell in love with. That world and the story is the reason why I am giving the second movie a chance. I just hope he’ll do Eclipse justice.

  22. No name says:

    i just hope he relizes that if he makes elclipse bad… he will be the most loathed director there has ever been!!!

  23. Sterling Snow says:

    I’m glad he apologized, and I think (hope) it was sincere. Forgive and forget.

    But I hope he understands how rabid the fans can get and watches his step now. Just a bit of friendly advice:)

  24. Guys, let’s take the high roadand cut him some slack. After all, what would Edward do?

  25. What did we all expect him to say? That he meant every word he said?

    He gave an expected and pretty much MANDATORY apology so he would not be in danger of losing his job or incurring more wrath from us. I am sure Summitt was behind it.

    All will be okay when he does no less than an outstanding job on Eclipse.

    And as a grown adult, I was mystified by the Twilight hoo-ha and bought/read the books. I didn’t hate on it at first like others have admitted to, so I am not too keen on that as an excuse.

  26. Divacat says:

    I hate what he did, and I hate that they hired him as director to the sequel afterwards (i think), but I can’t blame him. I had never read the book, I made fun of Twilight’s trailer, I made fun of my sister in law who had read the books (she’s 38) for liking it and then one afternoon I was bored and I didn’t know what movie to watch and I chose Twilight.
    I LOVED IT! Then I went to buy the whole saga books and spent an entire week reading them. You can guess I loved them. Me and this guy went through the same “twilighting”(if that was a word and if it ever exists)process

    I just hope David Slade makes a good sequel. All I can say is that I can’t blame him.

  27. persephone says:

    I, too, am guilty of thinking people were downright weird for reading/gushing about these books. Then, like many others, a friend handed me all four books and said, “JUST read it!” I did and couldn’t stop. I loved it so much, I had to force my sister to read it because I knew she thought I was seriously off-balance by my new addiction. I can now happily say she has joined our side.

    I forgive him for what he said. God knows how many times I’ve said the wrong thing. My mouth has gotten me into more trouble than I care to tell. It wasn’t all that bad, and an earlier poster hit the nail on the head…he’s a GUY!

  28. Ella Lady says:

    He is so obviously lying. He thinks the story and its fans are silly and beneath him. I would reevaluate too, in exchange for money. I hate that he got appointed.

  29. ProudAdultTwiFan says:

    I am a proud, adult Twifan. I did not want to be, but was curious about it, I read the books and was hooked. I am so glad to see twifans get some of the kind of respect Hollywood usually reserves for Star Trek fans. Trekkies are reluctantly respected by Hollywood because they know they will be skewered by the fans if they mess with Star Trek or if someone who does not seem to respect the franchise directs it, even someone as big as JJ Abrams. So you see all the groveling and the explaining about why things were done the way they were in the new Star Trek movie.
    I do not think Hollywood gave Twilight and Stephanie Meyer the kind of respect they gave to J K Rowling for instance. I laugh all the time when I hear they thought it was going to be a cult movie. I do not care who directs any of the movies. I am not going for them. I am going to all the movies because oI love the world Stephanie Meyer created and I expect to see most of it presented HER way aka try to faithful as much as possible to the book like Harry Potter. I am not looking for how brilliant a spin a director can put on it. As for David Slade, thank you for the apology. You are on probation. Get over yourself about what you want to do and make it the way Stephanie Meyer presented it. We are not going for you, we are going for seeing a visual representation of the story we fell in love with. If we think you did a good job with Eclipse, we will check out your other movies, we are very loyal fans to those who appreciate us.

  30. NATALIE says:

    this guy is in troubles i don’t think he is the right person to direct any movie of the saga and the summit people have to be conscients about that

  31. do you know slades email addy? i wanna send my resume to him for a audition?

  32. My skeptic nature kicked in when I read his apology. Money “changes” your feelings quick- I thought. I adore the Twilight series and Stephanie Meyers, and if SHE (the creator of the series) agrees to have him on board to direct Eclipse…then I guess- who am I to question it? I am looking forward to all the movies and can hardly wait to see NEW MOON!

  33. Ki Harrell says:

    Dear Mr. Slade

    My name is Ki Harrell and I would really want to be in your movie,Twilight saga: Eclipse. The part I want to play is Seth Clearwater. I would love to do this for me and to show my dad, who is currently stationed in Iraq for quite a while. Thanks for reading this message and please respond to this request. This is the e-mail address you can contact me with: franrealestate@sbcglobal.net

    Ki Harrell

  34. N0ddyAng3L says:

    come on you guys, david slade seems genuine in his apology letter. lets cut him some slack. i mean i myself, thought the whole twilight saga was a joke before ever seeing or reading the story. after i did both, i’m now totally a twilight fan. it’s not like he was serious when he made those comments he was just doing his job, at the time he working on a comedy short film for xbox!!! so stop hating people! let’s give him a chance everyone deserves that much! i’m sure he’ll do well with eclipse! at least he better that’s my favor book out of all four!

  35. Personally,

    I think David Slade should be forgiven for his comments. On a fan note & a HUGE fan of the books.. I feel it would be best if Summit would hire a few fans to help the directors.
    David Slade doesn’t have a huge resume most of his films I’ve never heard of… and he’s going to take our precious Eclipse & direct it? Has he read all of the books? Does he know where the story is going? Does he know how much it means to the fans? I honestly think a quiz should be submitted to David Slade… as a director it’s always best to know everything in & out..that’s why I loved Twilight.. check out Hardwickes companion.. she went through the book so many times it needed to be taped together!! We need a director that doesn’t want to just appease the fans & make nice.. we want a director that’s going to be true to the books.. and true to the passion that we all feel. Or at least I do.
    What do you say? Would it be possible for all of us fans to make a few easy questions for David Slade to answer? A quiz of sorts to show his dedication & to make sure that SM’s saga translates well onscreen?


  36. Ki Harrell says:

    Dear Mr.Slade,

    My name is Ki Harrell. I really want to be apart of your movie, 3rd Twilight saga:Eclipse. The role I want to play is Seth Clearwter. I would like to do this for me and for my dad, who is in the war. Please, Mr.Slade, answer this request through the following e-mail address:franrealestate@sbcglobal.net

    Ki Harrell

  37. Ki Harrell says:

    Dear Mr.Slade,

    My name is Ki Harrell. I really want to be apart of your movie as Seth Clearwater. I would like to be this character because I already have most of his features, such as his outter apperance and his selfless, positive, upbeat attitude. I work well with others and I’m quite the team player. You can find me at http://www.Talent Hunter.com or you can e-mail me about your decision to my proposition at franrealestate@sbcglobal.net

  38. Joanne Maria says:


  39. damn…… I would’nt be suprised if they soon decided they wouldn’t let him be on the director seat after this stunt…. Frankly I think Stephine should direct the movie, at least she would be true to the book!!!!!!!!!

  40. Damn…… I sure feel bad for that dude when the fans heard

  41. well at least he a pologizedok

  42. I’m actually pretty sure it’s the Slade who gave his YES for Rachelle kick out. Slade is that hard, cruel Volturi-look-a-like himself that he would not understand soft seduction, lion-like sexiness of Rachelle and would cast the totally unsexy, cold-Bryce. That’s where we are heading: cool-cold-Twilight – and not the love-story what we liked that Catherine Hardwicke created.

    David Slade cannot understand anything than the violence (torture and horror, that’s his genre). I haven’t seen ANY soft, sensitive directing ever from him. He didn’t even like the romantic atmosphere of Twilight, because he’s just a HARD (candy) macho, who shouldn’t be let anywhere NEAR Twilight series.

  43. HI!!

  44. Does anyone know if they are ever going to publish Midnight Sun??????

  45. im glad to have david slade as the new director. we have seen all the “good” inside the vampires. now it is time to see the bad side of the vampires. eclipse needs more thrills and chills for an interesting outcome. david slade is perfect and 30 days of night was awesome. cant wait =]

  46. Hi David,
    I made a picture of New Moon that I made and I was wondering if you could give me an address so I could mail it to you.

  47. jasper fan says:

    dear david, jasper/jacksons hair in eclipse is completely the opposite of how the book explains it to be. now, im not one to nitpick every tiny detail but this character ,and actor for that matter, just so happens to be my favorite. his most recent hairstyle is appalling and makes him look a bit feminine and a tad bit nerdy. this is also my favorite book and jasper is most important.


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