David Slade On The Twilight Saga

I don’t know if anyone who reads our site was a fan of The West Wing, but on the West Wing there was this episode where Martin Sheen playing President Bartlett said something really stupid, and his legal counsel played by Oliver Platt beat the hell out of the recording device on his desk with a baseball bat so there would be no evidence regarding the really stupid thing that he said.

Well, flashing forward to the Twilight world, it looks like David Slade was using a baseball bat of his own. Only it looks like the metaphorical bat here got to the evidence on Twitter, but it missed the call in show.

Slash/Film has the details on what is at the very least going to be an embarrassing incident:

“Today, however, it seems like Slade’s Twitter account has been deleted, which is a crying shame. Besides the loss of an interesting tweeter, another of the reasons this is unfortunate is that the deletion covers Slade’s tracks a little and hides a rather amusing little attack he launched on the Twilight franchise.

That being the very same Twilight franchise Slade has subsequently signed up to, and for which he will be directing the third installment, Eclipse. Oops.

So, the original Tweet might be gone but after the break we have audio of Slade ripping into Twilight”

Once you check out the full story on /Film and listen to the audio to judge for yourself, we have a question. Unfortunate foot in mouth trying to be witty on a call-in show, or is it worse than that?

The critical material in question happens at around the 9:00 minute mark in the second download, of what was otherwise and interesting an non-controversial interview.


  1. kellan fan says

    first comment. whoa im really confused can someone sum this up for me? what exactly happened>

    • follow the link and you’ll see a lil transcript for what was so controversial. pretty much he (and i don’t know who else) were trying to find something to watch, and so a lot of people told them to watch twilight, and he used his twitter account to write:
      “Twilight drunk? No, not even drunk. Twilight on acid? No, not even on acid? Twilight at gun point? Just shoot me.”
      for someone slated to direct Eclipse, you’d think he’d be a tad respectful of the saga. i’m thoroughly disappointed, but one would also think that if nothing else, he’d want to hold onto that paycheque! i guess not x2. anyways, hope they decide to get another director, this man brought it on himself.

      • I would be happy to do the last thing he asked.

      • Again wow taking it out of context. He also said he is a bit of a romantic and maybe should have seen it. This was long before he was attached to the film and again everyone just needs to back away from ledge.


        • water lily says

          @ Misfit: Agreed!

          What he said was his honest opinion, before he knew about directing Eclipse. I didn’t think Twilight was done well either, and I know alot of people who wouldn’t want to watch it. That being said I am a huge twilight saga fan (and an adult, contrary to the popular stereotype) and I hope he can, at the very least, fake interest and crank out a quality flick. I don’t care if he likes it or not, as long as he can capture the tone of the book and produce quality work, which is something that escaped the poorly funded, though passionate Hardwick. I really don’t think he’s any different than the big name celebs (Kim Kardashion, Drew Barrymore, Dakota Fanning) who namedrop or sign onto the franchise now that it’s popular. That’s Hollywood folks.

          • veronica says

            I totally agree. I mean I love Twilight but compared to many other movies it’s not very good. Don’t get me wrong I am a HUGE FAN!!! And I love the direction Catherine did with it but at least he is being honest and I know we the fans are the ones to please but I think as a director you should reflect on the bad things in previous products to make the next product(Eclipse) the best it can be.

        • water lily says

          I didn’t like those comments, they are embarrasing to the project. Kinda like you kissed a boy and then found out he told every one the week before that you had bad breath. The point is, things change, people change, opinions change. I understand the mob sentiment developing, and I truly sympathize but hopefully rasional will prevail here. He made a dumb move and the fact that he is trying to cover it up, shows that he’s embarressed, and maybe even had a change of heart. Give him a chance, when he made those comments he hadn’t given it a chance and he wasn’t even signed on to the franchise yet. Sending Summit letters will just waste time and money, because all you will get out of it is a PR letter written by some team of lawyers signed by him redacting his statements, weather he feels that way or not. Which means absolutely nothing. And it will show the fandom as overly excited, irrational fangirls. Which I know we are not.

    • basically he said that he was so sick of twilight that he wanted to get drunk to try and forget it but then he relized that wouldn’t be enough. So he said that he needed some acid to get it out of his head. Finally he like that wouldn’t even get rid of it for long so he was like just shoot him cause that’s the only way to get away from the Twilight maddness and he can’t take it anymore.** So he was TRYING to be funny but wasn’t really succeding.

      **NOTE: that’s how I understood it at least. At first it confused me too.

  2. heatherh says

    uuuuumm, that really concerns me.

  3. Hey nice name “kellan fan”. Well he said something along the lines that he would only watch Twilight at gun point…or something to that effect. I don’t know…maybe it was just a spur of the moment dumb little comment. either way…he’s still the director so…second chance? we all say lame things every now and then…

  4. Huh my comment is “awaiting moderation”….wonder what I said…

    • krystal says

      It is probably because you said g_u_n. I had that on a comment where I said s-u-c-k-s.

      • Twilight_News says

        Sorry the trolls tend to throw S*ck in all the time. The filter traps posts with that word . Saves the mods work.

  5. woow great pick summit. a director who doesnt even like the series.

    how is he directing eclipse without even seeing Twilight? He better have watched it by then.

    and since he hates it i guess its easy to say he’s going it for the heaps of money.

    i didn’t like him from the start and now i have a reason to 🙂

    • Agreed. But even worse than the fact that he probably hadn’t seen the movie before he signed on, he OBVIOUSLY hasn’t read the books, or he would be MUCh more enthusiastic. I personally loved Twilight the movie, but I know many people that didn’t and he has the right to an opinion. Except for the fact that he DIRECTING Eclipse! I mean come on! Have respect for the fans at least, if not the books!! I am freaking OUT! Twilight fans REVOLT! GET US A NEW DIRECTOR PRONTO!!

      • Tell me where to sign the petition to have this guy taken off the project!
        Great there goes Eclipse, he better not ruin it, it’s my favorite of the saga!

    • i have to agree it is easy to jump on the band wagon when the hard selling has been done, everyone will see his film because we want to see the series to the end, maybe he didnt watch the movie because it didnt have subtitles so he could understand what they were saying. come on stephnie get some power girl dont let your baby be directed by someone with no heart or soul.

    • I agree, how can they let him direct when he doesn’t even like Twilight. Maybe a new director should be found. There has got to be another director out there that can portray the book better.

  6. What an a-hole. That doesnt sound like someone being witty. That sounds like someone being mean and nasty. I hope his dislike for the Twilight franchise doesnt ruin Eclipse. I am concerned.

  7. Lol. Haven’t liked him from the start.
    Hes just weird.

    Fire him. Make Chris do it 😀

  8. Great job SUMMIT! What a prick.

  9. Twifanatic Amanda says

    hahahaha! that is hilarious!

  10. omg his little “poem” made me laugh so freakin hard!!!
    Obviously he’s doin it for the money, sh** i would too!!

  11. 30+twilighter says

    hmmm, how are u gonna bash something and then turn around and jump on the bandwagon???? can we say….riding the coat tails of all that money thats gona be coming into his pocket…. i think they should find someone else…really wonder what stephenie thinks!!!!! oh yeh and how convenient his twitter trail got deleted!!!

  12. Gigster says

    Thanks for setting up the comment so well. The image of the bat bashing the recorder was hilarious.

  13. eddy jake says

    omg we need a new director asap!!!

  14. TeamCullen says

    I have a badddd… feeling abt this guy…..

  15. ScarletRubie says

    Seems like the typical out of a a job director who will direct something that’s bound to make money but sort of kinda hates it. It’s sorta funny that he’s ended up directing Eclipse, he must really be out of a job and need the publicity. I’m sure summit went above and beyond when they checked this guy out, clearly he has a problem with the franchise, maybe Eclipse will be fun and violent, i guess it’s good because of the newborn battle and all the killing.

  16. Hmmm.. Well I can already predict he will definitely not be on the same page as the fans. it’s definitely sad we’ll have a director for the 3rd one who is in it only for the money. Catherine and Chris seem to actually like it.
    Ugh. Saw both of his films and Hard Candy is just disgusting to me, 30 days of Night is blood and gore to the extreme. Why would they choose him? It boggles my mind.

    • I agree with you totally. In it for the money, the odds are it won’t turn out very well. You have to have the Twilight spirit and love it to get the real feeling that the fans need. I listened to the audio and the way he said it I think he whole heartedly feels the way he said. I am greatly disappointed and don’t need a gory mess to enjoy the show. Makes me feel sad. Give him a second chance? I will give it my best shot but he has a long way to climb to get out of his pit.

  17. Chloe Cullen says

    That’s… disturbing. Eclipse is my favorite book out of the saga, so he’d better do a good job anyways. It’s sad that he doesn’t even seem to like the series, when, like Mandy said, Catherine and Chris seem to. Hopefully the movies won’t just slip downhill and become more and more distant and commercial, because that would undermine the whole fandom of Twilight. I guess we’ll just wait and see – maybe he’ll become a fan as he gets more familiar with the material.

  18. NuttyNetty says

    i don’t like him =\ now it’s only OBVIOUS he’s in it for money which REALLY annoys me. if he thinks it’s a joke, fine, we all have opinions, but to be a complete hipocrite and direct a movie of the series for money… it really really really gets to me >=|

  19. Totally in it for the money!!! This makes me so sad as Eclipse is my 2nd favorite (after Twilight) and there are many Edward/Bella scene’s I’m looking forward. He better watch his steps as we all know what happens when you upset Twilighters!!!!

  20. shavei7 says

    douche. way to go Summit… great choice. now I’m really concerned for Eclipse. if he ruins Eclipse, he better be prepared to die (okay i’m exaggerating but it’s close enough).

  21. I never did like this guy. So he did a couple of shock value B movies…..I saw both of them and I never felt this particular director had what it took to do “Eclipse”. I mean “30 Days of Night” was acceptable for the piece of drunken saturday night pizza eating movie that it was, but does he have what it takes to do “Eclipse”. I was actually irritated when I found out he was going to be directing Eclipse. I think he will make a mockery out of the movie (think back to 30 days please…with his piranha looking vampires). How totally unprofessional can you be about a movie YOU signed on to do? Personally I hope they rethink Slade and replace him. He’s not up to it, on ANY level. And I hope ya read this Davey baby because I think you suck. Nuff said.

    • Yea i wathced 30 days of night..well i mean I at leaast TRIED to..It was a movie i actually shut off cause i got Bored of it and have still to this day never finished it. I almost NEVER stop a movie in the middle. and i can answer your question. No he does NOT have what it takes to do Eclipse.

  22. To be honest I’m not really surprised about this. I wasn’t a fan of his before when I heard he would be directing Eclipse, and I’m certainly not anymore of a fan now.

    Even if he has a signed contract with Summit I’m hoping they’ll find a loophole to remove him from the job as director. They should be hiring someone who has a genuine interest in making Eclipse into the movie it should be.

  23. BookRCrazy says

    I think he is going to eff eclipse up… I thought that even before I heard this little radio recording… Iv seen 30 days of night and I dont think that someone can direct 2 different kinds of vampire movies. He already has it in his mind the way vampires are from 30 days of night, I dont think he can just change his visual perspective on them to make them the way stephenie meyer intended them to be.

  24. Tiffany says

    What the hell is summit thinking? Im so not into this dude at all… TWILIGHTERS UNITE! REVOLT!

  25. I’m curious to see if there will be any repercussions to his little comment? Obviously the fans are going to be really upset about his apparent dislike of the series, so he better beg and plead for forgiveness and prove his loyalty otherwise he will be a target of hate for months to come!

    • Oh, I’m sure he’ll be a good little Hollywood suck up and apologize. He wants the money and the credit. He has to boost his sadly lagging career somehow. I just deleted my Twitter account in protest actually, though no one knows it but me, and now everyone here lol.

  26. grab the pitch forks! does summit see who theyve hired?!?! sigh. i remember when chris came on, he wrote us that awesome letter and that made me feel alot better. not a thing from this a-hole. did u even see SM didnt post anything good about him on her site…. i vote summit fires this guy b/4 they lose tons of money and make tens of thousands of girls vry vry angry. i sure wont be seeing it 8 times like i did wit twilight if he effs up this movie. …..not a happy twilighter right now….

  27. Devon061381 says

    Well, way to go Summit, for hiring a complete DOUCHEBAG for a director for Eclipse. I don’t like him, haven’t since they announced him. I felt way worse about him than I did when Chris was announced, but as another poster said above, Chris took the time to soothe our fears and seemed gung-ho about NM from the get-go, and obviously this loser has not.

    He sounds like a prize lame a-hole, and Summit needs to find someone else who’s actually *interested* in making Eclipse an awesome film and not someone who so freely dislikes the franchise.

  28. That’s really unfortunate. Too bad, because I’ve been looking forward to seeing his take on Eclipse. It’s not the end of the world, obviously, and coming from a guy who makes horror films, his comments aren’t very surprising. (Most horror buffs aren’t into Twilight, for obvious reasons.)

    But considering that he’s been signed on for this film, he should make it clear that he’s dedicated to the project and willing to work hard to please the fans. That’s what Chris did right after he got signed, after all, and I expect nothing less from Slade. The Twilight franchise may be a moneymaking machine, but that’s only true as long as the fans love the final product.

  29. shareen says

    although he’s dumb enough to twitter it, at least we know what he’s like. I hope he wouldn’t still be directing the movie.

  30. for real summit? What are you thinking? does anyone know how to get in contact with summit? I feel like writing a very strongly worded letter… Don’t F with me on Eclipse its my favorite book and if this weirdie messes with it Im going to be pissed…Bring on the crazy twilight fans! David Slade you will regret the day you said this… dont mess with twilighters we will ruin you! muuuahahahaha! <— evil laugh….

  31. Yeah I’m not too happy about this either, I dunno if I want him directing if he’s not a fan of it and hasn’t seen Twilight. I mean he doesn’t have to be a hardcore fan and what not but to say that you’d rather be shot than go see Twilight is not good. Even if it was meant as a JOKE it still should not have been said by the director of the third installment of the movies.

    I’d love it if Chris was able to do Eclipse as well.

  32. Stephenie,

    How about a little reassurance? Are you really on board with having this guy at the helm of Eclipse? Where’s Catherine?

  33. Luthien says

    Okay, it’s time for the fans of Twilight to unite and speak up. Time for a writing campaign to Summit about their choice of a director who doesn’t even like the story he’s directing about. Anybody know the Summit exec’s address?

    • Summit Entertainment
      Address: 1630 Stewart St, Santa Monica, CA 90404
      Phone: (310) 828-4132

      • Luthien says

        thank you! Everyone, write!

        • Luthien says

          oh, and please everyone, as angry and aggravated as we all are, please refrain from using profanity in your letters. It will only make us look bad (and trust me, I know a lot of very long nasty words I would like to use, but will refrain). Be assertive and strong in your position though. We really can make a difference…there are, after all, thousands of us. Don’t give up and take a wait and see attitude. Make a difference!

          • Luthien says:
            May 4, 2009 at 3:35 am

            there are, after all, thousands of us. Don’t give up and take a wait and see attitude. Make a difference!

            NO OFFENSE BUT I TRUST STEPHENIE MORE, she actually has talked and listen to his vision, you made your mind because he made a joke.

            there were thousands wanting them to fire Robert

        • I’m with you guys. We don’t deserve a director who doesn’t respect this franchise.

    • Luthien says:
      May 4, 2009 at 2:34 am
      Time for a writing campaign to Summit about their choice of a director who doesn’t even like the story he’s directing about.

      guess you were one of those campaigning against Robert. Common the man made a joke about a movie they were going to see. He wasn’t in the mood for a chick flick and now you will campaign against him.
      hope you apologize when the movie is made and you love it.


      it was not a critique
      he would not say yes to directing if he did not like it

      have you never ever said something like that. Have you never ever judged a book by its cover.

      • Well the thing is that he should know better than to Make stupid immature jokes like that about a somthing he is supposed to be soon involved in. it’s VERy unprofessional.
        And yea..I do judge a book by it’s cover cause it’s saved my life a couple of times to do that.

        • he made it before he had seen the movie it was a joke to friends because they suggested twilight and he did not want to see a romance.

          • It was rude. Just shoot me?

            Come on.

          • Las Lobos says

            Ok..so If he said this BEFORE Then why would Summit be stupid enough to hire this guy to direct Eclipse?
            what are they thinking?

  34. We need a new director, FAST!

  35. Luthien says

    And just another thought…as if we needed another depressing thought…if he truly doesn’t like the series, then chances are pretty good he’s going to CHANGE THE STORY to suit himself. yeah. way to go Summit….

    • right, as if meyer would say yes to him if had that idea. He said it a long time ago because he did not want to see a romance. I’ll go with Meyer and if said he is the man then he is. and remember the ones who wanted Robert gone.

  36. shavei7 says

    I’m pretty sure a Summit email was posted in one of the forum threads during the whole ‘Taylor is being replaced’ issue. anybody has the Summit email? We need a new director unless he starts showing some respect to the saga..DOUCHE. Did Stephenie give her ‘blessing’ for this guy to direct? And if she did, what was she thinking????

    • Luthien says

      I think emails would be too easy for them to ignore and delete. Please send a real letter to them. We need to let them know we are not taking this lying down. Address is in reply to post #31 above.

    • are you really in such a grumpy mood that a joke made last year because he judged twilight by its cover. that you would work to make them fire him. Never mind that he has spoken to Meyer and she like what he has to say.

  37. Brittany says

    Wow, it’s one thing to state your opinion on something. But to state that you don’t like it, and then sell out and become a part of it just because it rakes in money is a bit ridiculous.

  38. I hope he doesn’t ruin Eclipse – that’s my favorite book, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it onscreen. Hopefully he’ll do a good job with it.

  39. …..I’ve really worried.

  40. Should we all send a mass email to Steph Meyer? Summit? Petition maybe? Isn’t Stephenie Meyer AT ALL protective of her work? Doesn’t she want it to be respected?? David Slade is NOT respectful of this series as of right now….

  41. Should we all send a mass email to Steph Meyer? Summit? Petition maybe? Isn’t Stephenie Meyer AT ALL protective of her work? Doesn’t she want it to be respected?? David Slade is not respectful of this series as of right now.

  42. Personally, I wouldn’t say he is trashing the book, just the first movie. This doesn’t worry me as much, because that means that he plans on making the third one so much better. My roommate (who is a film major) liked Twilight but hated the movie because of the graphics and the flaws in the directing, which could be what he is referring to.

    • agree, and people need to cool off and actually take it for what it was. the “BURN HIM! pitchfork” people , wonder how many of them did the same when Robert was cast.

      I say take a day before sending an email, only then can you know that you rationally and reasonably are trying to get a person fired and not because you are angry.

  43. Mark my words, New Moon will be the best book-to-movie adaptation. Chris Weitz knows what he’s doing, he should do Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as well.

    • I agree.
      If chris does a good job with new moon,which I do trust him with, then he should do the rest of the series.

    • Now I never liked the idea of Slade because; one, I didn’t even see Chris’s work on New Moon yet and they were trying to shove someone else on my face; and two, I was never able to finish 30 Days of Night (I didn’t like it).
      My first reaction to the comment stated by him above was pretty harsh and I wanted him gone long time ago. But now as I look at everyone’s opinions and how this is a RobbyP repeat, I don’t know what to think.
      I still don’t like Slade but should I give him a chance?
      Eclipse is my favorite book. Do I want to put I trust in someone who hasn’t had the decency to show appreciation to twilight and its fans as Chris did?

  44. @ Ash

    He didn’t even see Twilight at the time he said this. He was trashing the concept before he even saw it.

    • superstar says

      As would many people who knew nothing other than it how it was presented in the mainstream media: a tween-focused vampire movie with ‘hunky’ stars. What middle-aged guy wouldn’t make fun of it?

      • and it should be made clear that not all fans lack a complete scene of humor. Everyone has said something like that about a movie before seeing it.


        and may you all apologize when he makes the movie and you all love it.

        • Las Lobos says

          If it comes close to anything like 30 days of night i will shoot myself.
          Juan Antonio Bayona could doa way better job than David anyday.

    • OK, calm down everyone. When exactly were these comments made? Who knows how his impressions of Twilight have changed since then, plus I recall many fans on this very site complaining about the first Twilight movie (not to mention Rob’s casting, anything that KStew ever says, the choice of Weitz as director for New Moon, etc, etc, etc). He is a middle-aged man, not exactly the target audience for the books, that does not mean he can’t make a good movie.

      Also, I don’t really get the point of posting this info here on the Lex. Does it not just exacerbate the situation?

  45. rachaelwsz says

    I’m very worried no…

  46. This is not good “not good at all”. I just wonder what Stephenie thinks about this director that Summit choose to direct Eclipse? Has anyone heard her opinion yet?

  47. Yolande Sellwood says

    I get that there needed just a tad more of the actual Twilight book in the Twilight movie, but the movie is addictive as a stand alone. He may be trying to cover his tracks, but it’s already out there. People need to actually have ‘watched’ or ‘read’ before they can give constructive criticism. I can’t stand it when people criticise what they have absolutely no idea about. I WILL WRITE. EVERYONE WRITE A PLEADING LETTER TO SUMMIT – GET SOMEONE TO DIRECT ECLIPSE WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT THIS AS MUCH AS WE DO.

    • it wasn’t a critique it was a joke to friends.

    • Why are no one glad that a hater had to eat his words. Most of the critics of the saga think they know, but when asked they haven’t read it. He thought it was bad and changed his mind when treading it. This is a good thing.

      Believe in Meyer and her choice

  48. Okay, I’m a complete realist about Summit involving people who truly “care” about the story. The fact is, this is a business, and most of the people involved are only in it for the money. The end-product can still be top notch. However, one can be less than enthusiastic about the source material and still publicly respectful of it. In fact, in this case, with a fandom that is so huge, and devoted, and united, being respectful is paramount! Is this guy insane!?! So he’s clearly not a fan. Did he really have to Twitter about it and run his mouth on a freaking radio show!?! Way to condescendingly alienate the massive fandom that spent $200 million dollars seeing the first movie, douchebag! Eff him. I feel sorry for the interns who will be opening letters and reading emails at Summit this week. I for one, have my torch and pitchfork ready.

  49. Sabrina says

    What about him made Summit go “He’s the one!” because this guy is sub par at best. His other films were dreadful and his attitude is even worse. I know we haven’t even seen Chris’s version of New Moon, but I feel very confident in it and wish that he was involved with Eclipse.
    Cheers! (though I’m not feeling very cheerful at the moment)


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