David Slade Addresses The Eclipse Concerns

Yesterday we received a call from Summit giving us the heads up that David Slade would be personally emailing us to address the yesterday’s biggest news story, his comments on the Twilight movie that he made during a radio call-in program back in November.

It’s a good thing they called  because we’re fairly certain that we wouldn’t have believed someone emailing in claiming to be David Slade. In fact his email went to our spam box where we just found it. It was sent last night circa 10:00pm.

According to our contact, David is a really decent and down-to-earth guy who was genuinely concerned about what happened, and wanted to address it personally, not just rely on a studio press release.

In any case, here is David, unedited and  in his own words:

“Dear Laura and Lori

I would be grateful if you could distribute this statement to the fans of Twilight:I would like to address some statements that I made regarding Twilight.

When I made these comments, I had neither seen the film nor read the books. I was promoting a comedy short film that I had made for Xbox and every pop culture subject was seen as a possible comedy target. I was being silly and none of the statements were from the heart.

Of course, I have since seen the movie and read the books and was quickly consumed with the rich storytelling and the beautifully honest characters that Stephenie Meyer created.

I would like to reassure everyone involved that I am invested in making the best film that I am humanly capable of, and that I am acutely aware of the power of the original books we serve.

Please be rest assured this statement is absolutely from the heart.

yours sincerely



  1. shareen says

    hmmm..I’m really not sure what to say.

    • Well he hated so much all the twilight stuff in the past, but now that he is going to win a lot of money he does’t think all those bad things about it. yeah.. i don’t know what to say about it..

      • BS he had not read nor seen it. he judged the book by its cover, who hasn’t

        • I just hope he realizes there is like one scene that could be considered his specialty and the rest is the love story. Please, please let him be able to do that part correctly. I have no doubt the fight will be great…but he needs to address that he understands 95% of Eclipse is the relationship struggle between the 3, the love story, and Bella realizing she is finally ready to move forward in “more ways than one”.

          • mschicklet says

            SO TRUE.

          • I am TEAM TWILIGHT, and I could not agree with Kim more she is 1000% right it is a love story not another horror story, and yes there is one good fight scene but that’s it, the rest is about the characters and their story. If that was the movie I wanted to see I would rent it. BUT IT IS NOT… I want to see the love story. We don’t need another vampire horror movie ie. 30 days of nite, underworld, blade, interview with a vampire there is enough of that out there. Remember this fan base is BIG, remember titanic and it was 3 hours long, and fans kept coming back for more. I pray David has respected Twight.

          • Kim, These are my worries and my concerns exactly. I am 66 years old and have watched Sci-Fi for about 55 of those years. This series about vampires is actually better then Frank Langela’s vampire movie. Moving out from the vampire who is just an evil beast to vampires who are victims and look for love and acceptance maybe they are just a different species of humans (I know they don’t exist but it is fun thinking they do). Your concerns are right on and I hope the producers keep them in mind.

        • La Bruja says

          I didn’t.

        • If you’ve seen 30 days..there is a love story there too..it ends with her holding him as he dies..and HE ROCKS vampires, I believe he has done the best vampires to date. very authentic I can’t wait!!!!

      • I totally agree…he’s back peddling…now i’m really anxious about how Eclipse is going to turn out….and it’s my personal favourite, so i was really looking forward to this one.

  2. I forgive him. Let’s move on.

    • Yep. Forgiven. Moving with great excitement…

      • Sabrina says

        *nods* I like that he went out of his way to direct his statement to the one place that was sure to reach the most fans and his email seemed sincere. All’s forgiven in my book as far as his comments go. I am a bit apprehensive about his past films though. Hopefully he will do something spectacular with Eclipse.

      • Yay forgiveness!!! I’m definitely ready to be excited again even though we’re still just getting started with our New Moon excitement lol. Everyone makes mistakes yes? hooray eclipse =)

    • water lily says

      Swan, this is exactly why I love twilighters. We just want to love twilight. We will chew up our enmies and then graciously welcome them back with open arms.

  3. Charlotte says

    I am sure a lot of people made fun of Twilight before they knew what it was. It stormed the news media everywhere, you were drowning in it. For us fans it was a great thing, but for everyone else and especially people that genuinely didn’t like it. It must have been awful.
    He didn’t know what he was talking about and it was wrong, but I can forgive it and forget it. It was everywhere, easy target for a joke.

    • maddie08 says

      I absolutely agree! I myself made fun of the book when it was selected in my book club back in the summer of last year. As a matter of fact I threw a fit about the selection of a “teen” book. I quickly realized how great the saga was and am personally responsible for no less than 40 others also becoming addicted to Stephanie’s fantasy world. He is only human so lets all not over-analyze this…

    • veronica says

      I understand him because before I started reading the series I made fun at my younger sister for reading it but when I read it I instantly fell in love with it all and got excited the book was being made into a movie. I agree with ishta everyone has or will judge a book by it’s cover but soon they’ll open the book and see what’s it really like.

    • I’m sure a lot of people made fun of it before they knew what it was. However, most of them aren’t being tapped to direct the next installment. Most film makers don’t go around bashing other movies, as a rule. Even if they don’t care for them. He just seems immature and full of himself. And I’m really concerned about what he’s going to do to Eclipse. Yes, it’s a vampire story. But I’m not going to the theater to see 30 Days of Eclipse. I’m not going there to see his creation. I’m going there to see Stephenie Meyer’s creation.

      • persephone says

        YES! Finally!!! Will somebody please pass that on to these directors?!?! We are not going to see their creation, we are going to see Stephenie’s creation. That’s what we fell in love with. So when crucial moments are left out or happen in another place or are changed slightly (Edward being thrown against the wall by Jane’s pain instead of writhing on the floor – New Moon) we don’t like it.

  4. thanks twilight lexicon and well be sure to post this article on our site full credits given. thanks. I knew it, glad I posted my view on that particular issue

  5. Julie M. says

    I just want him to make Eclipse the best movie possible. Everyone deserves a second chance in my book.

  6. shareen says

    well, at least he addressed this issue personally.

  7. Heck, I hated twilight before I read the books and saw the movie, and now I’m an obsessed fan. You have to admit, from the outside the mania of it all is a little ridiculous. I say we give the guy a break.

    • Well said! I thought it was all nuts! I didn’t even see it in the theatre. I read my nieces Twilight one night when I couldn’t sleep and ended up staying up all night reading!!! Went the next day and bought the video and all 4 books since I knew I’d be reading them over and over!

      Thanks Mr. Slade for correcting us….we love you….’till you mess up.

    • Exactly. On the surface, Twihards are ridiculoud and the story itself is particularly superficial. It’s a REALLY easy target. However, when you finally get into it, Twilightends up being a lot more than previously thought.

      • Yeah definitely! To be honest, the only reason I started to read it was so I could make fun of it and not be a hypocrite. Then, I couldn’t stop, and I even risked my life by driving to the mall in a blizzard to get the fourth book!!

  8. mschicklet says

    Thanks David Slade. Don’t F– up Eclipse. Don’t forget about the romance (proposal especially). Can’t wait to see what you can do!

  9. I guess all we can do is hope for the best and just wait and see. I do wish him the best, Twilight did miss some key points; but Catherine’s heart was in it. Let’s hope he had what we would call and “epiphany”.


  11. hmm…well i dont know what to say…he said it for a reason didnt he? not sure about whether its true that hes really changed his mind…oh well whatever just make the damn movie and then well judge…although if its bad he better go hide somewhere far away…fiji maybe…

  12. This is what I needed, to hear from him and let me know that he is taking Eclipse seriously and that he want to make us fans happy!! I’m excited to see the book come alive and have faith that he will do great.

    Thanks Summit and David for coming back to us asap.

  13. so now that twilight is so popular is not so silly at all, huh?
    i just hope he’s gonna do..not good, but great with the movie, because eclipse is a great book too.

  14. To be perfectly honest, I was skeptical too. It wasn’t until I read the books that the movie held any interest for me. These comments were made in NOVEMBER! before he was signed onto Eclipse, before New Moon even had a “green light”. It was a joke in poor taste based on an un-informed opinion. I’m sure he’ll do a great job with Eclipse.

    He took the time to email and address this matter personally, that right there shows he cares about the project, characters and the fans.

  15. BooksRcrazy says

    Well I can understand that he was on a comedy radio show at the time so nothing he really said could be taken seriously… BUT, I still dont know about the director of 30 Days of Night making a twilight saga movie… the vampires are just so different that I dont see how he can do a different kind of vamp movie after that last 1.

    • BooksRcrazy says

      Oh and for all those people who were revolting against this guy…. remember all the people who revolted against Robert Pattinson as Edward? Just look how good he did? A little optimism never hurt anyone 😛

      • mschicklet says

        Right but I think people are scared in this case because they don’t want a violent vampire slasher film. They want a romance film with a touch of action. But I do appreciate Slade’s email. I’ll remain hopeful yet skeptical until I see some solid proof that he “gets” that this isn’t like 30 Days of Night.

        • BooksRcrazy says

          Lets hope its not too late by the time we find out. =X

        • kristine89 says

          I’m glad he apologized. It wouldn’t have been good to have the director of eclipse bashing his own product, even if the comments were made before he signed on.

          Still, it’s nice to see all these directors acknowledging the fanbase and taking the time to address the fans. Regardless of the quality of the twilight film, Catherine was always great to the fans. Christ Weitz followed her lead and sent out that letter right after he was hired. It’s nice to see David Slade doing the same.

          I agree with the rest of you though, that I hope we don’t get some slasher film out of eclipse. It’s the romance that made the twilight series not just another vampire horror flick. I want to see tension of the love triagle, the “fire and ice” chapter come to life, the proposal, when edward gets the bed, etc. That’s what stood out for me in eclipse. The newborn vs wolf fighting was just a backdrop imho.

          • I dont think he will make Eclipse a horror movie. I think he understands the twilight story and I’m sure it would not be allowed by anyone especially Stephenie…

      • tucheer83 says

        Protesting about Rob becoming Edward was stupid. I loved him as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter films. But protesting David for his insensitive words about a movie and book he never saw or read is feasible. Eclipse is my favorite book out of them all. The love triangle between Jacob, Bella and Edward is awesome. I love everthing about it. I love Jacob’s boldness and Edward’s stead fastness that he knows that he’s the man and Bella finally coming to terms with her emotions re: Jacob. I now that this David can give us the blood and gore but this story is about emotion/love. Can he pull it out? I don’t know. But I know this, he gave us a statement explaining what he said or tried to put it into context. He was like so many other ignorant people who never read Twilight nor saw the movie but had something negative to say. They just didn’t get it. Maybe now he does. Like I was willing to give Chris a break, I’m going to give this guy a break. Now I think he understands the power of Twilighters. We are not just going to settle for anything. No one is just going to say what they want and think they are going to get away with it. David clearly writing this website has learned a valuable lesson. I hope. We’ll see. I’ll accept his explanation…as Bell would say, “for now”.

  16. Megluvstwilight says

    I can totally be too trusting but I believe him. Even if he didn’t like the books it’s not like he wants to make a crap movie. He’ll want to make it the best he can. So now that I believe he’s into it… I have even more faith that it will be great.

  17. oh, give me a break. hi’s gonna win a fortune doing this movie, this is called brain wash!! 😐

    but he must do it right, now that we get to see some romance in tha twilight series.


  18. Ms Lisa says

    Hmmmm ::raises eyebrow::…….I don’t have to forgive him, he’s entitled to his opinions, but what was said was said and you can’t take it back either. I’ll know in November if what he says is true to his word or if he did what I said he would do in a previous entry on this same subject. Nuff said.

  19. Stephanie says

    I really wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. The proof will be in the making of the movie.
    The expectations are very high among Twilight fans and he’s going to have to live up to that.
    I am surprised that Summit would select someone like that. There are others who could do just as good a job, I would imagine. But they took him anyway, so they must have confidence in his abilities.
    They know more than I do.
    He better not disappoint.

  20. Kelrose says

    I call BS.
    But eh, whatever.
    I don’t think Summit would let him entirely screw up Eclipse, whether he is in it for the money or not.
    I’m not ‘forgiving’ him for anything, I wasn’t angry about his opinions in the first place.

    I do however think those opinions could make him a bad director for the movie.
    I agree with Ms Lisa.

  21. Yeah, I was cynical of the series before I read it as well. I was hesitant to read the first book, but I’m glad I did because now I’m in love with the books. I can see how they could seem silly the way the media promotes them, but if you give them a chance, you quickly realize how good they really are. Anyway, I am sure he feels bad for making the comment and now that he realizes what the series is all about, I’m sure he can understand the hype for the first movie.

    Anyway, I just hope he can really focus on all the romantic moments as well as the action scenes and incorporate them both into a fantastic movie. I will have faith. 🙂

  22. I’m a fan of all things Twilight, and I can still appreciate the humor of the situation. In all honesty, you have to admit there are a number of funny things about it, and making a sarcastic remark doesn’t mean the end of the world. Some fans just take it too far I think, and refuse to believe that Twilight is anything less than gospel. David Slade made some remarks that were meant to be humorous, and if he’d said them in the age before ‘net-mania, where everything in online within a second of happening, then none of the Twilight fanatics would even know about it, and we’d have none of this ridiculous hype going on.

    Props to him for taking the steps to rectify the situation. Fanatics take a deep breath and remember this is a fully fictional movie based on fully fictional characters. Relax!

  23. Alu Rathbone says

    At least he apologized. I’ll give him that…

  24. forgiven and forgotten, now impress the heck out of us!!

  25. im not sure about this, i feel the statement that he made 2day was just dumb.everyone was going crazy yesterday on all the twisites.He had 2 address the issue.Im not a hater or anything, and of course i cant wait 2 see the rest of the movies.I think he looks foolish and made everyone else look foolish (summit,stephenie etc.).

    • lc – that comment wasn’t from 2 days ago, the story broke, but the those comments were made in an interview back in Dec. I listened to the interview and there was nothing malicious behind his joking around.

  26. Wow. I’m impressed with his honesty and sincerity (it’s not easy to eat your words). It also seems like he recongnizes the power of the fandom to make the movie a hit or not. So …. I vote for showing him some Twi-hard love, after all we both want the same thing … Stephenie’s book brought to life on the big screen.

  27. David is going to do great, please have a little faith ladies, hes going to bring Eclipse into another world. I have trust in him.

  28. sillygirl says

    We don’t have to like him. (we don’t even know him). Let’s just hope he can make a good movie.

  29. I don’t post here that often, but I was very upset the way David was bashed yesterday. I am so glad he wrote this, I was getting a migraine from defending him on all the blogs the past 2 days. lol

    • phebs you are funny :)!! I’m glad he responded asap!!

    • La Bruja says

      He probably only wrote an apology cuause he thought there was a good chance he could be fired from what he said. the apology didn’t feel sincere to me at all.

      NOT forgiven.

  30. 1) Apologizing and addressing this was the right thing to do.

    2) He’s still not the right one for Eclipse.

    Hope you takes some notes from Catherine & Chris.

  31. Krystal says

    I am definitely a Twilight fan but I do think it is a little ridiculous that everyone is judging him because he did 30 Days of Night. I can promise you he isn’t the 1st director to make a transition into a different genre and do a great job. Sam Raimi for example. Most probably won’t know who he is, but he directed a lot of the “horror” flicks in the 80’s including Army of Darkness. Then turned around and directed Spiderman, SM 2 and SM 3. So quit being so judgmental, give the guy the chance. If he has completely ruined the movie when it is released, than I can promise you I will be in the fron row at his “hanging” (figure of speech). Until then he’s only human.

    • Ms Lisa says

      Well Sam Raimi was a genius from the start….all the way back into the 70’s (and I was alive in the 70’s lol). Evil Dead was my personal fave…..It was a fully formed story even then. 30 Days wasn’t. You really can’t even compare the two directors. Just go to their imbd pages…..

      • krystal says

        Wasn’t really trying to compare the two just saying have faith that he can make the transition, and that he isn’t the first to try.

  32. It’s great that he was respectful enough to the fans to address his previous comments but I have a sneaky suspicion that the words “back-track” was used behind closed doors, in reference to them!

  33. i hope he really means that and he makes eclipse really good

  34. I was excited before I read the bad press about David and I was still excited after I read it.

    I was also turned off by the Twilight phenomenon before I read the first book, but then I read the first few pages and quelled all those apprehensions!

    Catherine killed the story of the first book. It was condensed to the point of fluff. I can’t wait to see what David’s direction can bring to “Eclipse”.

    • leahluli says

      I agree on all counts. I was one of those people who made endless fun of the series and the fans. Then, I read the books and was enthralled. Everyone deserves a second chance. And, as far as his directing skills..Well, anything has got to be better than CH’s version.

    • persephone says

      Was it Catherine or Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter? I heard CH had to ask her to rewrite it to make it more like the book. I could be wrong. I hated Twilight the first time I saw it, even though I loved the books. I was so mad. It was nothing like the book.

  35. I think throwing fits over a humorous sarcastic remark is ridiculous. Alright, the books were good but honestly guys, the world isn’t going to end if someone doesn’t like the Twilight saga. Stop being so oversensitive about something as petty as a remark. This director has great experience behind the lens, and I’m sure he knows how to compose himself professionally when doing his job. If not, then Summit Entertainment wouldn’t have hired him.

    Remember guys: everyone in the industry isn’t as dumb as you think.

  36. Colleen says

    I KNEW there would be damage control, lol. I mean I wasn’t THAT put off by his remark (first off, he’s a guy. generally, guys aren’t really into the sappy romance thing) I was apprehensive but the fact that he did apoligize (whether it be sincere or not) does make me a little reassured. Atleast he had the guts to. So, personally, theres nothing I can really do so I’m just going to wait and see then judge. End of that lol.

  37. I think everything is going to fine. In fact, I think New Moon and Eclipse will be better than Twilight….and I just pray that they make Breaking Dawn too! Yayyy! Excitement back on!!!!

  38. i forgive him, i don’t know i mean i think some people need to chill. i would probably thought something like that if i was just looking at the media attention and hadn’t read the books nor seen the movie. i think he’ll do good with he movie though.

  39. All is forgiven in my eyes as for now. I’m not sure how Eclipse will be with him directing it, but i have faith that he will make it good. However, we’ll just have to wait and see what the actors have to say about him and what his directing capability is. Thank God, we don’t have to wait long. LOL.

  40. due to the quick and candid personal response i say forgive and hope he sticks to the books as much as possible when making it i loved how in hardwicks twilight alot the lines were from the book and there wasn’t alot of changes.

  41. Thank you David Slade for those kind words and from now on you need to be more careful of what you say… The Twilight Saga is very important to its fans and we are very sensitive about it…so when directing the film Eclispe you had better “Deliver” and make us proud. “Apology accepted”

  42. Gisselle says

    Well…this provesa that our comments are read (heard) and fans are not underestimated. At least now he knows the kind of fans he’s dealing with!

  43. blah, blah, blah. Before his comments made it out I didn’t like that he was the director. I don’t think he realizes what kind of fans this franchise has, either that or he has and that is why he is now trying to cover his tracks in hopes that nothing gets started out of it. There are surely other directors that can do this film other than him. I wish there was a way to convey that to Summit that they need to go back to the drawing board and quick for a new director.

  44. Even though I think it’s fantastic he apologized, I expected him to. Don’t really think he had a choice. Still glad he addressed the issue!
    And the people who were concerned yesterday, I think had every right to be. We knew it was a joke, we just didn’t expect it from the Director of Eclipse.

    I hope he really does try his best to make the best movie possible!

  45. Well, I’m just happy he sent something directly to the Twilight fans, that shows at the very least he wants us to know he’s sorry. Let us just all look forward to what will hopefully be a great version of Eclipse!!!


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