Full Name: Chelsea, born Charmion

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: before 1100 B.C. (OIL)

Date of Change: Around 1100 B.C.

Originally from:  Greece

Hair color:  Light Brown

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: 5’3″

Physical description:  Chelsea has an hourglass figure and a small stature. (OIL)

Special Talents: Strengthen or loosen the emotional ties between people/vampires (BD31)


Family members: Member of the Volturi Guard – Afton is her mate (BD Vampire Index)

Personal history: 

Chelsea changes her name frequently because she deals with humans and vampires outside of Volterra more often than anyone else in the coven.  (OIL) Chelsea helps someone feel “bonded to the Volturi…to want to please them.”  (BD31)  Aro found Chelsea around the time that he murdered his sister.  (OIL)  Aro uses her talent to keep Marcus loyal even though he has no interest in his quest for power.  (SMW)  Eleazar believes that she also strengthens the ties among the guard so it is easier to coexist and work together.  Chelsea is especially important in a fight since she could “separate allegiances between allied covens” which makes them easier to defeat or break the ties within a coven so they would not fight as a whole.  The Volturi could render justice with less brutality when the innocent could be spared while the guilty are punished.  However, her talent is not strong enough to break the bond between a mated pair.  (BD31)  In order to protect himself, Aro makes sure Chelsea is frequently exposed to Corin’s gift.  (OIL) 

The Volturi arrive at the clearing “with pageantry.”  They are in a “rigid, formal formation” that seemed to flow in “perfect synchronicity” — “it was the pace of the invincible.”  The entire guard, the wives, and their witnesses are also present.  (BD36)

While Aro, Caius, and Marcus counsel, Chelsea tries to break the ties between the Cullens and their witnesses.  Edward says that she cannot feel them and figures out that it is Bella’s shield that is protecting them.  Chelsea tries again with no success.  With the arrival of Alice and her witnesses, Aro casts the deciding vote and announces that he sees no threat from the “half-vampire children.”  He turns to the Volturi guard and tells them that they will not fight today.  The guard resumes their formation and departs along with the wives and their witnesses.  (BD38)