Full Name: Alistair

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Around 1300 (OIG)

Date of Change: Around 1320 (OIG)

Originally from: England (BD32)

Hair color: Dark (BD32)

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: 6’2″ (OIG)

Physical description: “Brooding, dark-haired vampire” (BD32)

Special Talents: Tracker that feels an “elusive pull” toward whatever he seeks (BD32)

Occupation: Nomad (BD Vampire Index)

Family members: None

Source of Change: George (OIG)

Personal history: Alistair grew up in the time of Edward II.  His father was a baron who fought for the rights of the aristocracy along with Alistair’s older brother.  Alistair had no interest in his father’s schemes and opted to be a hunter and a falconer.  In fact, he spent more time with his birds than he did his family.  (OIG)

Alistair’s father plotted to put his oldest son in a more prominent position of power.  The plan backfired and ended with the son being executed for treason.  This left his father deeply wounded and he eventually became involved with the occult.  Unaware of this, Alistair grieved the loss of his brother and withdrew from society along with his mother and sisters.  

Late one night, Alistair’s father came to take him to London.  Resigned to the fact that he was now the heir and had a duty to perform, Alistair went with his father.  They traveled through secret tunnels and eventually came to a council room filled with aristocrats.  Alistair’s father announced his plan to put Alistair on the throne of England and make him the next Charlemagne.  He admitted that he had sold his soul in order to make Alistair invincible.  Everyone in the room believed the baron, yet Alistair now knew his father had gone mad.  (OIG)

A knock came on the door and a hooded man entered.  He was addressed as Astaroth, but his real name was George.  George was a vampire who loved to play with humans and watch them struggle with their dilemma’s.  He was left alone with Alistair and told him that he could be king if he truly wanted it and promised him power and an army.  He then instructed Alistair to stay out of the sun and avoid drawing too much attention before he bit him.  (OIG)

When Alistair’s transformation was complete, he was unable to control his thirst and slaughtered a group of peasants that had been brought to him as a sacrifice.  Alistair was furious with his father for what he had done to him.  He shoved his father out of his way, accidentally killing him.  He rushed home to find that his father had sacrificed his mother and sisters to George as payment.  Devastated, Alistair left civilization and avoided contact with humans except for when he needed to feed.  (OIG)  

Alistair met Carlisle in the 17th century.  He was a total recluse by this point and wasn’t interested in having company.  But Carlisle’s enthusiasm eventually grew on Alistair and the two became unusual friends.  He counts “Carlisle as his closest acquaintance.”  

Carlisle contacted Alistair when the Volturi threatened Renesmee.  It takes a lot for Carlisle to persuade him to come.  Alistair believes Carlisle when he explains Renesmee’s story and sulks in the Cullens’ attic.  Edward says that he is afraid to stay but more afraid of not knowing what will happen between the Cullens and Volturi.  Alistair feels that he will have to be on the run from the Volturi for centuries because of his association with Carlisle.  (BD32)

Alistair leaves abruptly.  Edward explains that Alistair believes that a fight with the Volturi is inevitable and that he cares too much for Carlisle to stand against him.  Eleazar also comments that Alistair is worried that the Volturi would not stop to listen and will find some excuse to achieve their goals.  (BD34)  When the Volturi arrive at the clearing, Edward confirms that Alistair’s theories were right about their goal to “destroy and acquire.”  (BD36)  Carlisle asks the Irish coven to find Alistair and let him know what happened with the Volturi so that he can come out of hiding.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Joe Anderson

Prepared by: Anny