Win A Set Of the White, UK Editions of The Twilight Saga

EZ Read has a contest going where you can win a set of the limited editions of the Twilight Saga that are being produced by the UK publisher. This limited edition features a white cover and red spine.

Full details here on EZ Read.

White Twilight Saga Books Are Out

We told you about the Twilight Saga books getting a repackaging in the UK back in August. Instead of the iconic black and red they opted for white. You can actually have the items sent to the USA as Laura found out quite accidentally. She looked them up on her Amazon UK account when she first heard about them, and she saved them in her shopping cart so she could write the story. Well…you guessed it…she forgot to remove the items from her shopping cart, and now she has a set of the white UK books here in the USA.

The books came yesterday and there are a couple of noticeable items:

1. They are paperbacks and smaller in dimensions than the USA produced paperbacks.

2. They don’t have any wording on the covers, just the image associated with the book. No title, no author, nothing!

3. The pages are all edged in blood red rather than just the typical paper stock.

4. Only Twilight-Breaking Dawn is available, not Bree Tanner.

Check out Amazon UK and other UK retailers to get the books.