White Twilight Saga Books Are Out

We told you about the Twilight Saga books getting a repackaging in the UK back in August. Instead of the iconic black and red they opted for white. You can actually have the items sent to the USA as Laura found out quite accidentally. She looked them up on her Amazon UK account when she first heard about them, and she saved them in her shopping cart so she could write the story. Well…you guessed it…she forgot to remove the items from her shopping cart, and now she has a set of the white UK books here in the USA.

The books came yesterday and there are a couple of noticeable items:

1. They are paperbacks and smaller in dimensions than the USA produced paperbacks.

2. They don’t have any wording on the covers, just the image associated with the book. No title, no author, nothing!

3. The pages are all edged in blood red rather than just the typical paper stock.

4. Only Twilight-Breaking Dawn is available, not Bree Tanner.

Check out Amazon UK and other UK retailers to get the books.


  1. JGroIsMyEdward says:

    Wow. I want…

  2. Cullen_cutie2 says:

    Mine arrived yesterday too…absolutely beautiful! Love them

  3. i saw them the other day. they are very anonymous and in some ways rather tacky. i prefer the originals. plus who’s gonna get them if they’ve already got the other versions? ive already got paperback AND hardback versions… lol

  4. Just a gimmick… yo try and get people who already own the books, to buy another set. I’d much prefer Stephanie write a new Twilight series book, which would most definitely be super hot seller…

  5. OK…I just ordered them!!!! I can’t wait to get them. It will be a nice early birthday present to myself 🙂 who cares if its a gimmick….I have read the other books so many times that the binding is worn. It was about time for me to get a new set, why not the cool white cover ones, right?

  6. astonmartingirl says:

    I always thought that once the “book that should not be named- M.S.” was published, it would’ve made sense to be published with white covers. Opposite color scheme for opposite perspective. Bella vs. Edward. It would’ve made a nice look for a collection on a bookshelf too. Guess that’s out of the question now. So, why did they change a good thing??

  7. If you got on the book depository, they ship world wide for free! They are a local company to where I live and are really good!

  8. what is the actual website for the uk amazon.com?

  9. the uk amazon site is amazon.co.uk

  10. Looks great to me but I love the originals. I think the Twilight series has the most beautiful and original books covers. I LOVE THEM !!!

  11. Vampire-girl says:

    I was going to get them if they did as a hardback set like the black hardback set but I don’t want them in paper back such a shame

  12. Wow… those are pretty ugly. I much prefer the original black covers, so I’ll take a pass on the white covers.

  13. My black covered paperbacks here in NZ have the red-edged pages. Strange to get used to at first, but now I don’t notice it.

  14. Twilight dreamers says:


  15. How much was the s/h?

  16. I would love to have them! If only I had the money, plus I already have the paperback, hardcovers, and the movie tie ins. I love the red edges!

  17. I think they look pretty. But I don’t need another set. On a sort of related note, at Target one day I saw a regular black copy of Twilight without the title on the cover. It had the author, but no title. It was just in with all of the other regular books that had the title on the front. I wonder how many of those are out there? Was it an error or was there an edition put out like that?

  18. I want it…

    Oooo! Red edges! 😀

  19. I just ordered mine from the UK! The books are really reasonably priced, it’s just the shipping costs (which costs more the the four books together) that killed me! $55.00. Hope they’re worth it! They look amazing!!

    • They are worth it. I got mine a few weeks back, they are beautiful! some people say they are tacky but trust me they are not (these people are usually the ones who are jealous and cant afford lol)
      hope they come soon xx fellow twi fan from uk

      • Really?! That’s great to hear! Anyone who thinks they are tacky clearly cannot see straight. I’m even more excited now! Thanks!!

  20. Magiclily says:

    A very good idea, considering how many fantasy books are published in black and red. Just the other day I saw a cover from “the vampire diaries” in black with a red apple on it xD

    I don’t need another set, i love mine even if they look a bit worn out, but they make a nice and special present.

  21. wait does this mean that theyre not going to sell the black covers anymore?? because i like those more! its iconic, they shouldnt change it!

  22. DonaNicole says:

    Love the bloody edges on the pages idea and who needs writing on the covers? These books are so well known now that everyone knows who wrote it and what the name of the book is. Would love to have the UK versions of these!

  23. I am soo upset that they arn’t available in the US. But I know it’s reasonable… so many things arn’t available in the UK, they diserve one special thing for themselves.

  24. Once I saw these I HAD to have them! I don’t buy everything I see, but these books are unique. Just received them this weekend!! Thanks for letting us know about them 😉


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