Who Wins in the Books to Movies Fan Website Market?

Hypable has an article up comparing what has become the latest trend in books to film, and that is creating an interactive fan website. They compare the sites that have recently sprung up around the Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games fandoms and explore the pro’s and con’s of each. They rate Twilight as the best for fans.

Most recently was Summit’s Twilight Time Capsule which allows fans to upload photos, video, and text from a particular time in Twilight history. You can then scroll through all the user-submitted content in an interactive interface. While it looks nice, there are some modifications that should be made so it’s easier to browse the content.

When the Time Capsule was released I was surprised to see a couple Potter fans say that Twilight Time Capsule was copying Pottermore. What? This argument is silly. The two sites don’t compare.

And frankly, Twilight Time Capsule is the best out of the three in terms of catering to the fandom. Time Capsule allows the fans to shape a website using their experiences in the fandom. It’s an extensive archive of moments from the rabid fans who are the reason Twilight exists in the first place.

See the entire rundown at Hypable.

Twilight Time Capsule

Summit Entertainment launches the Twilight Time Capsule, a first-of-its-kind interactive community celebrating worldwide fan activity.
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