Who Wins in the Books to Movies Fan Website Market?

Hypable has an article up comparing what has become the latest trend in books to film, and that is creating an interactive fan website. They compare the sites that have recently sprung up around the Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games fandoms and explore the pro’s and con’s of each. They rate Twilight as the best for fans.

Most recently was Summit’s Twilight Time Capsule which allows fans to upload photos, video, and text from a particular time in Twilight history. You can then scroll through all the user-submitted content in an interactive interface. While it looks nice, there are some modifications that should be made so it’s easier to browse the content.

When the Time Capsule was released I was surprised to see a couple Potter fans say that Twilight Time Capsule was copying Pottermore. What? This argument is silly. The two sites don’t compare.

And frankly, Twilight Time Capsule is the best out of the three in terms of catering to the fandom. Time Capsule allows the fans to shape a website using their experiences in the fandom. It’s an extensive archive of moments from the rabid fans who are the reason Twilight exists in the first place.

See the entire rundown at Hypable.


  1. I agree I love the Twilight capsule a whole lot more and it just reminds me of why I love Twilight so much and it’s cool well always have this ! Wish they would do one for before Twilight the movies came out because a lot of fans have memories with the books coming out.

  2. That’s right!! But the others are cool too in their own right. No one competing.

  3. That’s right!! But the others are cool too in their own right.

  4. As a fan of all of these books, and as a member of Pottermore, I have to tell that I don’t see any resemblance with the Time Capsule, Pottermore is sort of digging more deeply in the story with new material and stuff, plus the fact of attending Hogwarts etc., interacting games to make you feel like you are really in the story… The Twilight site seems more like sharing the experience of the phenomenom itself with other fans. I think The Hunger Games site could have more things in common, but I don’t mind, it’s all good fun. I think there are some people who delight in making fans of these stories compete pointlessly on which saga is the best. However when you love a book so much there is no best or worst, Potter fans should stop bashing on Twilight, and Twilight fans should stop bashing on HP, it’s all really immature and it doesn’t make a good image of these fandom, that I know can be better than bitching teenagers fighting over nonsense. If you don’t like a thing just ignore it. So peace to all fans of these books. I’m looking forward to THG movie in March and I still can’t get over the end of HP, see you all at the cinema in November for Breaking Dawn. (Sorry for any spelling, grammar etc., mistake but english is not my first language)

  5. I forgot to ad that it’s pretty obvious that the purpose of The Time Capsule and Pottermore is much different, so a comparison is really difficult to make, but both sites made the happiness of their fans, like me, and I think that’s the important thing. I can never have enough of these stories. And now I’ll just shut up.

  6. How can one compare Pottermore, an interactive telling of the Potter books, to the Twilight Time Capsule, an interactive fan archive? And I haven’t been to any Hunger Games websites b/c I haven’t read the books, and at this point, not interested in seeing the movies b/c I really haven’t seen or read anything about it other than hearing that there was a love triangle that rivaled the (supposed) one in TW.

    • I agree with you, except for The Humger Games, I can assure you that book has nothing in common with Twilight but a love triangle. TW is a romance with elements of fantasy. THG is a science fiction novel with political themes, I know media emphasize a lot about the supposed love triangle, but the plot it’s much more than that. The story is set in the future, after an atomic war, and people are struggling to live under a dictatorship. The story is more about this girl who fights for freedom and becomes the simbol of rebellion. And plus the story is narrated sort of like in a reality show kind of way, because in the story The Hunger Games are after all a very bloody reality game. This book has more similarities with the Japanese film Battle Royal than with TW, trust me.

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