Rumor Mill At it Again on Twilight Sequels

twilight-booksSo here is what is being reported by Bloody Disgusting(Boldingours):

Lionsgate, who acquired Summit back in January for $412.5 million in cash and stock, will be in serious discussions regarding the future of the Stephenie Meyer vampire/werewolf franchise. They’ll deny it, right here, right now. We’ll get plenty of eggs in our face. Sites will burn us at the stake like a witch during the Salem trials. Still, the fact will remain: it’s true. In fact, they’re already discussing it internally. It will happen… It is still undecided exactly what the future of the franchise will be, though. It could be a direct remake, considering the initial saga is so poorly made, but then again it could also be a spinoff or maybe even a one-off sequel. It could be anything to keep the green bills piling high. But expect a remake. Yes, quickly.

Here’s our take(no special, insider knowledge here, just going on gut instinct and doing this for 6 years): For starters the Bloody Disgusting article states no one has approached Stephenie Meyer about this yet. They are just talking amongst themselves. Of course the studio wants more. Studios are like Oliver Twist, they always want more, that doesn’t mean they have the rights to do more. In order for them to do something else with Twilight they’d have to get the permission of Stephenie Meyer, who has said that she not writing anything vampire related for awhile. So that knocks out the sequel idea right there.

The only remaining Twilight stories left are the Bree Tanner novella and the backstories from the Twilight Guide. The first one is kind of short for a movie and the other would need major development since they are individual stories with minimal, non-linear connections.

Stephenie is also now doing The Host (which will probably entail two sequels that Stephenie needs to write) so she’s a little busy at the moment.

All the above brings us back to the fact that unlike other writers Stephenie Meyer  is very hands on about her work, and on set nearly everyday on her recent films she is a producer. It seems unlikely that she would relinquish control and say “sure go an make whatever you want without me.”

So to wrap it up:

Do we think that it’s possible the new folks at Lionsgate who aren’t incredibly familiar with Stephenie might be talking sequels amongst themselves? Yes.

Do we think that eventually there will be a reboot? Yes, but not for like 10 years at least.

Do we think a sequel, TV show, one-off movie is possibly in the near future? Not until The Host is done and that’s going to be awhile.