Breaking Dawn Filming to Start Today in Paraty

As we reported yesterday, the production company has moved from Rio to an area called Paratay where the Isle Esme scenes are to be shot. The cast arrived at that location via helicopter.

Specifically the scenes are shot on the island resort we featured yesterday, but the cast and crew are not staying on the resort because it is not able to handle overnight accommodations for such a large team of people. The cast and crew are at a site off-island and brought there each day. Yesterday was a travel and rest day due to the overnight  shooting in the Lapa District the night before.

I can’t find the source at the moment, but one reason given for the back and forth to the island is that the resort is fairly open to the elements and if it rains (part of current forecast) it isn’t very protected and they’ll have to go for different shots.

The navy is providing security for both the inn where the cast is currently staying and the filming site. Apparently people have tried to access both sites and have been turned away. It seems that no one is able to be closer than 200 yards in either case. There is at least one major Brazilian entertainment outlet that has rented a boat and is at anchor at the established 200 yard perimeter.  Whether or not they will be able to capture any footage besides arrivals on the island is unknown.

We will post arrival footage in plain site when it is available, other footage will be below spoiler cuts. If you are visiting our page directly, the spoiler cut is obvious like the one at the bottom of this entry marker “spoiler click to read more”. Realize that if you are coming to our site via Twitter, Facebook or a direct link the spoiler cut is not there(just the way the software works), but you will see the term “spoilers below the cut” so if you don’t want to be spoiled, STOP when you see the word “spoiler”

The consensus seems to be a filming starting this afternoon, but that info has changed several times.

TwiBlogBrasil has a good rundown with great translation.

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