Breaking Dawn Filming to Start Today in Paraty

As we reported yesterday, the production company has moved from Rio to an area called Paratay where the Isle Esme scenes are to be shot. The cast arrived at that location via helicopter.

Specifically the scenes are shot on the island resort we featured yesterday, but the cast and crew are not staying on the resort because it is not able to handle overnight accommodations for such a large team of people. The cast and crew are at a site off-island and brought there each day. Yesterday was a travel and rest day due to the overnight  shooting in the Lapa District the night before.

I can’t find the source at the moment, but one reason given for the back and forth to the island is that the resort is fairly open to the elements and if it rains (part of current forecast) it isn’t very protected and they’ll have to go for different shots.

The navy is providing security for both the inn where the cast is currently staying and the filming site. Apparently people have tried to access both sites and have been turned away. It seems that no one is able to be closer than 200 yards in either case. There is at least one major Brazilian entertainment outlet that has rented a boat and is at anchor at the established 200 yard perimeter.  Whether or not they will be able to capture any footage besides arrivals on the island is unknown.

We will post arrival footage in plain site when it is available, other footage will be below spoiler cuts. If you are visiting our page directly, the spoiler cut is obvious like the one at the bottom of this entry marker “spoiler click to read more”. Realize that if you are coming to our site via Twitter, Facebook or a direct link the spoiler cut is not there(just the way the software works), but you will see the term “spoilers below the cut” so if you don’t want to be spoiled, STOP when you see the word “spoiler”

The consensus seems to be a filming starting this afternoon, but that info has changed several times.

TwiBlogBrasil has a good rundown with great translation.

(potential spoilers below the line)

The following is rumor via various news sites and Twitters out of Brazil:

  • There is some speculation today that there will be scenes shot at a local waterfall.
  • Other rumor on Twitter has a scene involving dolphins
  • There were confirmed deliveries of goose feathers to the island
  • The furniture that comes with the resort was moved to another room so it would not be damaged and they have brought in other furniture.
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    1. Ooooohhh! FEATHERS!!!!!!

    2. Feathers, YES! I like the sound of the waterfall. 😀

    3. FEATHERS!!! 😀 😀 I’m still LOL’ing from reading this!

    4. It sounds amazing already and they are only a few days in, I cannot wait:)

    5. Everything sounds great and super romantic!

    6. Who could forget the feather scene? I am glad they are including this. So far from what I have read it seems they are following quite a bit from the book. I am so excited!!!!

    7. Feathers and dolphins and waterfalls oh my not to mention the new furniture so that the resorts doesn’t get damaged!!! I’m so excited for the movie!!!

    8. the name of the place is Paraty.. not Paratay.. anyaway Im sooo excited!!

    9. Although, after thinking about it, it doesn’t quite make sense that they would have feathers during this portion of filming. They are filming at this location to get the outdoor setting accurate, ie. moonlit beach/water sequence, sight-seeing, etc. The feathers part of the honeymoon could just as easily and more cheaply be filmed on an indoor set back in Louisiana, unless they just want to provide as much privacy as possible for the actors during some of the more intimate scenes…Wonder how accurate the report is?

    10. I doubt there will be much footage of the shooting at this location, and if there is it won’t be up long. Didn’t the Lexicon post something yesterday about heavy fines for the cast and crew if shots of filming got released? I’m sure they’ll carry that policy over to blogs and news sites.

      Wow, the navy is providing security. Hard core!

      • Twilight_News says:

        They can not prevent anyone from running footage obtained if they are standing behind established barriers, nor have they tried to.

        If you break and enter, trespass, hack into a server,or are on site with privileged access and have signed a confidentiality agreement, that is another matter.

        We will run footage obtained in the first manner, we will not run knowingly footage obtained in the second matter, or if we have doubts as to how the footage was obtained.

        • Ah. That’s cool. Not very interesting since it won’t be of actual filming, but I guess we’ll take what we can get at this point.

        • Yes, great work on this exciting coverage. Definitely “extra mile” and beyond!

          I was thinking about the kidnapping concerns that were reportedly delaying any commitment to actually film in Brazil. I’d have to say that with the Navy and flotilla of boats on hand that kidnapping risks must have dipped to, like, -127%.

    11. I appreciate too much attention and affection received of you who’ve always been a fan! It is an honor for me (Gabi) and my blog is linked in the Lexicon. I’m very proud of my country and the story we are writing here about the filmings of Breaking Dawn.
      Partnership is everything in this life and I hope you can always count on us in the same way that helps you in so many ways.

      Thank you!

      • Twilight_News says:

        You guys are doing a great job, reporting well in two languages and not reporting stuff that is too specific that might endanger cast/crew/production

    12. LOL at the deliveries of goose feathers being confirmed. Twas a Very important delivery!

    13. Dani from Brazil says:

      A few girls from are in a boat in front of the house (at a distance), check the blog for pictures. They say they haven’t arrived yet, only production preparing everything so far.

      • Twilight_News says:

        Yep Capricho is also in a boat. it’s a regular flotilla out there. My money is on Capricho if for no other reason they probably have better camera equipment.

    14. I think it is fabulous that Bill Condon is going all out for Breaking Dawn. Filming in Rio and on the Resort Island shows us fans he really wants to make this a great film that is true to the book. Can’t wait to see his work.

    15. Dani from Brazil says:

      Production closed acess to a waterfall near the city, and the same cars that they used in Rio were parked near by. I think we are getting waterfall scenes… yey… =)

    16. Yesssssssssssss! I’m so excited with all this news. I think they’re going to do a wonderful job filming and cannot wait to see the finished product!

    17. The last few days have been wonderful and it is very exciting to know that they are filming the honeymoon scenes. I am a little concerned regarding reports which circulated yesterday supposedly from ‘insiders’ who stated that Bella’s wedding dress is really disappointing/ugly. They really need to get this costume right or fans are going to be bitterly disappointed. I really think in this instance the opinion of not only Stephanie should be taken into consideration but also those of Kristen, the designer etc. The dress has been chosen by Alice and should not be as conservative as perhaps Stephnie would like and which has been suggested in the report. I for one was disappointed with the engagement ring which did not seem to match the description in Eclipse and yet was approved by Stephanie. The dress needs to be really beautiful.

    18. I have been following closely to Twilight Lexicon as it is such a reliable and respectable source of information. Just to be able to see footage of the scenes in LAPA and seeing the “isle of esme” house is phenomenal. If you really think about it, we’re seeing a book come to life right in front of us and I got to thinking yesterday about what it’s going to be like 3 years from now when all the hype of the original “Twilight Saga” is over..will Robsten still be together? Will Stephanie have finished Midnight Sun and carry on with Renesmee’ and Jacob? We read how fast she grows in the book, but how long until she becomes the age of Jacob or old enough to have a relationship with him? You know the Volturi will become aware and into this again…will Stephanie continue this saga to let us the fans be a part of it…will the original cast come back? I feel sad because I know that eventually this will all end but excited because right now we are getting glimpses of a book and movies we all “have” to see it unfold.

    19. One word: FEATHERS!!! It cracked me up just reading that. I can now picture Kristen coverd in them. And ticked off Robward.

    20. R. Brasil s2 *-* says:

      PENAS :~
      adoro @-@

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