Is 2012 the Year The Twilight Trio’s Careers Take Off?

Many many Twilight actors have expressed that the series has helped their careers. Actors like Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz have multiple TV shows and movies and a fashion line. Others now get audition offers where they didn’t before. What about the big three: Rob, Kristen, and Taylor? Will 2012 be the year they go big in other films?

On the heels of the Cosmopolis trailer being released, he Twilight Examiner gives us the rundown:

Robert Pattinson (“Edward Cullen”), Kristen Stewart (“Bella Swan”), and Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black”) are already very, very successful. Thanks to the Twilight Saga and some of their former work, these three have amassed billions at the box office, and the franchise is not done just yet.

Still, for the past couple of years, many in Hollywood have wondered whether these three can carry at least some of their Twilight success into their other films. Each of these has released independent projects post-Twilight, but they still haven’t quite answered the call of these doubters yet, or so some say.

This year might be the year they do it.

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