Is 2012 the Year The Twilight Trio’s Careers Take Off?

Many many Twilight actors have expressed that the series has helped their careers. Actors like Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz have multiple TV shows and movies and a fashion line. Others now get audition offers where they didn’t before. What about the big three: Rob, Kristen, and Taylor? Will 2012 be the year they go big in other films?

On the heels of the Cosmopolis trailer being released, he Twilight Examiner gives us the rundown:

Robert Pattinson (“Edward Cullen”), Kristen Stewart (“Bella Swan”), and Taylor Lautner (“Jacob Black”) are already very, very successful. Thanks to the Twilight Saga and some of their former work, these three have amassed billions at the box office, and the franchise is not done just yet.

Still, for the past couple of years, many in Hollywood have wondered whether these three can carry at least some of their Twilight success into their other films. Each of these has released independent projects post-Twilight, but they still haven’t quite answered the call of these doubters yet, or so some say.

This year might be the year they do it.

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  1. I really could care less about what “the critics” think. I despise them and can’t even conceive of what criteria they use to judge the worthiness of a film. I LOVED, LOVED Remember Me, no matter what the critics said. It was a beautiful film and the ending was epic and had me crying in the car all the way home. Water for Elephants was amazing, too. I love historical period pieces. I think Robert has the best future ahead of him of ALL of the Twilight cast.

    • velvet409 says:

      AMEN! Remember Me is one of my favorite movies and it still makes me cry every time I watch it. Water for Elephants was also incredible. As far as “the critics”, like you I don’t care at all what they think, because they’re completely biased. Most of them are incapable of being objective. They go into the movie already prejudiced and then write a review detailing how bad the film and acting is (and they usually throw in a jab or two about Twilight for good measure). I will never see or not see a movie based on critics’ reviews.

  2. Some of their former work has amassed billions? The Twilight movies has amassed billions. What previous work have these three done to amassed billions? They became famous because of the Twilight movies. Rob and Kristen have done small independent films in the past. I think SWATH is the real test for Kristen. I dont know about Rob because he keeps doing small films with small budgets and those type of movies are not expected to be huge box office. Taylor on the other hand will have to be very careful about the roles he takes on. Abduction was a critical and a domestic box office failure. Now this was not TL fault. He had to work with a bad script and a even worst director who seem to only be going thru the motions to collect a paycheck. But this movie proved that Taylor is not ready for leading man status and could find his career finish if he does another movie like Abduction.

  3. I don’t think Kristen should be included in this question. Her career has been established for years. She doesn’t need blockbusters… she loves her indies and her work speaks volumes.

  4. I understand Rob and Kristen being mentioned for 2012 big moves because they have some big films coming out…..contrary to what haters and lame critics who hate Rob as Edward Cullen want to believe, Bel Ami has been anticipated for a while. So with SWATH and OTR for Kristen and Bel Ami and Cosmopolis for Rob, I can understand where the question is coming from.

    What I do not understand is where Taylor would even fall into the mix. Does he have a film coming out this years besides BD Part 2? Since Abduction fizzled out I have not heard a lot of buzz surrounding him and new projects. I hear that he might start filming something soon, but I doubt that any film Taylor is in besides BD Part 2 will come out this year, so I think the year belongs to R and K. That is fine. Why do people always have to lump them into a trio? Taylor is a completely different type of actor and has a completely different mindset from R and K so it makes sense that his path is going in a different direction. I understand the similarities and comparisons between R and K because they have similar interests and styles as actors. Comparing Taylor who has done Abduction and Valentine’s Day to R and K who have both done several films that have been released since Twilight came out is unfair to all three. Like the article says, Taylor has some work to do.

    • I completly agree with this statement. Taylor is an action film actor. I can’t quite call him “Star” yet, because I believe he still has to prove himself capable of doing a stand-alone movie.
      R & K are dramatic, indie film actors. They work in character driven films. K looks like Snow White might just prove that she is capable of doing action work as well.
      Taylor still needs to show he’s more than just a good looking body.

  5. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    As mentioned before both Kristen and Rob already have successful careers. While their recent other films haven’t been as successful as the Twilight franchise (of which would be nearly impossible to duplicate), they both have proven that they can do other things that aren’t Twilight related. I think it is nothing short of horrible to compare their more recent projects success rate to Twilight’s. The films made money… They made money, and they are still being hired for newer projects.

    Taylor is a bit different. Abduction tanked. It wasn’t a bad movie, not by a long shot, but a bit too generic. As he favors more action-styled films, he’ll have a harder time not getting typecasted, unless he takes a few risks like Kristen and Robert have already done, and try something entirely different.

    I think it is WAY too soon to start judging any of the actors in respect to who’s careers are going to take off. The last film hasn’t even come out yet. Twilight is still on everyone’s minds… We’ll see what happens in the next 5 years or so… then we can see who really took off…

    • Twilight is ending or suppose to end in Nov. They may have a few years after that to prove they can make a successful movie on their own. If their movies continue to be box office failures they will not get 5 years. Just because they are the fame “trio” from the Twllight movies does not mean they will continue to get movie offers if their movies dont perform well at the box office. Only stars like George Clooney,Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage seem to have that privilege.

  6. rhiannon says:

    rob is already getting rave reviews from critics for cosmopolis. as is KStew for OTR. i think people will finally realize how talented they both are

  7. Thanks.

  8. why doesn;t this site promote Rob works like Cosmpolis or Bel Ami while constantly promoting SM other projects (who cares), or crap news of other Twilight cast that are not news worthy.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Because we are a and always have been a Stephenie Meyer site first. If you want a Robsten site it’s not us. nothing wrong with site who that is there focus, but it doesn’t happen to be ours. We do brief mentions of stars other projects when they the news is light.

      By the way, it’s all newsworthy, perhaps not to your personal taste, but it is newsworthy.

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