New Renesmee Character Art

A new image of Renesmee has surfaced, this time as official character art like the ones released at Comic Con.  She looks similar to what we’ve seen in other promo still, but this is the first image we’ve had of her on her own.  Tell us what you think in the comments.  

Source: Nessie Mackenzie

How Renesmee Was Cast

The Mackenzie Foy fansite Nessie Mackenzie has a breakdown of the casting process for Renesmee complete with the call sheet as well as a video of another actress auditioning for the roll.  You can hear some of the early dialogue for Renesmee as well as the casting director in the background giving her the prompts.  Please remember that this was this actresses FIRST audition ever and she was not cast as Renesmee.  This is not Mackenzie.  So take that into consideration when commenting.  It should also be noted that lines used in the casting process aren’t generally from the final script.  They make an audition script based on what the actress will need to do in the final movie.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think about these early lines and how you think this could play out in the final script.