New Renesmee Character Art

A new image of Renesmee has surfaced, this time as official character art like the ones released at Comic Con.  She looks similar to what we’ve seen in other promo still, but this is the first image we’ve had of her on her own.  Tell us what you think in the comments.  

Source: Nessie Mackenzie


  1. Perfect! Just perfect! 😀

  2. rosedahlia says:

    She’s so cute. She’s perfect!

  3. She looks absolutely adorable. She is perfect for Renesmee and really looks like she can be Rob and Kristen’s child 🙂

  4. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Adorable. She looks better than any of the others, I think, although maybe its just seeing her by herself. She almost looks luminous.

  5. she’s beautiful,,


  7. Aileen Leon says:

    23 ??
    anyways, I really like this one! she looks so pretty !!

  8. Is the 11-23-12 date the release date in another country? or has the date changed in the US?

    Beautiful picture.

  9. TroysMyAngel says:

    she looks great in all these promo shots…but I’m a little worried because all the screen shots I’ve seen of her it looks like her eyes are unfocused and she’s looking off into space!

  10. The release date! Has it changed without us knowing? Because it seems highly unlikely for the studio to get their release date wrong? Or is this fan art?

  11. Lovely, as a hybrid child should be.

  12. Great job, Mackenzie! You look perfectly right.

  13. She looks soo cute! I couldn’t take my eyes away from this picture for a few minutes. She’s perfect for Edward’s daughter.

  14. She is such a pretty little girl. I think they made a perfect choice in casting her.

  15. Stunning, I will have to get the calendar just for her beautiful picture.

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