Bing Video: Peter Facinelli Shows Off Wonkaween

Peter explains his Wonkaween cause.

Peter Facinelli Won’t Be Carlisle for Halloween

You can hardly blame Peter for this one. In talking to Marc Malken from E!, Peter reveals that his house needs a Twilight break.

“They’re really creative,” Facinelli recently told us while promoting Wonka Candy’s 32 Days of Wonkaween. “I wanted to be the chipmunks [from Alvin and the Chipmunks] because I have three daughters, so I thought it’d be fun for them to be the Chipettes and for me to be Dave. But you can’t control what they want to be…They always at the last minute change their costume to something else.”

So no Bella Swan duds for Luca, 14, Lola, 8, or Fiona, 4? “I think my oldest said she wanted to be a Stepford wife,” he says.

As for Facinelli, don’t expect to see him trick-or-treating as the Cullen clan’s head honcho.

“No, I’ve been doing that for the last five years,” he says. “You think Carlisle’s the easy route, but Carlisle takes hours and hours of work. I think I’m going to go as a fireman this year.”

Pop Sugar: Peter Facinelli Breaking Dawn Was One Big Cullen Party

Peter Facinelli spoke with Pop Sugar about Breaking Dawn and his Wonka-ween project.

Scene Today Talks to Peter Facinelli

Scene Today, a magazine that largely covers the ever rising Louisiana film industry, chatted with Peter Facinelli about Breaking Dawn and the multiple projects he’s working on, many of them via his own production company.

MH: You filmed the first few installments of the Twilight franchise up in the Northwest. Was it a big shift coming down to Louisiana for the final two films?
PF: I actually enjoyed it, you know? I love the scenery there, the food, the culture. I shot a movie in New Orleans a while back and I’ve always loved Louisiana. So getting to go back there was kind of nice. What was really nice about it was it was so warm there. We went up to Canada and it was freezing cold so it was a little bit of a treat to be able to walk on set in a t-shirt or go to dinners.

MH: Did you have the opportunity to make it back to New Orleans?
PF: I did. My family came into town and I took them to New Orleans and we had a good time. I think I tweeted a picture…there was an old photography place where we walked in to like a costume place where you could put on some old New Orleans garb and take a picture like an old time photo. So the kids had a lot of fun with that and I took the kids to Bourbon Street during the day, as they were hosing down the streets, and my little daughter said, “Why do they hose down the streets?” I said, “Because grown-ups throw up on it all night long.” She was like, “Dad, you can’t take me here ever again.”

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Peter Facinelli Goes Wonka-Ween

According to the press release:

WONKA®, the maker of Nerds®, Laffy Taffy® and SweeTarts® candy, is putting an extraordinarily whimsical spin on Halloween this year. Ahead of October 31, WONKA is turning Halloween into a WONKAfied multi-day celebration – not just one day, not even one month, but “32 Days of WonkaWeen.” Illustrating how Willy Wonka would do Halloween, WonkaWeen will unleash 32 days of imaginative treats in the real world and online from October 1 to November 1.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1”

To kick off the candy-filled celebration, WONKA today revealed the ultimate WonkaWeen Halloween house, having decorated the home of actor Peter Facinelli, known for playing ‘Carlisle Cullen’ in the “The Twilight Saga” hit movies and ‘Fitch Cooper’ in “Nurse Jackie.” Facinelli is married to actress Jennie Garth; the couple has three daughters, Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona, 5. Facinelli, set to next appear in the highly anticipated “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1,” today welcomed the Halloween season with his family at their Southern California estate, which was transformed by the pure imagination of WONKA.

“My wife and I grew up with the world of WONKA, and we are so excited to bring this one-of-a-kind, whimsical experience to our daughters this Halloween,” said Facinelli. “WONKA represents wonder, imagination and fun, and our entire family is thrilled Willy Wonka himself chose us for this special makeover at our home.”

Decorations on the Facinelli family home exterior and front yard were unveiled this week, as WONKA turned the sprawling one-story, ranch-style property into a whimsical “spook-tacular” sight. Complete with WONKA candy decorations, lights, fog and scent machines, spider webs, and candy cauldrons, the home’s front yard was taken over by real and larger-than-life SweeTarts®, Nerds®, Everlasting Gobstoppers®, Nerds® Ropes, and more WONKA treats. Exclusive images of the WONKAfied Facinelli family house will be available for viewing online at

Also, during the “32 Days of WonkaWeen,” consumers can enjoy an array of unique Halloween “treats” and opportunities from Willy Wonka, including:

  • WonkaWeen: Ghost Hunt – A new social gaming experience only on WONKA’s Facebook page, featuring a 32-day adventure where fans can unravel a mystery and collect virtual WONKA candy along the way, such as virtual Nerds®, Laffy Taffy® and SweeTarts®. New clues revealed each day help players solve the game at And through “WonkaWeen: Ghost Hunt,” WONKA is offering two exciting sweepstakes opportunities – a chance to win a “Trick-or-Treating in Tinseltown” family vacation or a Halloween home entertainment system.
  • Trick-or-Treating in Tinseltown – In the first sweepstakes opportunity, one lucky WONKA fan, along with their family (up to three guests), will win a Halloween-themed vacation to Los Angeles, where they will attend the star-studded 18th Annual Dream Halloween® fundraiser event, and receive four tickets to a Los Angeles-area theme park and admission for four to a Halloween-themed, night-time attraction, no purchase necessary to enter. Full rules and entry at
  • Halloween Home Entertainment System – The second WonkaWeen sweepstakes will award one lucky WONKA fan a home entertainment room package, valued at $10,000. No purchase necessary to enter. Full rules and entry at
  • WonkaWeen Candy Exchange – For one day only, in an unbelievable candy offer, consumers 13 or older may exchange unwanted candy (received during Halloween trick-or-treating) for some of their favorite WONKA sugar candies, like Nerds®, Laffy Taffy® and SweeTarts®. The exclusive offer will be available only at select, participating WONKA shops or IT’SUGAR candy stores. Details and limitations will be posted at The first-ever WonkaWeen Candy Exchange takes place nationwide at the conclusion of the “32 Days of WonkaWeen” on Tuesday, November 1.

“We’re thrilled to work with Peter and the entire Facinelli family to illustrate the family fun of WONKA’s world through the ‘32 Days of WonkaWeen,’” said WONKA spokesperson Tricia Bowles of Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. “Halloween is such a magical time of year for adults and kids alike, and with an entire season of WonkaWeen surprises and fun, WONKA is extending the fun and flavors of Halloween for all.”

The following IT’SUGAR store locations will participate in the WonkaWeen Candy Exchange for one day only on November 1, before school hours from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., and after school from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.:

The Arches at Deer Park Broadway at the Beach
1438 Arches Circle Deer Park 1211 Celebrity Circle #136
Long Island, NY 11729 Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
            631-242-6040             843-916-1300
Universal Citywalk Valley Fair Mall
1000 Universal Center Dr. #120 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Universal City, CA 91608 Santa Clara, CA 95050
            818-506-5184             408-244-3200
Grapevine Mills Mall Scottsdale Quarter
3000 Grapevine Mills Pkw #513Y 15147 N Scottsdale Road #HI-165
Grapevine, TX 76051 Scottsdale, AZ 85254
            972-874-5320             480-443-0342

To see how Willy Wonka designed the Facinelli family home for WonkaWeen, or to find out more on the “32 Days of WonkaWeen,” visit or

Peter Facinelli Manages to Sell Loosies at Toronto Film Festival

One of the hardest things for indie movie makers is getting someone to buy the film and agree to distribute it after it is made. One of the key places that they look for buyers are film festivals. The Host was sold at the famous Cannes Film Festival this past winter and Charlie Bewley’s upcoming film Like Crazy got into a wild bidding war at Sundance. Peter Facinelli experienced some of this luck at the Toronto Film festival as Variety reports:

“IFC is picking up U.S. rights to drama “Loosies,” starring Peter Facinelli (“Twilight”) and Jaimie Alexander (“Thor”), and plans a December release.

“Loosies,” shot last summer, centers on a successful pickpocket in New York City who roams the city disguised as a stockbroker — until confronted with a recent one-night stand who tells him she’s pregnant with his child. Facinelli penned the script five years ago as an homage to New York, with the ideas coming to him as he walked the streets.”

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Nikki Reed and Peter Facinelli Back With Superhero Auditions

Remember last week when Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed donned purple spandex to be The Wonder Twins for a College Humor spoof? Well now they are back with more. Warning, the video isn’t PG-13.

Peter Facinelli’s Loosies Trailer Debuts

Peter Facinelli has been keeping himself busy outside The Twilight Saga. Asside from his ongoing role as Coop in Nurse Jackie, he has other projects. Peter appears in Loosies which he also wrote. Peter previously wrote a TV special called Accidentally in Love starring his wife Jennie Garth.

Via Team Twilight

Peter Facinelli directs College Humor Skit

Peter Facinelli directer a College Humor skit featuring himself and Nikki Reed auditioning for as super heroes as the Wonder Twins!

What do you could the Wonder Twins be the next big Super Hero team??

Peter also gave an interview to Celebuzz about the project.

“From Green Lantern to Captain America, the movie theaters were swarmed with superhero movies this summer, which led to this hilarious spoof titled Super Hero Auditions directed by Twilight star Peter Facinelli and put together by College Humor and Facinelli Films.

As Peter explained to Celebuzz, the sketch has comic book characters auditioning to be the next big thing on the big screen, though these “heroes” may not be blockbuster material. From Mimi Rogers as the Bionic Woman to Chris Masterson as the Whizzer to Brittany Snow as a Powerpuff girl, the sketch boasts a slew of Peter’s famous friends playing comic book characters in full costume.”

The other videos in the Superhero audition series found here. WARNING on language and dark comedy humor!

Video: Peter Facinelli on Why He Takes the Time for Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Twilight star makes FW cancer benefit appearance:

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