Scene Today Talks to Peter Facinelli

Scene Today, a magazine that largely covers the ever rising Louisiana film industry, chatted with Peter Facinelli about Breaking Dawn and the multiple projects he’s working on, many of them via his own production company.

MH: You filmed the first few installments of the Twilight franchise up in the Northwest. Was it a big shift coming down to Louisiana for the final two films?
PF: I actually enjoyed it, you know? I love the scenery there, the food, the culture. I shot a movie in New Orleans a while back and I’ve always loved Louisiana. So getting to go back there was kind of nice. What was really nice about it was it was so warm there. We went up to Canada and it was freezing cold so it was a little bit of a treat to be able to walk on set in a t-shirt or go to dinners.

MH: Did you have the opportunity to make it back to New Orleans?
PF: I did. My family came into town and I took them to New Orleans and we had a good time. I think I tweeted a picture…there was an old photography place where we walked in to like a costume place where you could put on some old New Orleans garb and take a picture like an old time photo. So the kids had a lot of fun with that and I took the kids to Bourbon Street during the day, as they were hosing down the streets, and my little daughter said, “Why do they hose down the streets?” I said, “Because grown-ups throw up on it all night long.” She was like, “Dad, you can’t take me here ever again.”

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