Watch the Parks and Recreation Twilight Themed Episode: The Time Capsule

We had a clip the other day, here is the entire episode. Twilight is present in the entire episode (the full 30 minutes) not just the original clip we saw the other day.

Twilight Mention on Parks and Recreation

According to their website you can see the episode tomorrow: Thursday, February 3rd 9:30/8:30c “Time Capsule” (TV-PG) Leslie wants to bury a time capsule in Pawnee, but runs into a few unforeseen complications.

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Parks and Recreation To Do Twilight Themed Episode

Buzz Sugar talked with Parks and Recreation star Aziz Ansari about an upcoming Twilight episode when the show returns from hiatus.

BuzzSugar: The third episode of the season revolves around the Twilight books, and a few months ago, you live-tweeted the Twilight movies rather passionately. Did you have anything to do with making the storyline happen on the show?
Aziz Ansari: No, but it did help that it was still pretty fresh in my mind, that I knew the movies, I knew all these details. I haven’t seen [the episode] yet so I don’t know what made it in, but there’s a lot of scenes where we improvise stuff, and I remembered real things from Twilight, and I had real questions. That was the funny thing, because Donna is in the Twilight group and she’s read all the books and knows everything, and I’d read a little bit and had a discussion with her for real, so it actually worked out really well for the arc of the story.

Buzz: Have you actually read any of the books?
AA: I haven’t read any of them, I just saw the first two movies. When I did the [MTV] Movie Awards, those were obviously the big movies, so I watched those two movies for research for that, so I knew a little bit about the Twilight world.”

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