Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Julia Jones Talk With Access Hollywood

They all look stunning!

Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone Tease Favorite Part of Breaking Dawn part 2

What part are you looking forward to?

Jackson Rathbone, Julia Jones, Booboo Stewart and Nikki Reed Feflect on MTV Win

They don’t seem to be losing their enthusiasm any.

Video: Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald MTV Red Carpet

So cute together as husband and wife! Trivia fact it was at this event last year that Nikki officially announced her engagement!

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald at Wango Tango

Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald hit the Red Carpet at Wango Tango

Video: Nikki Reed and TRESemme Style Setters

The stars of the Twilight Saga have been trend setters in the fashion world for a while now with modeling and even creating their own clothing lines. Nikki Reed however is focusing on the hair and styling that goes into a runway show at Fashion Week in NYC. Here’s an over view of the series with information on where you can watch the whole thing.

Video: Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald “Now That I’ve Found You”

Nikki Reed and her American Idol husband have released a video for their song “Now That I’ve Found You.”  MTV’s Hollywood Crush has the story:

“I’m always walking around the house with a guitar, and I’m always writing songs and stuff like that,” Paul said. “Nikki’s a great writer and she always kind of sings along with me. I’m like, ‘Dude, you have a great voice. Why don’t we do something?’ When we were on the way back from France, this song kind of happened on the plane. We just got together and wrote it.”

“Basically, what Paul and I are learning about each other, which is so awesome, is I’m a completer. I like to complete things and Paul likes to start things. It’s really great,” Nikki continued.

And so it was that Paul handed Nikki the beginnings of “Now That I’ve Found You,” which she put the finishing touches on in about 20 minutes. Coming up with the video concept, however, wasn’t quite so easy. Nikki originally had a June Carter/Johnny Cash-esque performance treatment in mind, but scrapped it for something a bit more stripped down.

We want your reaction! Do you love it? DO you want more? And would you like to hear a song by the duo on the soundtrack for Breaking Dawn Part 2?

Video: Nikki Reed Answers Fan Questions at UInterview

We posted about this site taking questions the other day. Here are the results.

Video: Nikki Reed Talks MacKenzie Foy as Renesmee and more in Breaking Dawn Part II

Nikki talked to Movies.web to promote the DVD

UInterview Wants Your Questions For Nikki Reed

UInterview is doing a Q&A with Nikki Reed, and they want your questions. In order to participate, you go to their site and go to the upper left where you see the interface screen capped below. Click on the indicated buttons to participate.