Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone Tease Favorite Part of Breaking Dawn part 2

What part are you looking forward to?


  1. I hope this means they changed the end and made it more intense. What am I talking about for cinematic reasons of course they are going to make the end more cinematic.

    • Interesting that we have different ideas of intense. I found the book ending of battle of wits to be very intense. I am disappointed that they could not find a way to make the courtroom drama suitable for the movie – and that would be partly the scriptwriter’s fault. It amazes me that people expected a physical battle in the book – the cover, the play reference, Aro and Edward being mind readers – all point to battle of wits like a courtroom.

      • I wouldn’t say it was so much a lack of intensity. Anti-climatic would be a better word. I mean, you bring the entire guard to Forks for this supposed huge physical battle, and no physical battle actually happens? Complete let down.

        • Yeah, that what I meant. The book built up to something and left me with weak-sauce. So hopefully the movie will give me some hot-sauce.
          I know corny joke, I can’t help it. lol

      • I think the big reason many fans were “let down” by the final “battle” in the book, is because Meyer built the Vulturi up to be this merciless machine that stomped other vampires to glittering bits, and all through the books we see how ruthless they really are…such as the death of Bree as well as Irina.

        While Meyer warned that a full out battle might have resulted in causalties on both sides, it would have been nice if we got to see things spiraling in that direction, until getting the odds tipped in the right direction.

        Granted BD ending and the general book, is still 1000 times better than Anne Rice’s latest outing, “The Wolf Gift” of which is not only anti-clamatic, it’s down right boring.

  2. Well Nikki’s comments seem to confirm they have changed the battle of wits to a physical battle. Sad.

  3. Rachelle says:

    Neither actually gave anything away with their interviews. Kristen already mentioned that there is a cool girl power type of scene she does with Nikki and Ashley… the question is if they will actually leave that in. So many times, the actors have talked about really cool scenes that we never get to actually see. That is why it also sucks that there were no deleted or extended scenes or really special features on the BD1 DVD because there were things in the trailers that did not make it into the film. Hopefully that does not happen again!

  4. What? Battle scene? What battle scene? THERE IS NO BATTLE SCENE! No one got in a fight, they were prepared for one, but there wasn’t a fight. Was there? Am I reading Breaking Dawn correctly? I am now scared that they changed an important scene in the book. They can change smaller stuff. But please not the major events! :O

  5. So is this battle scene an actual battle scene? OR is it Alice’s vision of the future?
    I hope its the latter.

    • It’s a latter. If I remember correctly Lacy gossip (or something like that) has the leaked script(s) and was teasing us about it two years ago.

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