Breaking Dawn Soundtrack: Don’t Hold Your Breath For My Chemical Romance

Twilight fans who have started out by reading the books know that the band My Chemical Romance was linked to the Twilight Saga early on via the book playlists. The are one of the few bands, along with Blue October and Muse, that make multiple book playlists. Well, according to Contact Music, they have decided that this whole vampire thing isn’t their image any more:

“Gerard also said the group are not impressed with the current vogue for vampires and a gothic look – which My Chemical Romance adopted for their 2006 album ‘The Black Parade’ – and they have moved on in their mission to “polarise” and “irritate”.

He added: “Originally, what we did was take goth and put it with punk and turn it into something dangerous and sexy. Back then nobody in the normal punk world was wearing black clothes and eyeliner. We did it because we had one mission, to polarise, to irritate, to contaminate.

“But then that image gets romanticised and then it gets commoditised.”

Check out the whole story on Contact Music.

Via TwiExaminer