Breaking Dawn Soundtrack: Don’t Hold Your Breath For My Chemical Romance

Twilight fans who have started out by reading the books know that the band My Chemical Romance was linked to the Twilight Saga early on via the book playlists. The are one of the few bands, along with Blue October and Muse, that make multiple book playlists. Well, according to Contact Music, they have decided that this whole vampire thing isn’t their image any more:

“Gerard also said the group are not impressed with the current vogue for vampires and a gothic look – which My Chemical Romance adopted for their 2006 album ‘The Black Parade’ – and they have moved on in their mission to “polarise” and “irritate”.

He added: “Originally, what we did was take goth and put it with punk and turn it into something dangerous and sexy. Back then nobody in the normal punk world was wearing black clothes and eyeliner. We did it because we had one mission, to polarise, to irritate, to contaminate.

“But then that image gets romanticised and then it gets commoditised.”

Check out the whole story on Contact Music.

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  1. NICE.

  2. I wasn’t holding my breath lol.

    Knowing what a reading fiend Gerard Way is, I have no doubt he’s read all the Twilight books, probably in secret, under the covers with a flashlight. :p

  3. Wow. So They invented that look. They must have secretly been telling people about it for years then because I’m pretty sure people did it before they did.
    Someone needs to tell them, “Don’t hate; Appreciate!”

  4. Stinks to be them…. not wanting to be part of Twilight anything… is like telling your boss you don’t ever want a pay check.

  5. For real dude, you think you invented black clothes and eyeliner? What a tool. Please do stay away from Twilight, before you start to think you invented vampires and sexual tension.

  6. If I didn’t have enough reasons for hating MCR already. I am glad they won’t consider being on the soundtrack (not that they have been asked in the first place). Vampires and the “goth look” have been around for a lot longer than they have and I would argue that Twilight is not so much about the goth vamp. And Please! No one was wearing eyeliner and black clothes? Billy Jo Armstrong calls B.S. Mr. Way probably thinks he is the first guy to dye his hair pink too.

    Blue October, however, should definitely be considered. Justin was great on the Breaking Dawn tour and their songs are beautiful. Blue October IS an original band with a great sound.

    • I agree! Blue October should be on the soundtrack. They have their own sound and seem more down to earth. I used to listen to MCR years ago but their stuff is just copycatting other music styles out there. Glad they wont be on the BD soundtrack!

    • Uuuh, no. Blue October is nothing compared to My Chemical Romance. And what he means is that in PUNK, not your pop-rock, there was nothing like MCR before they came on the scene. There were bands with similar styles, sure, but nothing really as theatrical in punk music. Also, when the first Twilight came out, MCR was asked to be on the soundtrack, which they automatically turned down.

  7. Sound mixed up and really immature. Can anyone say identity crisis lol Yes, I know that sounded snarky.

  8. Good. They’ve always been a lame poser band anyway. I’d be disappointed to see them on a soundtrack.

  9. -.- Really? Okay, they need to do their research. Hardly anyone in the Twilight Series/Saga dresses “punk” or/and “gothic.” That “image” isn’t seen in the series. Sure the mood may seem dark sometimes and people may associate that with “gothic.” But you know what, Breaking Dawn shows a great deal of growth and maturity esp with Bella, MCR’s a bit teen rebel n angst like, I don’t see their kinda music fitting the themes of Breaking dawn. So good for the soundtrack! Lol. But I would LOVE to hear some Blue October, their music is more fitting for the movie.

  10. Ummm dont they know that when you speak out against Twilight, you are kissing your popularity goodbye? I thought the world knew this lesson by now!!

  11. Huh, how funny. I was a goth/punk teenager back in 1989. My then-boyfriend (and his friends) sported the black eyeliner, black clothes, and black fingernails look back then. Guess we were all ahead of our time.

    I like MCR, but come on – get over yourself.

  12. That’s so lame… Why are they so upset about Twilight. In my personal oppinion, they should be grateful

  13. I still love these guys. IDGAF. I can understand where they’re coming from. It seems like a lot of bands these days are only attaching themselves to Twilight for the popularity. In other words selling out. A few years ago I would have LOVED for them to be on the soundtrack and I was happy to see Paramore becoming part of it but now, while I still like Twilight and love Robert Pattinson, I do think it is a bit overrated now and I respect MCR’s decision to move on from the current vampire fads.

  14. I can’t really comment on their music because I’ve never heard very much, but I do have to say that anyone who has the mission “to irritate and to contaminate” is not someone I want to listen to anyway.
    If they feel like they would be selling out by being part of the franchise-that’s fine. We only want those who love it as much as we do to be on the soundtrack.

  15. I’m not a huge fan of MCR so this is good news for me. I think his comment is a bit ignorant but I understand where Britt is coming from. I think the bands that should be in twilight should also like twilight. All of the best songs on the soundtracks come from twilight lovers. Like Florence and the Machine’s Heavy in your Arms should have been the lead single. You can tell she loves and gets twilight. Muse is my favorite band of all time but, although politically I see the influence in twilight, Muse does not capture the essence of twilight for me and they are far more kick-ass bombast. Plus, NSC was a song about Matt’s ex.It had nothing to do with twilight. I loved it, but I think the people choosing the soundtrack should choose artists who love the series. The songs are always better. So, I’m glad MCR won’t be in it.

  16. Great news! More room for Metric! 😉

  17. FreezeBurn~TwilightGirl4Ever says:

    He needs to rename the band, My Former Career…and would you like fries with that?

    **evil grin**

  18. FreezeBurn~TwilightGirl4Ever says:

    I didn’t know there was a huge cry for MCR on the Twilight Soundtracks.

    Reality check for MCR, PLEASE!

  19. Well, for me it’s My Chemical Romance first Twilight second. Though, I do love these two things to bits. So I think that what MCR chooses is right. I think that Twilight soundtracks should be reserved for less accomplished musicians and bands anyway. They are a great band and they never wanted their music to be associated with movies. Some things just don’t go together the right way…and these are two.

  20. Get over yourselves! It’s about the music, not the image. You guys are so talented, but you’re ruining it by being so immaturely opositional defiant. Puleeeez!!!

  21. Who cares. I don’t like them anyways.

  22. please no! we’ve had such amazing soundtrack choices-don’t blow the last of the films with this crap

  23. I dont really listen to them but I do know that music is like history, it repeats itself. For these guys to think they invented the “irritate” and “polarize” movement then they must not have heard of the 70’s or 80’s. I really cant stand uniformed ego fueled kids that think their styles are the first! Sorry but I am glad they turned down the first soundtrack.

  24. Sorry Gerard, but you, just like Marylin Manson, are NOT original. That look and the merging of punk and goth was done a very long time ago. I oughta know since I was doing in that in the early 80’s and I was real late hopping on the wagon. That was started in the late 60’s and early 70’s when punk and new wave got together. I take it he has never heard of bands such as Bauhaus or Siouxsie and the Banshees.

  25. i think twilight fans should get a reality check and realize the last two twilight soundtracks were garbage. My Chemical Romance are an epic band and have suffered more than you guys ever will. i don’t actually blame them for turning down this soundtrack (even though i would have loved to see them appear on it) becuase who in their right mind wants to be stalked by crazed middle aged women and their teenage daughters? that’s right. no one. Plenty of artists and bands have turned down Glee. but Noooo one gives a crap about that. Don’t you get it? they changed their image to THIS because of YOU. you only have yourselves to blame here. I’m not slamming twilight. never. It’s actually quite good. but a majority of the fans, you’re obsessive, immature and some, actually quite disgraceful.

    • I think for someone who is reading the Twilight boards to leave a comment like that is “quite disgraceful”
      Bullying on the boards is sad, immature and extremely disgraceful. Please be a little more open minded and understand that by slamming the fans your are slamming Twilight. Us crazed middle aged women and teenage girls are the reason why there are movies, merchandise and ah-ha, a message board to post on!

      • no, actually I’d say the reason that there are movies is because someone read the books and decided they were good. Most of the screaming lunatic fans weren’t even around until the movies began being promoted- after they were already in the works for being filmed. Previous to the movies, I only knew one other person who had even heard of Twilight.

  26. First off I would like to say I’m so glad MCR isn’t selling out by being on this soundtrack….also I would like to point out that nowhere in their quote above did they say they invented the wearing of black clothes and eyeliner. What they said was that they introduced it to the punk scene (which they kind of did for the most part)

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