Muse Thanks Twilight for their American Break

Gigwise has a feature up on one of the most popular Twilight Saga bands, Muse.  The focus is on how the band hadn’t been able to really break into the American music scene until they were added to the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme told Gigwise, “The next thing you know, it’s Twilight fever. It’s good because it has made a difference for us in trying to break into America.” The band will be playing six concerts in the US very soon with a performance at Madison Square Gardens on March 5th.  Read the whole story and see a slide show of images from Muse performing live over at Gigwise.

Muse Performs on Saturday Night Live

Muse, which is arguably the band that has the single most connection to Stephenie Meyer’s writing, played on Saturday Night Live. Stephenie has met the band numerous times. Recently frontman Matthew Bellamy snapped a TwitPic of himself and Stephenie together. Stephenie thanks Muse for being “her Muse” in the Breaking Dawn acknowledgments.

Which Muse song is your favorite?

Stephenie Meyer Hangs With Muse

Muse Tweeted this photo of lead singer Matthew Bellamy with Stephenie Meyer. Muse is slated to be the featured band on Saturday Night Live next week. TY to ICANBURGER on Twitter for the heads up.

Follow Muse on Twitter here. (We still love you even if you can’t spell Twilight, LOL. We make the same typo all the time!)

Matthew Bellamy Explains Why Twilight

You have a song on the new Twilight film. Are you a fan?
Matt Bellamy: Well, I liked The Lost Boys in the ’80s. I remember that one had a pretty good soundtrack as well. This sort of film struck me as this generations version of The Lost Boy. It was actually Stephenie Meyer who approached the band quite a few years before the film was name, just as she was becoming known. She came to a concert in Phoenix, in Arizona – I think that’s where she lived, or she lived nearby. She was very friendly, and she told us that she liked the music and that she’d like to use the music in the films. It was a few years later that the filmmakers came to us, and we said sure. I had no idea [the first film] was going to be a film as it was, I thought is was going to be an indie film.

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Muse Reworks “I Belong to You” for New Moon Soundtrack

According to MTV, Muse frontman, Matthew Bellamy, confirmed exactly how Muse will take part in the New Moon soundtrack:

“He [Chris Weitz] wants a rendition of that [I Belong to You], but the only thing with the new film is they want the songs to be exclusive to the film. So he’s asking if I mind doing, or if we mind doing an alternative version of it.”

Bellamy said the band is up to the challenge. “I think it’s all right. … If it was one of the main tracks on [our] album, I would never do it,” he said. “But it’s actually one of the weirder tracks on the album … one of the ‘can’t believe we got away with it’ kind of tracks. I think it might be worth giving it a go [because] it’s a track that might not get played live very often … so it might give that track some life that it wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Check out the rest of the details on MTV.

Muse: What Do You Think of Uprising?

The Muse video of Uprising is now out. The song debuted the other day on the VMAs. In an interview lead singer Matthew Bellamy said, “I think I’m having a phone call with the director(Chris Weitz) tomorrow. He wants to use a song off the new album, so we’re going to talk about that. That could be cool.”

Now we don’t know if Uprising is the song that they were going to discuss, but what do you think about it? Is it more of a New Moon or an Eclipse song?

Muse on KROQ

Muse was on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ. The talk about their involvement with Twilight in part 4 of the segment.

The band talks about their first meeting with Stephenie and how their songs got on the soundtrack. The information starts at the 6:00 mark in the 4th segment.

Muse and Brand Headed Towards MTV Awards

According to MTV:

“On September 13, the MTV Video Music Awards will return home to New York City, taking over spots all around the Big Apple, including the iconic Radio City Music Hall. Outrageous Brit Russell Brand will once again be serving as the emcee, and the show will feature high-powered performances from the likes of Taylor Swift and Muse.”

Muse has long been the band that has dominated Stephenie Meyer’s unofficial playlists. In fact, in Breaking Dawn, she thanked Muse for being her muse.

The question is, given what happened the last time Russell Brand hosted a show for MTV, are fans going to tune in to watch? You need a score card to keep track of the people Brand POed last time from the Jonas Brothers, Jordan Sparks, Twilight fans, etc. The LA times possibly said it best, “The 2008 VMAs were poised to mark the return of Britney Spears. Instead, they will go down in history as the night when that English guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall almost made the Jonas Brothers cry.”