Stephenie Meyer Hangs With Muse

Muse Tweeted this photo of lead singer Matthew Bellamy with Stephenie Meyer. Muse is slated to be the featured band on Saturday Night Live next week. TY to ICANBURGER on Twitter for the heads up.

Follow Muse on Twitter here. (We still love you even if you can’t spell Twilight, LOL. We make the same typo all the time!)


  1. This is cool seeing that Stephenie is the queen of the Twilight world and that Muse was a reason why it was created is SO COOL TO ME !

  2. RunsWithWolves says:

    aaah thats so funny!
    What is it with that typo? I wanna spell it that way ALL the time and i used to be the spelling queen in primary school ๐Ÿ™

  3. twihard 4eva says:

    2 things.
    1. Stephenie Meyer is so!!!!!! freaking!!!!!lucky!!!! i want to meet him so bad!

    2. y does Matthew always have some sort of alcohol in his hand when he takes a pic with Stephenie? i have 3 or 4 pics of them together and he always has beer or wine or whatever he drinks at the moment! i mean, i know its bad for u and all, but when he does it, it is hawt!!!

  4. Wow! A crap band with a crap writer. You don’t see that everyday…

  5. Serena Welles says:

    Calm down, peeps. XD Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…

    Let me just say, Stephenie looks so pretty in that picture. ^_^ Tired, but pretty.

    Much love,

  6. Oh my god! Your retorts were so hilarious! And they hit me so hard. “Your dismay only keep me laughing longer” Well that says a lot about your grammar skills M.P.
    Also I really didn’t see anything clever or funny about what you said because it was a pretty lame retort.
    Just because I don’t worship the ground Stephanie Meyer walks on doesn’t make me an unhappy hater. I am quite cheerful actually and I’m open-minded, but really what I said is logically true. They can’t sing properly (I study opera singing and vocals) and she can’t write properly (I am doing my literature Masters this year)
    If you don’t like it, then go cry like Bella would.

    • first of all, who makes you the expert on singing and writing? and who are you to judge other people who are incredibly talented and popular. and second of all, why are you on a twilight fan website if you don’t like twilight? and try not being incredibly rude to people…”go cry like bella would” is an extremely immature thing to say.

    • Twilight_News says:

      And you are on a fansite, not a lit crit or music crit site. Your are certainly entitled to your opinion as we are to our opinion of you which amounts to “Oh look at the bored little troll make it’s point on a fan site. Of course we’ll immediately see the errors of our ways. In fact we’ll also visit other fansites in other genres and let people know who what they like is crap. I’m sure it will go over well”….YAWN…

      You’re living proof that an education doesn’t buy you class or an appreciation that people like what they subjectively like, with an understanding that it isn’t Shakespeare.

      Yeah we’ve heard it before and we don’t care. I could probably troll an opera site and state that I find the divas and impresarios bombastic bags of wind, but I have better things to do with my time than to try to correct people from the delusion of their thinking and clearly impress them with my omnipotence when it comes to a subject issue as taste.

    • Really? You’re “studying opera and lit”? LOL
      See if you could fathom how many students there are all over America (and the world) in high schools and colleges, studying music, acting, literature, etc. The arts are very popular and very populated. Every small and big town has schools with theater departments, orchestras, book clubs, etc. and lots of wannabes like ‘Graceless’. Of course, there’s a small percentage that actually amount to something…succeed in some fashion (fame/fortune/respect).
      Yours (Graceless) is but one opinion among millions…and you are simply another person that thinks that you know something simply because you are studying it. Simply put…you are nobody.
      Get in the back of the line.
      Twilight is a success…deal with it.

    • hahaha it’s funny that you hate both stephenie and matthew but you’re still taking your time to watch it, read it, write comments, read replies, and then write back ๐Ÿ˜€ don’t you have other things to do? or you’re one of those spoiled brats who’s not doing anything but still gets everything she/he wants? ๐Ÿ™‚ good luck with your worthless life, and have fun reading and replying to this hun.

      • By the way, who says that your singing and your writing is good? if they’re the famous ones and your not, that says pretty much already doesnt it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Amazing! Lucky woman. I’m terribly jealous.

    Is she…actually shorter than Matt??

  8. Went to see Muse last night in Vegas! Amazing!

  9. Amy,
    Um, I think I already stated how much I know about singing and writing so I I’m not going to say more on the subject.
    As for your accusation that I was being immature. Yes, I will admit it was immature but being immature is nothing new to this fandom is it. Just reading these comments above mine make me worry for future teens.
    And to address your last question, I am on this site because every single twilight fan I know has called me insulting words for not liking it, I am sick of people sending me YouTube links to a twilight video and I am sick of every single person jabbering on about how “Beautiful” Edward is.
    I commented to share my thoughts with people who I am wishing to address.
    PS. There is no denying Bella would go off and cry though.

    • alright, well i still don’t think you are qualified enough to call stephenie meyer and muse “crap”. we are all entitled to our opinions and it is ok if you don’t like them, you just can’t judge people who do like them. i am a teen and i love stephenie meyer and muse, and you have no need to worry. i don’t think it is right that people who like twilight have called you insulting words…it is ok not to like it. but why do you have to come onto a fansite and dis it? no twilight fan wants to hear your opinions on how horrible it is. i’m sorry if i am being rude or offensive, your comments just aggravate me.
      P.S. bella would not go off crying…she almost never cries, so i really don’t understand where are coming from with that.

    • Excuse me ? I understand it’s your opinion but LET ME SHARE WITH YOU MINE.
      The Twilight series is meant to be fun and to take you on a ride if you DON’T UNDERSTAND IT then don’t. But don’t come on here and insult us because we ADORE THE BOOKS AND ESPECIALLY DON’T INSULT THE AUTHOR BECAUSE she wanted to share this great story with us. PLEASE GROW UP !

    • SerenityMichelle says:

      ew, who ever said edward was beautiful? robert pattinson is the worst actor i’ve ever seen. simply horrible.
      personally, i think the movie ruined the book.
      and i’m sorry graceless, but i guess everyone has their own taste in music ๐Ÿ˜€
      happy holidays everyone!

  10. Amy, have you read the books? Bella cries a lot. It’s either that or moaning about it day and night. She doesn’t have a lot of backbone to tough out a cynic.

    • Twilight_News says:

      And now you are just a boring waste of webspace, please go rant elsewhere where someone actually cares about what you have to say. Love that you were probably absent the day that logical fallacy was taught because those everyone knows arguments are so compelling.

      I also want to make sure I have this right, a college educated music major/lit major decided to spend her Sunday night arguing on a Twilight fan site with people who don’t agree with her assessment of what they subjectively like…OH the irony…hows that massive opera fandom going. You know the one where people who are 20 years too old to play the part they are playing play it anyway…

      Time to put down the caffeine and grab perspective. LOL. All you are right now is a garden variety ranting troll…

    • So she cries ? I know a lot of teenagers that whine and cry what’s your damn point ? The point of the books is that Bella is a teen girl still growing and making decisions that is hard especially when you throw werewolves and vampires in the mix.

    • and how come you know bella cries a lot? haha wow you must be a retard.

  11. love2dream says:

    Stephenie, you look great! I’m so glad you are enjoying your time away from the craziness. You look so happy. It think that it is great the Muse is your fan as much as you are theirs.

  12. I was at the concert and it was amazing…

  13. Funny how all the “fans” on Twitter are all complaining about Steph in this picture. While Muse should be thanking their lucky stars every single day for Stephenie Meyer!

  14. I was at this show in Vegas too! I had a hunch Stephenie might come–I drove down from SLC, so why wouldn’t she come from Phoenix? Too bad I didn’t see her! But Muse was absolutely amazing! Videos of their performances just don’t do them justice.

  15. Jealous! Stephenie is so lucky and she looks absolutely beautiful. I hope she’s getting some rest. Matthew…. drool. *sigh*

  16. Stephanie looks really hot in that pic.

    • Agreed. Why oh why couldn’t she have worn her hair down and gone with natural-looking makeup for the NM premiere? And we wonder why we fans get tagged with the goth/emo label…

  17. So jealous. Muse is also my muse. <3

  18. SerenityMichelle says:

    Stephenie’s books are really good the first time around, and even better the second time becasue you can take in all the details… some of the lines in the twilight series are hilariously funny.
    the third time thoguh, the third time you read it… it CAN get a little irritating if your not reading anything else at all hehe
    still an amazing writer though <3

    muse is amazing, they sing every song like it's their last!
    *swwooooon, sigh* i've loved them even before stephenie meyer proclaimed them her 'inspiration,' kudos to steph for loving muse!



    Twilight, not so much. JUST MY OPINION, DON’T HURT ME PLEASE.

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