Kristen Prout on Clevver TV: Lucy in Eclipse

Clevver TV Interviews Kristen Prout

IESB: Kristen Prout Interview

IESB interviewed Canadian Actress, Kristen Prout, most well known for her Kyle XY role about her upcoming role as Lucy in Eclipse. Lucy along with Maria are the vampires that that are instrumental in changing Jasper.

“IESB: Playing a vampire, were you at all disappointed that you weren’t going to get to wear fangs?

Kirsten: When I was reading the books, I was very surprised that there weren’t fangs. The vampires in the Twilight Saga don’t have fangs. We sparkle. No, I wasn’t disappointed. The thing is, a lot of the actors that have been hired have very nice teeth that are very noticeable. They’ve picked people with teeth that stand out. It’s more threatening. You notice that there’s something different about that person’s teeth, but it’s not fangs. It’s not obvious. You don’t know you’re going to get bitten. I was not disappointed. When someone tells you you’re going to be a vampire in Twilight, the reaction is not disappointment. I’ve had to deal with prosthetic teeth and it’s not fun.”

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