IESB: Kristen Prout Interview

IESB interviewed Canadian Actress, Kristen Prout, most well known for her Kyle XY role about her upcoming role as Lucy in Eclipse. Lucy along with Maria are the vampires that that are instrumental in changing Jasper.

“IESB: Playing a vampire, were you at all disappointed that you weren’t going to get to wear fangs?

Kirsten: When I was reading the books, I was very surprised that there weren’t fangs. The vampires in the Twilight Saga don’t have fangs. We sparkle. No, I wasn’t disappointed. The thing is, a lot of the actors that have been hired have very nice teeth that are very noticeable. They’ve picked people with teeth that stand out. It’s more threatening. You notice that there’s something different about that person’s teeth, but it’s not fangs. It’s not obvious. You don’t know you’re going to get bitten. I was not disappointed. When someone tells you you’re going to be a vampire in Twilight, the reaction is not disappointment. I’ve had to deal with prosthetic teeth and it’s not fun.”

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  1. Smart girl!

  2. abigael_d says:

    now how can you not love this person!
    awesome answer! 😀

    after seeing that pic above,
    i kind of thing she’ll fit the role of Pet/Wanda for “The Host”…. 🙂

  3. She seems really nice.

  4. Oh my gosh, I never knew she was going to be in Eclipse! I was a big fan of Kyle XY. This is great!

  5. Wow, that picture of her on the interview is beautiful!

  6. mschicklet says:

    Ooh! Yay! Another interview with an extremely insignificant character from this movie who will probably take screentime away from the scenes that actually matter (proposal scene, tent scene, leg hitch scene, wolf punch scene, etc). Woooo!

    No offense to the Lex of course. I just wish the interviewer would have chosen someone else to interview. We’ve already seen 2 interviews from Kirsten Prout.

    • I disagree with you. Her minutes on the movie is important to Jaspers story so it’s not taking anything from the other characters. Jaspers story was a whole chapter. And I think she’s beautiful too and I think it’s important to have these articles to know what it’s like to be part of this and what it was like on set. LIKE I SAID NO PART SMALL OR BIG IN THE TWILIGHT MOVIES AREN’T NECESSARY THEY all play some part !

    • Don’t be so harsh, chicklet. It’s actually nice hearing about the movie from minor cast members, especially ones that are so intelligent and well-spoken. They may not have a lot of screentime, but I consider all of them to be a member of the Twilight Movie family. Besides, we know most of the actors behind the main characters so well that many of their recent interviews appear to be repetitive.

      • mschicklet says:

        But her scene is probably going to be so short, that I don’t really see any point in developing that big of a connection with this actress. Remember when they did tons of interviews with Noot Seear? And then she had 2 lines in New Moon – and we’ll never even see her again! Same with this girl. We’ll never see Lucy again after that one scene.

        Plus, I don’t think they should make Jasper’s backstory that big of a deal. Or Rosalie’s for that matter. Because they never even address Carlisle’s, Alice’s, or Esme’s in the other movies.

        • IMO, the backstories of Rosalie and Jasper were the most significant ones told in the books, so I’m glad to see that they are adapting them. Even if Kirsten will have a fairly minor role, who cares? I love hearing about the insights of every crew member, from body doubles to reports from extras. Sometimes, they have more intriguing things to say than the main cast members themselves. There was no need to be so snarky with your comments, especially since Kirsten appears to be a very sweet, intelligent young actress.

        • abigael_d says:


          despite of Kirsten Prout’s “short” role in Eclipse, i think it’s still a very nice thing that they’re doing interviews of her.
          See, it’s not only about the MAIN characters/celebs playing roles in the films, it’s about time too that we get to know a lot more other actors and actresses who are brilliant in their own ways despite of these short roles given to them. Honestly, even JUST with that one answer by Kirsten about the whole “fangs” thing (above), it impressed me.
          Sure, she’s a minor character in Eclipse, but she’s one brilliant lady.

          And IMO, Rosalie’s, Jasper’s, and the Quileute legends/stories are VERY VERY significant parts of the stories… of course, the whole saga’s focused on the whole Bella/Edward romance, but those “histories” of the vamps & wolves are the ROOTS of all what’s happening in the stories. that’s what Stephenie Meyer is showing her readers.

          and actually, if there will be A HUNDRED INTERVIEWS made for the CREWS, THE PRODUCERS, ETC., i will GLADLY watch them or read their interviews.
          these movies are NOT JUST about the MAIN ACTORS, but it’s also about the people behind the cam who are doing THE MOST WORK….. the crew.

    • Oh, and I would dispute that the leg hitch scene “really” matters. Sorry. But if such a “cutesy” scene is “really” important to the progression of the story, then it makes the source material seem weak, which isn’t the case.

      • mschicklet says:

        I think the leg hitch scene sort of does matter. The entire series is a big lead up to the fact that they’re going to have a “real” honeymoon in BD. During the middle and end of Eclipse, there are several conversations regarding the physical aspect of their relationship. Not only were those conversations some of the most well-loved scenes in the books (by several fans), but they are great build up for the honeymoon. I think the issue of sex needs to be addressed in some significant way in Eclipse.

        • Yeah, but they can address the issue without specifically needing that moment, IMO. I always thought that it was a bit cringe-worthy in the books, but that’s just IMO.

      • abigael_d says:

        i love your answers.
        it’s nice to see how these minor characters/actors are being appreciated for their work through these interviews….

  7. shes pretty

  8. Eeep! I just noticed you guys have a typo: it’s KIRsten Prout, not KRIsten Prout

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