ITunes Facebook Page Features Eclipse DVD Images

The ITunes Facebook page has a collection of photos that will appear on the Eclipse DVD. We’ve featured one above. See the entire collection on the ITunes Facebook page.

To order a copy of the Eclipse DVD on Itunes click here.

Also if you are looking for a Eclipse release party, plug in your zip code here (Sadly the options are disappointing. In all of New York City there are only three locations: 2 in Staten Island and one in Queens)

Jacob’s Transformation Clip on ITunes

The clip could actually more correctly be called Paul and Jacob’s Transformation since you see both of them morph. After, seeing it we also know why both Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz said Kristen might be tiny, but that she can hit hard. Each of them got bruised from the scene. Photo credit: His Golden Eyes

Also, for all you Twitter people, Summit is going to release the Eclipse logo when they reach 200K followers on their new Twitter account.  The logo will be unveiled on at first exclusively on Twitter.

There’s also an interesting article up on The Movie Fanatic about how some studios are cracking down on stars using Twitter. They are afraid that all the secrets of their films will be let out.  It seems to us that Summit has taken the opposite approach here embracing the media and their stars, like Peter Facinelli, David Slade, who use it to tempt us without giving away the entire plot.

What do you think about the whole Twitter craze?