Jacob’s Transformation Clip on ITunes

The clip could actually more correctly be called Paul and Jacob’s Transformation since you see both of them morph. After, seeing it we also know why both Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz said Kristen might be tiny, but that she can hit hard. Each of them got bruised from the scene. http://www.itunes.com/Twilight Photo credit: His Golden Eyes

Also, for all you Twitter people, Summit is going to release the Eclipse logo when they reach 200K followers on their new Twitter account.  The logo will be unveiled on at first exclusively on Twitter.

There’s also an interesting article up on The Movie Fanatic about how some studios are cracking down on stars using Twitter. They are afraid that all the secrets of their films will be let out.  It seems to us that Summit has taken the opposite approach here embracing the media and their stars, like Peter Facinelli, David Slade, who use it to tempt us without giving away the entire plot.

What do you think about the whole Twitter craze?


  1. Wow! Great clip! The wolves look much better… less CGI-like. I’m so excited!

  2. For months everyone has been worried that Chris Weitz wasn’t gonna “get it”.I can’t seem to catch my breath or stop watching the clip.The wolves are absolutely breathtaking.The realism and attention to detail;from the wolves’ hair standing on end to the elongated canine teeth,the actor’s eyes peering out from that intense threatening gaze..
    I’m spellbound, captivated, entranced.
    If anyone “gets” New Moon it most certainly is Chris Weitz. I have NEVER anticipated a movie’s release as I as on November 20th.

  3. I was absolutely impressed by this clip. Apparently, some post-production work after the trailer made the wolves look so much better! Paul was absolutely threatening, and the blink-of-an-eye change from human to wolf was seamless!

  4. AliceKikiCullen says:

    AHAHAHHAHHAAA!!! FOLLOW THEM TO GET THAT LOGO!!! Lol. Oh and the wolves ROCK!!! 😉 I can’t help it…ecplise is my favorite…lol. But WOW the wolves soooo amazing!!! Chris and crew did a kick butt job!

  5. Gotta love those wolves…

  6. Maybe Summit is more flexible with actors/directors tweeting since the plots for the Saga movies have already been outlined in the books? Other than effects or special plot devices in the films, we’ve all read the books and know what’s going to happen already. It’s still cool to read what’s going on at the sets, though!

  7. Anyone know if there is another place to watch this clip? My iTunes says it isn’t available in the Dutch iTunes store at the moment…
    I want to see it! :O

    • You can find it on You Tube now as well. Just put in Jacob transformation. It is about a minute long. I loved the clip, it was interesting to see how they did that part of the story. The wolves look amazing and much more realistic than I thought they would. I like that Bella hit Paul…nice addition 😉

  8. I really dislike twitter, i really like the info you guys get from convention, and its not that i don’t want the information in some format, but the direct connection to the stars seems like a violation of their privacy and space. i don’t want them to give away anything either and i’d prefer if they simply did more interviews

  9. Faktririjekt says:

    Paul doesn’t seem angry, he seems psychotic.

    Bella punches him in the face, but doesn’t break her hand.

    And he transforms because of that, not because she’s there with Jacob.

    None of the others besides Jacob transform to try and stop him, they just stand there and watch.

    Why can’t they just stick to the book, for God’s sake?

    Why am I going to pay money to see this movie again?

    . . .Oh yeah, because my mom wants to see it.

  10. Faktririjekt:

    1) No, he seems pretty angry to me. In the books, Stephenie Meyer describes their anger in a specific way, and it does seem borderline psychotic. It’s a titanic struggle to not turn into a werewolf.

    2) Are you some kind of moronic purist? Is breaking her hand critical to that scene? It’s such a small detail from the novels that adds nothing to the advancement of a movie. Ever hear about adrenaline? It was a slap, not a full-on punch.

    3) Inevitably, book details will be changed. They have to distill the book and remain true to its spirit. That means shifting some scenes, yes. If they are still able to tell the story, I honestly don’t care about these details.

    4) Observe a bit more. When Paul is raging, Sam specifically tells Bella to get back. In all likelihood, they didn’t want to directly engage Paul and risk worsening the situation. Immediately after Sam warmed Bella, Jacob appeared. They most likely assumed that he would be able to quickly take Bella to a safer location. Sorry that you had to think for a moment.

    5) You sound like an angry book purist who expects a ten hour movie. Grow up. After reading your final sentence, I couldn’t help but think about how disrespectful you sound.

    • I have to agree with Matt here. I am not a book purist and would I love it if the books were a miniseries instead of a movie, absolutely! I think the Twilight movie really lost the essence and core of the book in the retelling…really the only good thing about it was the cast.

      But from the looks of it New Moon did keep the essence of love lost, new love/friendship, etc. while streamlining it and shifting it to fit into a 2 hour movie.

      • Jenny I agree with you in regards to C. Hardwicke’s/M. Rosenburg’s abomination of Twilight. She would say over and over that “this is for the fans” as if she thought we wouldn’t notice how much of the book wasn’t there. There was barely anything Twilight about it except the names of the characters-oh, wait-where is Mr. Banner-oh yes he’s now Mr. Molina! The casting was EXCELLENT, the script and directing sucked.

        Sorry, still angry they made such a mess of it.

        What I don’t understand is why Stephenie put her stamp of approval on Twilight and why she is so quiet about New Moon when this one really appears to be so much more brilliant?

    • Thank you Matt well said !

  11. love the realism with the cgi!! but why do the other two jus stand there after paul transforms and not do anything? thats a little dumb.

  12. lirael cullen says:

    I loved clips! Amazing! Amazing! ….. AND!! Why are we over analyzing the movie ? Again? Haven’t we learned that nothing is really never absolutely perfect? Come on now, not this again…..

  13. EEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***breathes in and out***


    AHHHHH!!!!! <3 team jacob

  14. dark romance says:

    who is who? sam is on the right, paul morphs in the middle…is it jared on the left??

  15. Hey! I was absitivly posalutly excited about this clip! And then I thought… WHY THE HECK IS HER HAND NOT BROKEN? Because, as you remember, Bella punches Jake in the face too. So it will be confusing when the next movie comes out and she punches him in the face and her knuckle gets broken. So, I don’t know what they will do with that. I’m just sayon’, it will be confusing when Eclipse comes out in June.

    • Twilight Nymph says:

      she slapped him not punched so it would have been the same thing as slapping a hard surface. It’ll hurt but not break your hand.

  16. @ Faktririjekt: I thought it was in Eclipse where she punched JAKE in the face and broke her hand anyways and not in New Moon. If I recall there was no werewolf smackage going on in New Moon originally, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit well with the movie. Movies are never going to be the same as the books…they’re adaptations and people need to realize they will NEVER be verbatim. You just have to either be ok with accepting a good adaptation of your favorite books or not. Plain and simple. Obviously yeah if you’re expecting those books to come to the screen with every single line and every single scene in them you’re definitely in for a let down.

  17. Yep, Bella broke her hand hitting Jake after he kissed her the first time in Eclipse. There was NO hitting in New Moon. Paul saw Bella by Jake’s side when they went to tell the wolves about Victoria’s goal and when Jake stepped in front of Bella to protect her (when he saw Paul starting to freak out), Paul lost it and morphed. That set Jake off. Bella was nowhere near the wolves, let alone breaking her hand, in New Moon.

    Having said that, I have no problem with her getting physical in New Moon because it just shows she has a temper and so when she hits Jake in Eclipse it will be very natural.

    • I have to admit when I first watched the clip I was just as upset as some others were initially for the change. Why have Bella slap Paul? The first “Wolf Hit” is in Eclipse. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have to stop over analyzing. It is only a 2+ hour movie. They can’t put in every detail and every subtle nuance. I’m almost positive they didn’t have time for the Bella/Jake background talk when Jake explains seeing Paul almost “explode” in the store at he, Quil and Embry. A slap is a good VISUAL way to show his temper to fans that have only been introduced to Twilight via the movies (even if they don’t know what they are missing) and we do!

  18. i gotta say…WOW. i mean, yeah, the wolves are great and all but im more impressed with kristens acting. she hit paul(alex) pretty damn hard. i was always wondering, while reading the book, why bella was so scared of the wolves. this clip really puts a sense of fear about them. i can see now why she would have seemed so out of place in emily’s house after the incident.

  19. Chris Weitz is a freaking genius. I love his dedication to this series. I really hope Summit considers him to adapt Breaking Dawn…or at least the first movie (if they make it into two). He seems like the best candidate to get the feel of that movie right. Can’t wait for next month. Hopefully CW gets the praise he deserves.

  20. SingingMoon says:

    I watched the clip on Monday on Entertainment Tonight. I was gasping and on the edge of my seat when she punched him! I think I even yelled “Oh my gosh!” lol. I can’t imagine what I’ll be like in the theater…probably won’t be able to breathe!
    I like this because they truly make you feel like Jacob is going to protect her from anything, even one of his brothers! It takes a lot for me to say that because I’m Team Edward.
    I’m trying to not count down the days or think about it too much. But as the date gets closer, I get more and more excited! 🙂
    And I agree…bring Chris back for Breaking Dawn! I know people are probably going to be upset that he changed some things, like this, but I think it’s to increase interest from both genders. Romance for the girls, action for the guys.

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