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This just in from Summit:

Hot off the world premiere of Twilight Eclipse is a brand new Twilight mobile game.

For you – the most dedicated Twilight fans! – check out the brand new Twilight Saga Memory Quest mobile/iPhone game trailer here: View the Game Trailer

Play as Bella, Edward, Jacob, or one of your other favorites in this fun new memory match-up game for all mobile devices. Reveal your favorite characters piece by piece in this must-have game for Twilight fans!

Look for The Twilight Saga – Memory Quest in your mobile games portal, or if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can download the game TODAY here: Download Here

For everything you need to know about the Twilight mobile games, visit the NEW mini site at
Twilight Mobile Game – and be sure to follow on Twitter @GameHouse to stay up to date on all the great new mobile Twilight games coming out!

Peter Facinelli’s IPhone Vampire Transformer App, Interview Part 1

We had the chance to interview Peter Facinelli about his new IPhone Vampire Transformer Application. You can catch what Peter had to say about the app. either by reading below the cut or listening to our audiofile. We’ll also be bringing you two other segments from our Peter interview next week where Peter talks about New Moon, Nurse Jackie, and upcoming projects.

Pel has an IPhone and she volunteered to be vampirized.  You can see the entire Vampire gallery here. The app is currently on sale for .99 and can be found found here or by searching for Vampire Transformer in the IPhone apps.

If you need some tech help using the app, there are really great step-by-step instructional videos on the 211me YouTube channel. Narrated by Rob “bikini dance” De Franco.

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Twilight Saga IPhone ITouch App

Below is the press release issued by Summit about the New Moon IPhone/IPod app. The news feature on the app happens to use the stories posted on the Lexicon and is still being updated to reflect the source of the stories.

“In an effort to further connect the fans of the TWILIGHT franchise, Summit Entertainment has launched the first official app for THE TWILIGHT SAGA.  The Twilight Tracker App enables fans around the world to stay in touch with each other and gain access to content for all movies in THE TWILIGHT SAGA series.  It allows users to choose an avatar from among a selection of THE TWILIGHT SAGA characters, talk to other fans by posting “shouts” onto a public message board, and stay up-to-date with the latest news, photos and videos for the movies.

The app also delivers seamless integration with the popular social networks Facebook and Twitter, and will continue to be updated with new features, including the latest information on showtimes, tickets and products for THE TWILIGHT SAGA.

The Twilight Tracker App is available for $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch or at

Billy Burke IPhone App Launches

Billy Burke’s IPhone app has finally been launched. Rob Defraco’s 211 Me is the outlet that designed it. Rob is the guy who made the infamous Twitter bet with Peter Facinelli and then did the resulting bikini dance down Hollywood Blvd.

Billy’s app is pretty much set up the way Peter’s is. Some of the cool content includes exclusive photos, messages, and a locator of important locations in Billy’s life.

Get a New Moon IPhone App

Jonathan, an IPhone and ITouch application designer, contacted us about a great giveaway he has going. He tells us that:

“I’ve been doing Mac development on the side for several years, but just recently began focusing on iPhone. I was looking for an idea to get the ball rolling and my wife suggested these New Moon Countdown clocks. She tore through the books last summer, and had expanded her school’s library with additional copies to meet the demand.  We worked closely together to build the programs.

I found it interesting that these books would be so enthralling to young adults, but also sad that there are many people who would not get the chance to read them. Early on I thought it would be great to be able to use some of the proceeds from the applications to donate books from the series in my community so that even more people could share Bella and Edward’s adventures.

To promote the app and help my community, I’m planning on donating a book from the Twilight saga for every 100 downloads until July 30th. The books will go to women and children’s centers, schools, and libraries in the Seattle metro area.

To promote the app and help my community, I’m planning on donating a book from the Twilight saga for every 100 downloads until July 30th. The books will go to women and children’s centers, schools, and libraries in the Seattle metro area.

More information about the app can be found here(link now fixed):

Now the other cool thing is that Jonathan has given us codes for two lucky Lexiconers to get the app for free for their IPhones or ITouches. All you have to do to be in the running is to respond to this entry with the words “Pick me Team Edward” or “Pick me Team Jake” depending on which app you’d rather have.  We’ll select a random person from each category on Thursday.