Twilight Saga Memory Quest

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This just in from Summit:

Hot off the world premiere of Twilight Eclipse is a brand new Twilight mobile game.

For you – the most dedicated Twilight fans! – check out the brand new Twilight Saga Memory Quest mobile/iPhone game trailer here: View the Game Trailer

Play as Bella, Edward, Jacob, or one of your other favorites in this fun new memory match-up game for all mobile devices. Reveal your favorite characters piece by piece in this must-have game for Twilight fans!

Look for The Twilight Saga – Memory Quest in your mobile games portal, or if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can download the game TODAY here: Download Here

For everything you need to know about the Twilight mobile games, visit the NEW mini site at
Twilight Mobile Game – and be sure to follow on Twitter @GameHouse to stay up to date on all the great new mobile Twilight games coming out!


  1. Veronica says:

    Is there there on for the Android phone?

  2. Lost my itouch. Too bad !

  3. I saw that on my blackberry last night. They also were offering the Eclipse Movie game which is odd to answer questions about the movie before it comes out. Bought it anyway!

  4. silvertonguedevil3 says:

    Okay I have to say this and this was the first posting on the page. Is anyone else’s computer getting bogged down by coming to TwilightLexicon? I have been coming here for a long time now and over the last month or two my pc only does it on this site. It seems the more ads the more it takes to load things.

  5. already downloaded! I love it! but it would have been great if the ?s are directly 4m the books! 🙂

  6. it is so good i got them all right first go it was esay


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