David Slade On The Twilight Saga

I don’t know if anyone who reads our site was a fan of The West Wing, but on the West Wing there was this episode where Martin Sheen playing President Bartlett said something really stupid, and his legal counsel played by Oliver Platt beat the hell out of the recording device on his desk with a baseball bat so there would be no evidence regarding the really stupid thing that he said.

Well, flashing forward to the Twilight world, it looks like David Slade was using a baseball bat of his own. Only it looks like the metaphorical bat here got to the evidence on Twitter, but it missed the call in show.

Slash/Film has the details on what is at the very least going to be an embarrassing incident:

“Today, however, it seems like Slade’s Twitter account has been deleted, which is a crying shame. Besides the loss of an interesting tweeter, another of the reasons this is unfortunate is that the deletion covers Slade’s tracks a little and hides a rather amusing little attack he launched on the Twilight franchise.

That being the very same Twilight franchise Slade has subsequently signed up to, and for which he will be directing the third installment, Eclipse. Oops.

So, the original Tweet might be gone but after the break we have audio of Slade ripping into Twilight”

Once you check out the full story on /Film and listen to the audio to judge for yourself, we have a question. Unfortunate foot in mouth trying to be witty on a call-in show, or is it worse than that?

The critical material in question happens at around the 9:00 minute mark in the second download, of what was otherwise and interesting an non-controversial interview.