The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide–Fan Artist Highlights

The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide is now on shelves or you can get it via Aside from fabulous information that tells the backstory of fan favorite characters like Alice, we now also have details on our favorite villains like Victoria (or maybe she’s not such a villain after all). We also now get all the history of all of the Volturi coven members and the covens that came to be witnesses for the Cullens. Wolfpack people, no fear, there’s lots of new info on Emily, Sam, Leah and other pack members.

Now aside from all of those juicy details, there are fabulous illustrations through out the book of characters, places, cars, clothing, etc.

One of our favorite sections was the section designated toward fan artists! There is an entire collection of fan art that illustrates different moments in the Twilight Saga. The media and style is different artist by artist. Some are charcoal, some are watercolor, some are abstract, etc. regardless they are all fantastic!

We’d like to call attention to two of them who we have known about for years. They were two of the very first artists to be part of the Ramblings And Thoughts fanfic and fan art site. To our knowledge, this was the first site to recognize fanfic and fan artists side-by-side in the Twilight world.

The first is Darcy Ripley whose fan name is Tainted Tea. Darcy leans towards a surreal style. Below is a picture of Darcy’s of Edward and Bella that doesn’t appear in the guide, but she has two others that do. You can find Darcy’s website here, and you can see more of her Twilight related fan art here.

The next is Kim Kincaid whose fan name is Fatty Lumpkin. Kim works in several media and does mostly portrait work. Below is one of her pictures or her vision of Edward that doesn’t appear in the guide, but she also has two others that do(portraits of Emmett and Jacob). You can find Kim’s website here, and her blog here and you can see more of her Twilight related fan art here.

Congrats to both Darcy and Kim!


Fan Art and Creativity

In one of the recent Stephenie Meyer fan junket interview tracks released, Stephenie talked about seeing some amazing fanart.  She references a quilt made by the folks over at the Twilight Quilters Coven (see interview and quilt below). (LTT & Twifans) ask Stephenie Meyer TwiMerch & TwiRoom by twifans

We get to see fan art a lot at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Conventions. They have a regular Twilight centerpiece contest.

More recently we’ve been seeing fans bringing in art they have created, and then they have the actors sign the artwork. One recently really stood out at the Boston Twilight Convention by fan PunchyAddison. It caught both Pel’s eye and Alex’s Meraz’s because it wasn’t just one piece, it was a series.  See below.

You can see the entire gallery here.

Now if all of this is sparking your creativity, Twilight Axiom has a weekly fanart contest. Check out the details on their site and see if you’d like to apply!

So what’s your favorite fanart that you have ever seen?