Help a Twi-Guy and Our Troops Overseas

The Eyes of Amber Blog is one of our favorites. She is running an awareness campaign for what our troops overseas could use right now. Part of her idea comes from a Twi-Guy who was a guest blogger on her site. My own brother-in-law recently returned from duty in Afghanistan and he spoke about how cold it gets so these handwarmers would be great!

Here is part of what Eyes of Amber wrote, check out her blog for full details:

“One of the things that is so nice about having blog and twitter followers and the people in this fandom is that we are able to work together to help others. Some of you may remember Shaun, the soldier featured in my “Real Men Read Twilight” series. He also wrote a guest post during our Eclipse discussion. Shaun is currently deployed to Afghanistan and he’s given us a great idea on how to help support the troops. From his facebook page…

OK so a lot of you have been asking me about what you could possibly send and is there anyway to help out the troops. Yes there is and what we could use is some hand warmers. You know the kind that you shake up and put in your pockets. It is starting to get very cold out here and we don’t have very good heat sources …for our troops in the towers and on the line. These would go a long way in raising the troops’ morale.

They can use this type of hand warmers, foot warmers and body warmers. Anything like this to help keep them warm.”

Get the full details on how you can help at her blog.

Sweethearts Candies Revamping For New Moon

<Sweetheart Candies for New MoonAd Week has the story of how NEC, the company that makes Necco Wafers and the famous candy message hearts, got involved with the Twilight Saga and how it’s fiscally paid off in spades!  Little wonder, at the helm NEC was a woman with years of experience at the Mars candy company. She moved into a new job position at NEC and had the foresight to strike a deal utilizing the Twilight Saga. Little wonder they have some brand new plans for New Moon.

“I wanted to relaunch the Sweethearts brand and bring it to other generations. It was really very much of the baby boomer generation and had not really built relevance with teens, tweens and younger moms. So one of the things I did was seek out a partnership to get teens and tweens engaged — they are really the largest consumers of confections — and align with the equity of the Twilight [motion picture] franchise. We got that partnership before the first movie hit the marketplace, and we created custom products based on the story. Stephanie Myer [author of the Twilight books] actually wrote the phrases [on the candies] for us.”

It makes for a fascinating read. Check it out here.

The Eyes of Amber Blog has some more info on the new style.

More Sweetheart Candies for New Moon

Check it out.