Demi Lovato: Officially Not Hating on Taylor, call off the dogs

Twist suggested to Demi Lovato at the Hannah Montana movie premiere that she and Taylor Lautner (who she had only briefly met at the Kid’s Choice Awards) might be cute together.

Demi responded:

“Hold please, oh God. No, thank you! He is not for me. He seems more like a heartthrob type. I am more of a musician girl. He would have to rough up a little bit for me to date him!”

Then on her Twitter she announces:

“Just finished a song about an egotistical, young hollywood actor, who thinks he’s the new heartthrob in town and can get any girl he wants.” and then Hint: He’s orange” (We assume she’s referring to a bad fake tan)

So the next thing you know Twist and several other sources decide that she’s talking about Taylor Lautner. It was rapidly spiraling into the next big Hollywood feud with people starting to take sides.

Fortunately, Demi Tweeted back:

“Taylor Lautner is not Orange. It’s not him. Most of you probably don’t even know him.” followed by, That’ll be the last time I ever mention a boy! hahahaha…. Good Lord.”