Demi Lovato: Officially Not Hating on Taylor, call off the dogs

Twist suggested to Demi Lovato at the Hannah Montana movie premiere that she and Taylor Lautner (who she had only briefly met at the Kid’s Choice Awards) might be cute together.

Demi responded:

“Hold please, oh God. No, thank you! He is not for me. He seems more like a heartthrob type. I am more of a musician girl. He would have to rough up a little bit for me to date him!”

Then on her Twitter she announces:

“Just finished a song about an egotistical, young hollywood actor, who thinks he’s the new heartthrob in town and can get any girl he wants.” and then Hint: He’s orange” (We assume she’s referring to a bad fake tan)

So the next thing you know Twist and several other sources decide that she’s talking about Taylor Lautner. It was rapidly spiraling into the next big Hollywood feud with people starting to take sides.

Fortunately, Demi Tweeted back:

“Taylor Lautner is not Orange. It’s not him. Most of you probably don’t even know him.” followed by, That’ll be the last time I ever mention a boy! hahahaha…. Good Lord.”


  1. Hahaha!
    I think they’d be god together, but, as Demi said, he’s not really her type.


    2ND Of all she looks HORRIBLE she’s the one that looks orange here^^^ eeewww what’s up with the jet black hair and the over the top tan spray. She looks unrecognizable!!!! =0

    • @anen It’s not Zac! She said it herself on Twitter:

      NOO it’s not Zac. Zac’s a sweetheart. I’m not saying who. Just wanted to let you guys know what my new song is about. :)1:49 PM Apr 8th from web

  3. Taylor is ALL N-A-T-U-R-A-L

  4. ahh . . . I love her. Taylor is so damn annoying and as far as i can tell, everything she said about him is true except for the fake tan thing. That’s natural. But he seems so damn egotistical. gahhh … I think Demi is a fan of JACOB (and even though Jacob isn’t my cup of tea) I see why she can like him.

  5. I KNOW she wasn’t talking about taylor as she said herself. but just saying.

  6. I love Demi Lovato 🙂 She’s the best.

  7. Twilitex57 says:

    ha! she shouldn’t say ANYTHING about a organge skin or a bad tan. mayybee she should look in the mirror?

  8. misslelie says:

    LOL, wtf is up with her??? She wudnt date TL??? Is she smoking crack???!!! I date him in a second!!!! OMG and Whos the one with the orange tan???LOL

  9. Ugh, I’m starting to really dislike her. I used to be a fan oh her music, but looks like she tweeted about herself. She’s really changing – she’s starting to get a big head. She’s the one who’s orange. She looks completely different! She should be start acting smarter and being more responsible about what she says, or tweets, whatever. Get over yourself, Demi.

  10. doesn’t she already have a bf? i think that’s what someone told me.
    anyways, taylor’s a sweetheart, not egotistical. he reminds me of a sweet, little boy 🙂

  11. They met once at the Kids’ Choice Awards, so before she starts judging, Demi needs to actually know him. He’s not a heartthrob, he’s Taylor. Jeez, what a B**ch!

    • guess=)) says:

      im tellin yu..
      she needs to calm doowwnn on the whole judgin(SP) thing cuz her ego percentige is growin and shes talkin like she can get anyone she wants,pshhh highly doubt it with a head her size…
      sorry demz but what you said makes you look bad..
      i love taylor.. and i like demi but really, wtf!

  12. Rachel A. says:

    I think she looks pretty in the picture above. Definately not orange.

    Who cares who she wrote her song about anyway? No need to hate her, she was just saying that it wasn’t about Taylor (isn’t that what you would want to hear?).

  13. Demi Lovato is a great girl; she has a nice voice, she’s a funny actress, and she’s a pretty girl. The only reason most people like to bash on her is because she’s a Disney gal. It sucks for her.

    In my opinion, she is NOT orange. Huh-lo! Are you people blind? And just because she is tweeting, does not mean she is getting a huge ego. A lot of people tweet, and I don’t see a difference in her personality. You people need to stop bullying famous people.

    You’re just as bad as the kids who pick on their peers in school! Don’t think so high and mighty of yourself–Just because nobody can see YOU behind your keyboard and pick out YOUR flaws. Shesh.

    Sorry, just had to let that out. : /

  14. Twilitex57 says:

    to tell you the truth, we can’t judge any of these people, we have never met them, never been friends with them. we don’t know what they are really like! but sirecley, demi is kinda annoying me right now, she seems to have a “big head” if you know what i mean…

  15. yaytwihard says:

    me and demi have A LOT in common. i dont like taylor lautner either, but i LOVE jacob.

    at least she’s honest! woot woot.

  16. uhh. SHE’S ORANGE. :\

  17. Bite Me...please? says:

    good thing,to. I like Demi, but she knows we would kick her ass if she was badmouthng Taylor. And yes, she is the one who is ORANGE for cryin’ out loud!

  18. Amber Pederson says:

    I don’t understand where people are getting the impression that Taylor is egotistical. Of course, I can’t say for sure he ISN’T because I’ve never met him, but I have never seen him act that way. He’s always been funny and kind and a little over exuberant about this project. *shrugs*

    As far as this… Don’t like Demi much. I’m not commenting on her personality; just her music. Lol. But it strikes me as odd when she gives us a hint but then says we wouldn’t even know him anyway. Why HINT at who it is if, in the end, we’ll STILL have no clue?

    • I agree w/ everythingg you wrote 🙂
      I love Taylor <3
      His personality seems adorable & I don’t see the ego some people talk about..

  19. Um, she IS orange – that tan is horrible! I don’t get why she’s getting so fake all of the sudden, with the tan, hair, make up, etc. It’s just not her. She used to be very natural and humble, but she IS changing – in looks & personality. I’ve been noticing that she’s been getting egotistical lately, BEFORE I read this post. I’m aware that nobody’s perfect and that she’s still young – she’s going to make many mistakes and learn very hard lessons throughout her life, as are the rest of us. Except for her it’s going to be harder because she is a celebrity. I’m not a “bully” & I’m not bullying anyone, that so isn’t me; I’m just very good at reading people, although I never met Demi. I never even usually comment on any site; I keep my mouth shut & keep my opinions to myself. I hate people who are so insecure that they need to find the need to badmouth every celebrity written about on the net. I was just pointing out that, yes, I have been noticing a change in her personality. But we all have flaws, & I’m definitely not perfect, nor do I think “all high & mighty” of myself. Bottom line – we can’t criticize or defend people we don’t know. Fin. Hope none of her fans were offended by my previous post, I didn’t mean anything negative by it; just stating my opinion (which is what comments are for).

  20. She’s the orange one. I’m sure she wasn’t even talking about Taylor because

    A. Demi’s a TWILIGHTER like us


    B. He’s not orange;p like her.

    Whoever it was isn’t even THAT famous apparently so we can let it go.

  21. “Just finished a song about an egotistical, young hollywood actor, who thinks he’s the new heartthrob in town and can get any girl he wants.” and then “Hint: He’s orange”

    Change the genders around and she must be talking about herself.

  22. what happened to her? SHe was pretty in Camp Rock. Now she looks fugly lol

  23. A. She’s orange

    B. shes prbably not talking about Taylor, probably some other non-celebrity

    C.Taylors not orange

  24. Kristin says:

    taylor is a sexy beast..taylor is one of my better guy friends and we text a lot he is such a swettie and is sooo not orange… he is hawt… second i hateee demi lovato she has a really bad spray tan and she is orangee! plus taylor would so not go for her… he told mee

  25. guess=)) says:

    wow.. bougus(yes i know the real meaning)
    when they asked her she could of been like”Oh.. um no i dont really see us together like. that” but she went all out and said “Hold please, oh God. No, thank you! He is not for me. He seems more like a heartthrob type. I am more of a musician girl. He would have to rough up a little bit for me to date him!”… sorta mean if you ask me..
    I personally think they would of been an awsome couple!!!


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