Cake Wrecks Does Twilight:Take Two

Last week the Cake Wrecks blog looked at Twilight where things didn’t go as well as one might have expected. Like we said last week, maybe the green icing that looked like muddy grass was better in person. It probably smelled and tasted great, which in the end is all that really matters.

Anyway this week Cake Wrecks is back featuring great looking Twilight cakes. We love the one above best because it takes in lots of book elements without being too much. Plus a three foot chess piece? Seriously, how impressive is that! Ty to Kristi and Hana for the heads up.

Cake Wrecks: Twilight Style

If you’ve never seen the Cake Wrecks site, it’s really a must view. It can be summed up by saying sometimes you need to put down the food dye and the creativity before someone gets hurt…or at least nauseated.  Here is our favorite cake from the feature. Maybe the green icing was more appetizing in person?

See the whole entry on Cake Wrecks! TY to Crdt723 on Twitter for the heads up.