Cake Wrecks Does Twilight:Take Two

Last week the Cake Wrecks blog looked at Twilight where things didn’t go as well as one might have expected. Like we said last week, maybe the green icing that looked like muddy grass was better in person. It probably smelled and tasted great, which in the end is all that really matters.

Anyway this week Cake Wrecks is back featuring great looking Twilight cakes. We love the one above best because it takes in lots of book elements without being too much. Plus a three foot chess piece? Seriously, how impressive is that! Ty to Kristi and Hana for the heads up.


  1. This is such a beautiful cake. I wish I could work for them! Lots and Lots of love to Cake Wreck.

    • Thank you for the complement on the cake.. thats actually my sister in law in the pic, and she had a twilight themed b’day party. I am a stay at home mom and make custom cakes on the side, and that is the cake i made for her 25th b’day.. im not sure how this got posted here. Anyhow to answer the ‘why 3 feet tall’… because i was trying to do something different from what everyone else was doing already. The very top section and the very bottom section are actual cake, the middle was a support system i carved but still covered in fondant.. and i also made a hand painted apple that i sculpted from Rice Crispy treats and covered in fondant.

  2. My favorite Twi-cake from there was the book stack with lion & lamb and apple on top. It incorporates so much from the book but I don’t feel like it’s too much because it’s spread out over the cake. The chess piece is cool, but a 3-ft. chess piece cake? That’s just a little odd. I like it, but it’s still weird.

  3. How much fondant was put into that 0_0

  4. kinda off subject of the cake…but is that girl trying to look like bella?

  5. Those cakes are absolutely fantastic!

  6. ya know, I know who made that cake and the person in it. she is not trying to look like bella and for the persons seemingly taking credit for making this cake you are sadly mistaken and horrible person!

  7. I made this cake!

  8. Good work Jas!!!

  9. damn jas you are famous!!!!

  10. go pro, go pro, go pro!

  11. Pro?? She already is! ;D

  12. I am the girl in the photo’s Husband. Her name is Melanie. The girl who said she made the cake, j Hansen……did in fact make the cake. She had to hold it for a 2 hour drive to the birthday party in the car so that it didn’t fall over from the bumps. She (girl in photo) was wearing a Bella costume that she purchased for the party. Why would some one try and take Credit for something they didn’t do. J Hansen (my sister-in-law)made the cake and it was an amazing cake. As was the rice crispy treat apple……

  13. Danica Gowan says:

    The person that really made this cake (J.Hanson) makes the most amazing cakes I have ever seen- my husband and i purchased one that she donated to an auction- the details in her cakes are flawless- here is the good part- they taste super great too!!

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