Butterfinger, Rob Lowe, Comic Con, and Twilight…Yep There’s a Connection!

According to a press release Twilight fans at Comic Con and can be part of a spoof under the direction of Rob Lowe. For those of you under 40, Rob Lowe the the Robert Pattinson of the 1980’s…not that I ever have a poster of him on my wall, or saw St. Elmo’s Fire 10 times or anything.

“Actor, producer and New York Times best-selling author Rob Lowe will bring the production of comedy-horror flick BUTTERFINGER® the 13th straight to fans, filming a live crowd-sourced scene in San Diego during the evening twilight hours on Friday, July 22. Butterfinger announced today that convention attendees will have a rare opportunity to see their favorite Rob, dubbed the modern master of psychological terror, behind the camera and participate in movie-making magic.

There’s so much excitement around Rob appearing at the world’s largest comic book convention of its kind this year that we couldn’t resist having him film a scene of ‘Butterfinger the 13th’ with the fans at twilight,” said Butterfinger spokesperson Tricia Bowles, Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. “This is the perfect place for Rob to present his comedy-horror directorial debut with Butterfinger.”

“Butterfinger the 13th’ is an exploration of paranoia and fear well beyond werewolves and vampires,” added Lowe. “Don’t look here for Team Rob or Team Taylor – this movie will leave Team Butterfinger screaming for more.”

On Friday, July 22, prior to filming during twilight, Lowe will appear at the convention’s Sony booth #4229, hosted by the film’s digital media partners FEARnet and Crackle of Sony Pictures Television. There, for a limited time, Lowe will sign autographs and distribute special-dition movie posters of “Butterfinger the 13th.”

Inspired by Butterfinger’s “Nobody’s Gonna Lay A Finger” tagline, Lowe is directing the first-ever film by one of America’s iconic candy brands. “Butterfinger the 13th” aims to take its audience on a perilous journey with the film’s hero, whose paranoia leads to the belief that someone wants to lay a finger… in more ways than one.

The film’s teaser trailer warns fans that “You Can’t Scream With Your Mouth Full.” For more on “Butterfinger the 13th,” the director’s online video blog dubbed “The Lowe Down” may be viewed at Facebook.com/Butterfinger. Each week, Butterfinger’s Facebook page will feature new information about the comedy-horror currently in production, with exclusive online content and behind-the-scenes video episodes and images featuring Rob Lowe released on the 13th of each month.”