Twilight Fansites To Do Live Podcast From Yahoo TwiFi Lounge Today

The Twilight websites who will be reporting from the red carpet are going to be doing a live podcast today. We’ll be covering fandom news, doing trivia with some cool prizes, doing interviews… We also have our own twitter handle @bd1podcast.

So if you are in tent city you can watch via the jumbotron where they will broadcast the show, there is also some limited seating in the Yahoo TwiFi Lounge. But tweeting in your questions and comments to @bd1podcast and we’ll try to incorporate it into the show!

The podcast kicks off at 4:00 Pacific Time and we will also be live blogging it. Come back at 4:00 and join in the fun!

EW Spills Some Details on Tent City Happenings: Cast Heading Your Way

EW is covering the folks camping out in Tent City for Breaking Dawn. They let the following slip:

EW will be checking in with these passionate fans and more over the weekend and during the premiere. Sunday morning will bring a breakfast served by mystery members of the cast, and Monday will most likely bring the Twi-pocalypse. Stay tuned for video interviews from the front lines!

At the Twilight Convention last weekend Mia Maestro let slip that she would be performing her soundtrack single Llovera on the 12th. Given that no venue or further mention has been released, it is highly likely that the performance will be at that Nokia Plaza venue.

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Photo via TwiMoms

Photos From Camp Breaking Dawn and Yahoo TwiFi Lounge

From the press release earlier today, the TwiFi lounge that is sponsored by Yahoo is going to be hosting all kinds of events. We believe fans at tent city may be able to participate, but that they’ll also broadcast it into plaza jumbo-tron and put online.

Featured photos via the TwiMoms Twitter

More photos over at Twilightish and the TwiMoms Twitter