Isle Esme House in Brazil In Danger of Destruction

Blog TwiBrasil tipped us off to this one. It seems that the house where they shot Breaking Dawn’s honeymoon scenes is in an environmentally protected area, and may have to come down. Read the original Portuguese and the translation on Blog TwiBrasil.

Hopefully all the footage shot there is fine because reshoots on that location are not looking good as of now.


  1. Why don’t they protect an area of forest that hasn’t been developed instead?

    • I don’t think there are many areas left like that, thanks to us humans! And i’m all for bringing it down if it’s in an environmentally protected area. I live on a beach too and know how awfull it is when these big corporates or builders come and snatch away land like that!!

  2. When I read breaking dawn all of 8 times this is not how I invisioned Isle Esme. In fact this is miles and MILES from what I had thought!

    • See I completely agree I haven’t read the book in a while but I simply didn’t see it this way nor is this close to what was described in the book…I invisioned a smaller open air type house with huge french doors and lots of flowing white curtains..something like that would be a bit more accurate

  3. I thought the owner bought the land. Does he not have a say if the house is torn down or not?

  4. So was the house built on protected land or did they declare it protected land years later? And why did they wait until it was used for filming to say something? I’m all for protecting areas that need to be, I’m just curious.

  5. The info on the Brazil web site that is linked indicates that this has been going on for 8-10 years. The home owner has been fined repeatedly. The department that authorized BD filming did not know it was going to use this house.

  6. Tearing down this beautiful home would be a travesty. Why can’t they be the environment and this ONE home be codependent? This one home isn’t going to make any difference in the environment. Just don’t let anyone else build on that land. And don’t let it turn into a crazy tourist spot. That’s what will cause harm tithe environment. Not the house itself, it’s an inanimate object, therefore it can’t harm anything. Now if it was some kind of factory distributing to the decaying ozone layer, then I would say yes, tear it down, but this one quiet little home is not going to hurt anything. And all the damage was done during the construction anyway. So leave the poor owner alone and let him live in peace.


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