Eclipse Defended By a Guy Who Actually Gets It From BBC Radio

Lexicon reader Tess wrote in to tell us, “Hey, I know that this is a while after the fact, but I thought I should bring this review to your attention. I emailed you when New Moon came out with a review from Mark Kermode, of BBC Radio 5 Live, one of the few reviewers I have seen or heard of who actually ‘gets’ Twilight. I would have emailed this to you earlier, but I have only just been able to find this review online. In reviewing ‘Eclipse’, he puts up a very strong defense of the series, as well as criticising those critics who he feels did not understand the film. Very interesting, even if only for the fact that it is the best defense of the films I have come across, and its given by a guy.”

Here’s the link to his New Moon review.

Mark Kermode of BBC Radio Review: OMG Someone Gets It!

Finally, finally someone gets that the abstinence thing in the greater context of vamp literature. TY to Tess for the heads up!