New Face Friday: Meet Joe Anderson aka Alistair

The fansites had a chance to chat with Joe Anderson as part of the New Face Friday series.  Being a fan of all things Austen as well as musical theatre, Joe was not a “new face” to us!  Joe portrayed Jane Austen’s brother in Becoming Jane and starred as Max Carrigan in Across the Universe as well as appearing in several other films including The Grey and Crazies.  However, being new to the Twilight Saga allowed us the opportunity to get to know him better.  Y0u can read the whole interview at Page to Premiere

And for those of you who haven’t read up on Alistair yet, we encourage you to check out his character bio.  If you never read his section in the Official Illustrated Guide, then you might be surprise at how much info you don’t know about this solitary, brooding tracker vampire!  

How much did you know about Twilight before you auditioned or before you got the part?

Joe Anderson: I wasn’t living on Mars so I knew a lot about it. Friends of the family as well were a little younger than I am, young girls, and they were huge, huge fans so when they found out that I was going to have something to do with it, my street cred went through the roof. So there was a gathering and watching of films together and getting excited about it. I’d seen all of them (the movies) I think by the time I was shooting in Canada.

Does that mean you haven’t read any of them?

Joe: No, you know interestingly enough, no, I did pick around the books. The interesting thing with Alistair is that the way he is used in the film versus the books is slightly different. For me it was more about taking this rather aloof character and developing him. And as an outsider, you know I wasn’t part of the previous movies, so I sort of felt like I had a bit of room to kind of play with this guy because none of the other characters quite knew what to expect and what have you.  So it was quite freeing – quite fun to sort of go in there and really sort of invent something.