ABC: Moms Crush on Twilight


ABC examines older women crushing on the younger actors on Twilight.

“Jill Etesse was hooked on the “Twilight” books the second she cracked the series opener. She ripped through the saga on paper and rented movie No. 1.Then the madness began.

“I joined the lines of teens for ‘New Moon,'” said the 38-year-old mom of two. “My husband is deathly embarrassed. Half my friends think I’m crazy.”

Etesse, from Leesburg, Va., won’t let her 8-year-old daughter anywhere near Team Edward OR Team Jacob, but did she take herself to “Eclipse” this summer? “Oh yeah.”

Is there something, um, icky about moms lusting after the boys of “Twilight” or other morsels of ripe screen candy? Heck no, said 54-year-old Toni Downey of Limerick, Pa. We’re not dead yet!”

You can see the rest of the article on ABC.

All of this makes us wonder why people find any of this surprising. Do people question 50-year-old men crushing on Megan Fox? Hugh Hefner who is over 80 has been surrounding himself with 20-year-olds for decades.

In case anyone is wondering, after New Moon came out the entire original cast of Twilight except for Taylor Lautner were all over 18, and Taylor reached that benchmark as few months later. Currently, the only members of the principal cast who are under 18 are Jodelle Ferland, Booboo Stewart, and Cameron Bright.