ABC: Moms Crush on Twilight


ABC examines older women crushing on the younger actors on Twilight.

“Jill Etesse was hooked on the “Twilight” books the second she cracked the series opener. She ripped through the saga on paper and rented movie No. 1.Then the madness began.

“I joined the lines of teens for ‘New Moon,'” said the 38-year-old mom of two. “My husband is deathly embarrassed. Half my friends think I’m crazy.”

Etesse, from Leesburg, Va., won’t let her 8-year-old daughter anywhere near Team Edward OR Team Jacob, but did she take herself to “Eclipse” this summer? “Oh yeah.”

Is there something, um, icky about moms lusting after the boys of “Twilight” or other morsels of ripe screen candy? Heck no, said 54-year-old Toni Downey of Limerick, Pa. We’re not dead yet!”

You can see the rest of the article on ABC.

All of this makes us wonder why people find any of this surprising. Do people question 50-year-old men crushing on Megan Fox? Hugh Hefner who is over 80 has been surrounding himself with 20-year-olds for decades.

In case anyone is wondering, after New Moon came out the entire original cast of Twilight except for Taylor Lautner were all over 18, and Taylor reached that benchmark as few months later. Currently, the only members of the principal cast who are under 18 are Jodelle Ferland, Booboo Stewart, and Cameron Bright.


  1. Dakota Fanning is under 18.

  2. From the article: Eighteen-year-old Taylor Lautner’s six-pack? “Mind-boggling,” said Downey, who has a 25-year-old daughter. “She likes Buffy as her only vamp thing, and we both thought Pattinson was hotter as a blond in Harry Potter.”

    So she thinks Tom Felton is Robert Pattinson? Cedric Diggory isn’t close to blond. Where did the find these people?

    • Diggory isn’t blonde, but his hair was a lot lighter then. Could be a simple colour blind mistake. (Admittedly stretching)

      • LOL! Stretching. It was on a couple times this weekend and for some reason, my TV just kept tuning into it. 😉 It may be a little lighter but there is no mistaking that it is brown.
        I’m still convinced she things Malfoy is Edward. ;-P

  3. I think we should be more concerned about the obsessive nature of the infatuations, rather than the ages of *fictional* characters. Also, when you’re talking about the actors, how many of us are actually going to meet them? And even if we did, how many would take it past admiration? Lust is a physical reaction – whether or not you act on it is the legal issue.

    • See, this is part of the problem. I saw nothing obsessive in the article, just fans who don’t meet the typical tween description (and I would be willing to bet that most fans of Twilight are over 18 anyway). Do men get this sort of grief for their obsession over sports teams or video games? Also, the Lexicon is right, men have been “appreciating” younger women for years. Women do it and get called cougars (predatory) and its even worse with Twilight because now women are actually admitting that we *gasp* can still find someone visually appealing once we should be technically too old to notice (you know, 30). Whats so terrible is I see younger Twilight fans giving older fans a hard time. Its going to be sad when they get a little older and start to feel the same exclusions.

      Also, I find it troubling that speak as if reading young adult fiction is a problem. Many of these books are well written and why wouldn’t we read them? I am just worried that the use of some of this terminology is mean to diminish or imply that a woman has some sort of psychological deficiency should she dare to admit she has eyes, and likes Twilight.

      • You said it SO right!!! Amen!!!

      • Agreed. I’m 45 and I can like them just the same as a 17 year old, dammit I earned it. My husband is okay with it, I’m okay with it 🙂

      • You are so right Jennifer. I also find that a lot of ‘adults’ wouldn’t be caught dead reading a book labled ‘young adult’ fiction. It’s silly and short-sighted. A lot of literature for young adults is far better than that aimed for older adults. Just because something is marketed for a specific group doesn’t mean that only that group should read it! It gets even worse when you consider the unstated gender barrer, as if only teenage girls should be reading the Twilight series.

  4. Ok I’m really aggravated over this, I’m 51! I bought Twilight as a weekend read, and was hooked. That was before the movies. I’m not lusting over young boys, although I’m not blind and my daughter calls it ‘enjoying God’s wondrous creations’. Truth is Hollywood would have trouble casting mediocre actors in those characters. They needed to be spectacular. That said, my family has had alot of fun from this book series so I don’t care what anyone thinks….Twi-Grandma’s unite. lol

    • I’m 56. My husband is mortified when I tell people I’ve read the series 14 times. Had a major stroke last year and the series got me through a painful recovery. Was in Washington this summer for our son’s wedding and spent an enjoyable day in Forks and LaPush, husband included. There is nothing mental about escaping life for a while. Be glad you are alive enough to enjoy the idea of love and devotion. The series has impressed me so much because it’sone YA book that doesn’t involve premarital sex, drinking or drugs. Love you Twilight

      • I’m 45 and I totally agree, hubby does too. I too read the series over again when I had hip surgery last year since I couldn’t get out of bed for 2 weeks so it kept me occupied. Like my husband first said when he saw Twilight; it’s a love story. And that is what women love to be a part of. Escaping from reality ever now and then is what everyone needs. Thank you Steph!!!!!!!!!

        • YES!! It’s a beautiful love story and we have the right to enjoy it! By the way, I love also Romeo and Juliet… and how old were they… 😉

    • Well said sister. I am 58 & my friend who is 51 turned me on to the books and I was hooked. I love to read and she knew I would really enjoy the books. The movies were just icing on the cake. Besides just cause I’m on a diet doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu.

  5. amanda830 says:

    Same here , Jan i agree . I got really sick with viral mengetis about 2 years ago . I couldnt move and was in alot of pain for over 2 months. all i diid was Eat Sleep and read Twilight . The more i read i swear the better i felt. Everyone has there on Twilight story and its amazing thing. Its magical in a way. Its brought alot of people togther. Conventions, partys, book signings, movie release. In this day in age to get a teen or pre teen to read a book is hard. Twilight sold Millions of copies.

  6. Personally, I’m not attracted to any of the actors. I like the characters in the books, based on their personalities. The actors just give a visual image to what the characters could look like. In the books, the vampires are all over 100 years old so I don’t feel like I’m crushing on someone younger than me. And besides… they’re fictional characters. lol

    As for older ladies crushing on the actors, I don’t think it’s a big deal as long as they’re realistic about it. What troubles me are teenage girls who get unrealistic crushes on celebrities to the point where they become obsessive and delusional it, sometimes seriously believing that they will one day marry the celebrity. Or the ones who, in all seriousness, say things like, “Rob is my boyfriend” and get catty with other fans who also like him. THAT’S something that is a lot more weird than an older woman who can appreciate an attractive young man!

  7. Hell yeah I’m a 38-year old Twilighter ! Team Edward <3

  8. I agree with what everyone has said here. There certainly is a double standard in our society, where it’s perfectly okay for a man to be with a woman half his age, but it’s seen as predatory and weird for it to be the other way around. It’s probably an attitude left over from the Stone Age, when it was necessary for the survival of the species for a male to mate with a multitude of females. I think a lot of people still are in the Stone Age when it comes to their attitudes.

    I think most women are drawn into the story itself, which is a good romance, and we all love a good romance. It isn’t the case, I think, for most of us, that we became obsessive over Twilight for the sole reason that the actors in it are young, hot things! I mean geez, talk about looking down your nose at an entire demographic based on a faulty premise!

    Personally I like to think that love knows no age, race, religion, or other boundaries. Besides, the entire Twilight phenomenon is just plain fun! I know I haven’t had this much fun with a book/movie series in a long time! And neither have my friends, who are all in their forties and fifties. God bless ’em all!

  9. I thought this article was pretty offensive. I just turned 40 this month. What am I supposed to be, dead? Why can’t I find someone like Rob or Kellan attractive, they are grown men. The books are wonderful, so what if they are YA. I also love Narnia and enjoy the movies. I can’t wrap my head around why the media is so baffled that such a wide range of women are drawn to Twilight. Who wrote the books? A mom!

    I wholeheartedly agree with the previous posters who have pointed out that men don’t get the same flack for looking at female actresses who are half their age. Besides, I would argue that most of us here love the characters, the story- and Rob, Taylor and the rest of them bring the characters to life whom we already love. We don’t all just think they’re hot, we love the books and the characters. I agree with Luthien, it’s just fun. What is so wrong with that?

  10. I’m 45 and love the Twilight books. I finished reading them before there were any movies. And yes, I “crush” on the fictional character named Edward Cullen. I find it hard to believe any woman who reads those books wouldn’t adore him, no matter what her age.

    But this isn’t exactly something new, you know. I also crush on Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. So do just about all Jane Austen fans. We have for years. And not all of us are younger than his character — most of us are older. So what?

    I mean, in comparison, ALL Twilight fans are younger than Edward Cullen. Even my grandmother is younger than Edward Cullen. :p

    As a result of my fascination with the fictional stories, I have come to appreciate Colin Firth and Robert Pattinson. How can you not notice how deliciously handsome they are?

    But I have also become a fan of them as people and actors. Their ages don’t matter. Neither does mine. The story is dumb.

  11. my mom is 50 years old and loves twilight! but she’s not weird about it at all. every year she buys just one new tshirt and takes me to the midnight premieres. she’s totally team jacob but has probably never been more in love with my dad! twilight brought my family closer…

  12. I’m with you guys on this one, it’s not weird at all. I’m 31 and love the series. My hubby teases me, but only in fun. He likes the fact that I like them, and that it is a sort of fantasy he can “insert” himself into for me. He has happily taken me to the films even though they are not his thing. He even bought a huge Bella/Edward/Jacob cup for me (and I wasn’t with him at the time).

  13. I hate it when people try to put you in a box and tell you what is age-appropriate for your age. When I went to see New Moon, there were two 70-year old ladies in the theater. Talked to them later, and they said everyone had a first love, and they enjoyed the series a lot. Please, why is everyone so judgmental….let people enjoy what they enjoy…why should anyone have to defend what they like as long as it is legal. Love is a subject that no one is ever too old to enjoy, and we all know that the Twilight Saga offers even more….I love the family aspects of the books. I think most of the people who are critics have never even read the books!

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