Comic Con PR Stunt: Swap Twilight for 30 Days of Night

According to Digital Spy:

“Twilight fans will be offered copies of 30 Days of Night by IDW Publishing at San Diego Comic-Con.

Copies of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels and the graphic novel adaptations can be traded for a volume from IDW’s 30 Days of Night series at the publisher’s booth under its ‘Sparkles for Blood’ promotion.

“Real horror fans have watched vampires systematically turned into wimpy fodder for years now. It’s time to fight back,” said 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles.

“I’m happy to be working with IDW on the ‘Sparkles for Blood’ event. Hopefully, working together we can put an end to this nightmare.”

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Editorial note: Apparently someone in their marketing division fails to realize that Twilight fans also like Doctor Who, Star Trek, True Blood and several other of their products. They had an amazing opportunity to reach out to a franchise, especially since David Slade directed the 2007  movie 30 Days of Night. But I guess it’s easier to insult us with the same-old-same-old that we’ve all heard before. I mean could they at least be original?

I may stop by the booth and let them know what I won’t be buying. They could have had an opportunity, to get me to their products, now they are just going to lose money. Seriously, you can promote a new division without insulting a new consumer market and sounding like a 3th grade boy kicking the girls with cooties out of the tree house.  If you feel similarly, this is where you can contact them shoot them an email at

A copy of the letter I sent to them is below [Read more…]