Comic Con PR Stunt: Swap Twilight for 30 Days of Night

According to Digital Spy:

“Twilight fans will be offered copies of 30 Days of Night by IDW Publishing at San Diego Comic-Con.

Copies of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novels and the graphic novel adaptations can be traded for a volume from IDW’s 30 Days of Night series at the publisher’s booth under its ‘Sparkles for Blood’ promotion.

“Real horror fans have watched vampires systematically turned into wimpy fodder for years now. It’s time to fight back,” said 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles.

“I’m happy to be working with IDW on the ‘Sparkles for Blood’ event. Hopefully, working together we can put an end to this nightmare.”

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Editorial note: Apparently someone in their marketing division fails to realize that Twilight fans also like Doctor Who, Star Trek, True Blood and several other of their products. They had an amazing opportunity to reach out to a franchise, especially since David Slade directed the 2007  movie 30 Days of Night. But I guess it’s easier to insult us with the same-old-same-old that we’ve all heard before. I mean could they at least be original?

I may stop by the booth and let them know what I won’t be buying. They could have had an opportunity, to get me to their products, now they are just going to lose money. Seriously, you can promote a new division without insulting a new consumer market and sounding like a 3th grade boy kicking the girls with cooties out of the tree house.  If you feel similarly, this is where you can contact them shoot them an email at

A copy of the letter I sent to them is below

Apparently someone in your marketing division fails to realize that
Twilight fans also like Doctor Who, Star Trek, True Blood and several
other of your products. Most of those attending are well over 21 with
significant buying potential. We also have children who would have
loved your Transformers and similar products. You had an amazing
opportunity to reach out to a franchise, especially since David Slade
directed the 2007 movie 30 Days of Night. But I guess it’s easier to
insult us with the same-old-same-old that we’ve all heard before.
Could you at least be original and effective in your attempt to market
a product?

You could have had an opportunity, to get me interested in your
products, which you have squandered. Now you are just going to lose
money. You can promote a new division without insulting a new consumer
market and sounding like a 3th grade boy kicking the girls with
cooties out of the tree house.

Perhaps, you have appealed to your current fanbase with your PR stunt,
but you have reached out to new people by insulting what they
currently like which is unlikely to broaden your base.

I could have spent money at your booth. I could have given PR to your
products on a regular basis. My site has over 80,000 followers on
Twitter and Facebook. Instead, I’ll be spending money elsewhere such
as over at the BBC, HBO, Yen Press and other booths.

Laura Byrne-Cristiano
Twilight Lexicon


  1. I agree with you!
    I was equally as offended when I read the article! I tried to leave a comment on the page but it would not let me but it did seem to let people that agreed with the article post comments (I don’t know whether it was just my comp)

  2. I really hate how all the critics and haters are always going on about the sparkles and how there is no violance. Uh hello these vampires have to rip each other apart to kill one another to pieces. Maybe if they actually took the time to read the books instead of just taking the advice of other haters they would see it is a good book series and it takes more then blood and gore to make a good book series.

    • Pervy McDirty says:

      You mean the whole “allergic to vaginas thing isn’t bad enough?

      • The Dude says:

        Man, I came here out of sheer morbid curiosity. Started reading the comments and was literally blown away. I see the name “Pervy McDirty” and I instantly recognized it from TR. I read what you wrote and I just want to say thanks man. I got some seriously bad “I need a drink” type news today and what you wrote literally made me laugh out loud. I seriously needed that, so thanks for the laugh.

        • If you get your kicks off of trolling websites for real fan’s and making derogatory comments then it’s no wonder you have been getting bad news these days because with an attitude like that that’s all you deserve. And just because a guy has morels and treats a women with respect isn’t an allergy it is called being a real man which is something a pair of little boy’s like you guys wouldn’t know the first thing about which is why Edward gets the girl and all you two get are dirty nasty skanks whose middle name is chlamydia.

          • Pervy McDirty says:

            I’m sorry, did you say something? All I’m hearing are buzzes and clicks and some oddly orgasmic moaning.

  3. I will also try to stop by the booth, but I envision the scene from Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts goes into the dress shop that refused to help her, and says, “You work on commission, right? Big mistake. BIG mistake.” Hahahaha Unfortunately, I have seen and will probably experience a lot of the Twihate at Comic Con. I also enjoy so many other genres of movies, books, etc. and though the big draw for me is the BD panel, I will be spending 3 days at the Con and anyone who insults twilight or its fans won’t get money from me.

    • “I also enjoy so many other genres of movies, books, etc.”

      Wait, you can read books other than Twilight? Like, real books that require reading-comprehension skills?
      And you still read the biggest Mary-Sue series yet written?

  4. I imagine there’ll be a sudden surge in sales for Twilight books, as haters go buy a copy so they can get 30 Days of Night in trade. I can’t see any Twilight fans giving up their books for something like this. 😛

    What a stupid idea! They could have just handed them out to people wearing Twilight shirts, or given them away at the Breaking Dawn panel as people leave…why does it have to be so mean-spirited?

  5. rhiannon says:

    i am getting tired of this. do guys who are still in transformers and all the other guy crap get treated like this, NO!!

    • kittyred says:

      Did you just call Transformers ‘guy stuff’? Wow, you do NOT know the Transformers fanbase, at all. Before you start slinging about ignorance, you best check yourself. I’m in the TF Fandom and the women are at LEAST as numerous as the males. Which might be why it’s been around well into its third decade.

      Can you say that about your fandom?

    • um, well actually yes they do. The trick is to have a sense of humour. Whether it’s Transformers or Twighlight, you really shouldn’t be getting so offended over a work of fiction that you enjoy. now, c’mon, laugh. you’ll feel better and I’m sure that was the intent of the promotion anyway.

  6. Gabriella says:

    The only reason why so many people are mocking it is b/c of how much exposure and popular it got. I only read part of the article and then I found it was a waste of my time. Its like this fine you don’t like move on

    • I agree that popularity is a big part of the issue.

      But I also think that some people don’t agree with the positive themes in Twilight, hence the vitriol.

      In a lot of fiction, but especially in horror, the major themes are that life sucks, bad things just happen, you have no control over your life, we’re all doomed no matter what we try, and so forth. If you believe those themes, it probably to use them as an excuse, as a way to ignore your own responsibility for your own actions in your own life.

      Twilight contradicts such themes, sharply, seemingly within that genre. Bella is quite normal, but finds a way to change the course of her own life, ultimately becoming the most powerful (and happy?) being on earth. So Twilight is not just an alternate theme within horror, it is an attack on those themes. So the horror crowd resents Twilight because Bella’s (and her fans) successful living disproves their excuses for living sucky lives.

      Also, as a web guy, I have to say that the technique of posting articles (or seeking publicity) around the keyword, “Twilight,” which brings in Twilight fans of course, and then just burning Twilight, and sending those people away forever, is self-destructive idiocy. It doesn’t gain them anything, because the non-Twilight fans aren’t paying any attention to articles about “Twilight.” Thus, the “let’s burn Twilight” approach only undermines them.

      But I guess they assume that life just sucks, so it’s okay to live suck-y lives, so perhaps that’s par for their course.

      • there is definitely some truth to what you’re saying. i was pleasantly surprised to see this amount of depth in the comments.

      • Lynne Stringer says:

        Very good point, James. I couldn’t agree more!

      • Lynne Stringer says:

        Good on you, Laura! You tell them!

      • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

        Very well said, James!

      • Technically speaking, good horror films, despite the graphic gore and scares, is about normal people overcoming beyond normal circumstances. It is in part, the human-being overcoming inhuman circumstances, such as what is seen in 30 Days of Night, Dawn of the Dead, The Howling, and many other horror flicks.

        So in this relation, Twilight does adhere to the very base aspect of traditional horror, even if it lacks the traditional motifs.

        The reason Twilight gets so much hate, is because it is huge right now. It is everywhere you go. It wins every popularity vote out there, no matter if its competition is better (as far as craft and storytelling). It’s like an overexposure of ultraviolet light. Because of this, it makes Twilight a huge target for those who are simply looking for something to hate.

        Honestly, I think it is stupid to hate a movie. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, don’t care about it. Believe me, we Twi-hards despise the crazed zealots that bring the name of Twi-hard down to the gutter, as much as anybody else.

        Secondly, the Twilight franchise isn’t trying to be a classic horror story. It’s vampires and werewolves don’t follow the classic Hollywood mythos, so honestly there is no reason to even try to compare.

        • Very well said Joshua.

        • I do realize that in horror, the bad guy usually loses in the end, and the good hero notices the patterns of cause & effect, and uses that new understanding to overcome the world.

          However, since the milieu of horror is the dominant factor within the horror genre, the hero’s victory is usually no more than a trick, and their triumph is undercut because life (within the horror genre) is still unpredictably terrible. Which is why sequels in horror are so easily made. You still have no control over the course of your life, and horror can come upon you at any time, with no real cause for its imminent arrival. At. Any. Moment. Twilight specifically attacks and proves that worldview false.

          In contrast, at the end of Breaking Dawn, the hero’s journey is the dominant feature, not the milieu.

          Bella uses the patterns of cause and effect to protect her family (via J. Jenks) and herself (via her practicing with her shield). She now sees that her original assumption (in Biology) that
          “life is unfair,” was false. Life can be fair — when you make it so, and get to work.

          Through their efforts using the principle of cause and effect, Bella and the Cullens reveal to the entire immortal world that the Volturi’s evil traditions are false, and have crippled vampires from valuing life itself (including human, werewolf, and vampire), which has kept them from having children, from thinking of themselves as anything but monsters (like Edward), and generally being miserable serial killers — forever (like Marcus). Misery loves company!

          It is also revealed that the Volturi have spread their lies merely to protect themselves. As a result of this very public revelation, the Volturi will eventually lose their false claims to authority, as the Cullens are the new moral leaders of the immortal world.

          And even though Twilight is not horror, perhaps there will be future Twilight sequels, someday, showing how the Cullens deal with the vengeful Volturi and the plot to take over the world brewing in South America.

          We’ll see… IF Stephenie Meyer and company continue to employ the principle of cause and effect, like Bella — and the Harry Potter people, who are planning new films built around the series’ lesser books and working on new theme parks across the globe.

          Now, that’s cause and effect at work.

        • dskirata says:

          The reason we don’t like Twilight is because it’s badly written. That is a really, really simple fact.

          • And Dskirata you have every right to have that opinion. Most Twi-hards readily admit that there are things that they didn’t like about the Twilight saga, even though they still love the books… I myself included.

            Most Twi-hards understand that not everybody is going to get what they got out of the series, and most agree that there is nothing wrong with disliking the book series and such. To each is their own.
            So as stated, it’s okay to not like the books, nor the fandom associated with it. Twilighters just get upset when people bash them for liking it.

  7. Don’t have time for those kinds of people !

  8. Personally, I’m kind of flattered. The people on youtube and beyond have been doing this for years, but now that a major publishing company is mocking us, I feel flattered. It’s obviously because they feel threatned because Twilight made so much more money than their movie did (And they are probably put off with David Slade for directing Eclipse). But here’s what I never get about ALL of this…Twilight isn’t even about vampires! Sure, they’re in it, but I’m sure most of us would agree that Twilight’s intention was NEVER to be the ‘best vampire movie’ and to ruin the ‘vampire image.’ Who cares!? This is more popular for a reason because it has something called character development and underlying themes and, oh I don’t know, a plot rather than blood, blood, blood, blood. And sometimes nothing but blood is a good thing, but for Twilight it’s not. I really don’t understand why this is so hard to get! I’m not going to comic con, but if I did, I would walk up to the booth and just start laughing. How much lower can you possibly go? That’s just hystarical. This is on par with that vampire cult giving money to Twilight by buying all of the twilight books and then burning them.

    • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

      Very well said, Katie!! I have been saying this for years! Twilight isn’t about vampires and werewolves–it uses them as a metaphor to develop the relationships and characters in the story. That’s a great difference from other vampire genres.

    • CullenCoven says:

      I so agree with you there.

  9. I agree with you, I wish they would have chose a positive marketing angle to cater to TW fans instead of going the insult & ridicule route.

    I haven’t read or watched 30 days of night but would have been a lot more interested in going to their booth, especially with David Slade (who I love) directing that movie. But I now I feel more like boycotting.

    Thanks for including their email address.

  10. I enjoyed the film 30 Days of Night and its sequel Dark Days as well Niles’ graphic novel adaptation of I Am Legend. And I think it’s uncollegial for Steve Niles to insult a fellow author’s work in such a manner. And it’s just so gratuitous and old hat to bash Twilight in that way.

    Niles wants to tell us what vampires are supposed to be. Well, vampires in folklore don’t have mouths full of shark teeth or get third degree burns from sunlight like his does. Those are conventions added by the movies.

    What do serious vampire fans think of Twilight? Well, some hate the series. But others have embraced it, or they like the books but not the movies, or at least they don’t hate it.

    Vampire literature and film bloggers on the novel Twilight

    (French; use Google translate or similar)

    Horror comic book artist/writer Steven Bissette on Twilight and Let The Right One In (click arrows)

    The vampire as the attractive, refined lover of human beings has deep literary roots, deeper than the vampire as a feral horde, in fact. See Gautier’s La Morte Amoureus (1836) and Goethe’s Bride of Corinth (1797).

  11. Type; that should be ‘La Morte Amoureuse.’

  12. Jazz Girl says:

    Seriously? Is this junior high? First, let’s establish one undeniable fact. Vampires, regardless of which author you read, or what mythos you subscribe to, are FICTIONAL. They are legends, myths, stories made up to explain the unexplainable. Yes, the legends are based in historical reference. But, can someone please explain to me exactly what vampire expert gave anyone permission to say what does and doesn’t fit within “true vampire lore”? I’m so over it. It’s ridiculousness on such a juvenile scale that kindegartners are calling these people immature.

  13. As much as I don’t like the last two books in the Twilight Saga, especially Breaking Dawn, and sometimes feel like I’ve wasted my money on them, I’m not about to trade them in to a company that chooses to insult my intelligence. There’s a reason why my favourite jab at the series and its vampires has been by the tv series Supernatural; EK, SG and co. saw the popularity of the Twilight series and used their vampire canon on it to make fun of it without implying that if you like it you’re an idiot.

    Having said that, I’ve never read anything by them, and with this I’m not about to start.

  14. By the way, in Niles’ own Dark Days graphic novel a semi-heroic male vampire falls in love with a human female. So why is he on his high horse about vamps being killers not lovers? (And as if the torture-murder in Bree Tanner wasn’t as brutal as anything in 30 Days.)

    How would he like it if someone offered to exchange graphic novels Virulents and Damn Nation, featuring more monstrous and completely non-romantic vamps, for his Dark Days?

  15. Here is a copy of the email I wrote to them

    For whom it may concern,

    Having read your PR piece, I must say that I am offended and annoyed. Is there a problem with your brains that the only way you think you can get some public interest is by using Twilight? I mean you can say what you want about Twilight, but you obviously realize how strong it is if you have to use it to get attention to your booth. If you or the people on your team had brains, you could have come up some creative ideas of your own. You should realize there are more Twilight fans out there than 30 Days of Night fans and by insulting us by calling what we are a fan of weak, is only going to hurt you on the long run.

    Knowing what kind of people you are, you are going to try to back track or issue an apology insisting that you were not trying to insult the Twilight fans, but we have read your words and once they are out there, there is no taking it back. Sorry you will have to learn the hard way, but my piece of advise for your future is to create something of a different nature that can give you positive feedback.

    • Going by the poor grammar and terrible sentence structure, I’d say you need to read more than just Twilight.

  16. Good for you Laura….keep up the good work. Hopefully, we can meet up down there. I will need your guidance for sure.

  17. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Thanks for “having our backs”, Laura!

  18. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    Oh, and whatever happened to just the common courtesy that I can like my vampires and you can like yours and we don’t have to be mean about it. sigh

  19. Can we boycott their booths? Or is that too harsh?

    • I have the gasoline and matches. Too much?

      *evil grin*

      • nope i actually think we need more 😉
        I say we get a bunch of angry twilight fans and start a riot…. i can see it now 😀 lol

        • Under no circumstances are we advocating any kind of “riot” or burning. I understand that that was said in jest but it is EXACTLY what the media want to portray us as which is emotional out-of-control women.

          I’m thinking something more hitting them in the wallet. Go over to the booth pick up a number of items in other fandoms that you like have them ring up the order. Then at the end after they done the legwork ask “Is this where the Turn in Twilight for 30 Days of Night swap is happening?” When they answer yes, state I’m a Twilight fan and I’m also a fan of (name the other genres you would have purchased) and that means you have lost this much in sales today because you chose to market one franchise by degrading another and insulting fans. What this will do is make a statement, tie up their staff, and it’s perfectly legal!

          Furthermore, I would contact the licensing divisions of other products that they run and let them know that you won’t be buying an IDW publishing item because of their tactics.

          Personally I was totally looking forward to buying the new Game of Thrones product at the George RR Martin signing that they are hosting. Now I won’t be spending my money.

          • Haha, that sounds a lot better. Even though the matches and gasoline are tempting. 😀

          • CullenCoven says:

            You should go up to the trade-in booth with a 30 Days of Night and say,

            “Is this where I trade my book in for Twilight?”

  20. smitten_by_twilight says:

    You rock, Laura!
    A forum discussion led me to conclude that my ire is best directed to the correct source, rather than into internetspace, so here is my email:

    So, I’m going to assume that before you put this marketing campaign together, you were bright enough to realize that Twilight fans were never going to trade in their books en masse for different books of any kind. So you will be giving away books to some people who might otherwise have taken their books to a used bookstore, or to people who bought them at a used bookstore specifically to trade in – I’m going to assume that you knew that this wasn’t really about the trade. (If you didn’t realize this, you’re not smart enough for your job.)

    So that leaves me thinking that this is about publicity – that you think that all real vampire readers do not like Twilight, and will thus by their dislike of Twilight, be drawn to your material, increasing sales.

    This has some large holes in it. 1. Some vampire lovers do like Twilight. Some love it. Because Twilight is only incidentally a vampire story, and readers can like more than one kind of story. 2. By attracting the attention of haters, you risk having them hate your material – and being vocal about it. Not all publicity is good publicity. 3. As others have by now pointed out, you have just alienated a huge community, many of whom like other material you carry, but are now considering boycotting you.

    Next time consider going for the love, rather than the hate. I realize that this may be hard for vampirically-oriented people to do, but altogether, you’re likely to get better results and burn less bridges. After all, aren’t all authors better off, if more people are reading more of the time?

  21. MegRose says:

    Couldn’t agree mite with all the comments I’ve read here. I get so sick and tired of people bashing and hating on Twilight, even the friends who cconvinced ME to read them. People need to grow up. Whatever happened to what we were told in preschool that “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all”?


  23. I honestly fail to understand this need to assert a singular idea of the vampire as superior, especially given how greatly varied the vampire of folklore and mythology is.

    As it happens I own all of the “30 Days of Night” graphic novels and enjoy a wide range of vampire literature…including (obviously) Stephanie Meyer’s take on the vampire legend.

    This is a cheap and insulting PR stunt and if I were fortunate enough to be able to attend Comic-Con I would most certainly bycott the booth.

  24. I love horror movies and I love vampires. I have always loved them both. But, really? If I didn’t know about their PR stunt and just happen to see it at Comic Con I would have just pee my pants laughing. 30 Days of Night is the worst vampire/horror movie I have seen. They could offer me a whole bunch of copies of that movie in exchange for anything and I will still laugh in their faces. So to offer it for Twilight it’s just ridiculous. But hey, that PR Stunt just means that they are so desperate for attention that they had to go with the most famous topic they could find and I guess it was not Transformers :p

    • I got so caught up in the ridiculousness of the PR Stunt that I didn’t clarify something. I have not read 30 Days of Night, just saw the movie and it was so bad that I won’t even bother reading it and they could offer me either movie or book and I still laugh at them.

  25. MariposaAlice says:

    I’m loving all the comments here. What an intellectual bunch we have contributing to this conversation =) (No sarcasm, in case anyone was thinking that was..) I think it’s very ridiculous that they think people who like Twilight don’t like 30 Days of Night, Buffy, Lestat, True Blood, Star Trek, Nosferatu, Dracula, and everything that is dark, and has an interesting storyline. We do have minds of our own. Like most humans, we aren’t just interested in Twilight. Oh, and guess what? We’re usually not the same people who are obsessed with all the other teen-crap going around. It’s a really mean tactic to ‘trade in your Twilight novel for this’, considering, we /might/ be already into ‘this.’ Humans are diversified. Just because I’m into Justin Bieber on occasion (….slight occasion), does not mean I’m not obsessed with Panic! At the Disco or Kings of Leon. It’s sad that they cannot realize that.

  26. Not a freakin chance….lol

  27. vampbball says:

    So…I’ll just say it, I think it’s funny. I’m not a horror fan, partly because of squeamishness but mainly because of James’ excellent points above (I value hope and compassion, don’t think the world is comprised of exclusively amoral people, etc.). So who cares if a bunch of threatened fanboys want to reclaim their particular brand of monster? I’ve always thought of the Twilight vampires more as gods (e.g. Greek) than vampires, anyways. I find the fanboys’ frustration very amusing. :0D

  28. Twilight_News says:

    I just sent their media inquiries person the following:

    Hi Ana Maria,

    I just want to clarify your corporate position in light of this quote from your director of retail marketing, Dirk Wood. He is quoted as saying “We may need a forklift at the end of the show, for all the Twilight books. But it will be worth it. It’s time to start scaring people again.” Your Official Facebook page is also stating that you’ll possibly be destroying the books collected to make a show booth out of them. So is it your corporate policy to destroy books, and to decide for others what they should be reading? It certainly seems that way. It does seem as if you are advocating censorship with a touch of fascism.

    I’ve already written an email to your feedback address concerning this. I also put it on our website If you pull our quantcast stats, you’ll discover it has significantly more traffic than your own site. Additionally, we have over 80,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook combined. That’s a lot of bad PR.

    You’ll also note in my original letter and in the subsequent fan reactions that you have not only antagonized a potential new fanbase, but your existing fanbase as well.

    In days where traditional books stores are closing and the comics industry relies upon web PR, is this really the smartest of moves? I was quite looking forward to stopping by your Games of Thrones event and purchasing items in that fandom. Additionally, I’m quite interested in Doctor Who. Needless to say I won’t be making those purchases now, and I’ll be emailing the licensing divisions of those products to tell them why.

    The most obvious way to attract Twilight fans, would have been to bring up the pre-existing connection to the franchise. Many are familiar with the 30 Days of Night franchise because Twilight Saga: Eclipse’s director David Slade directed the movie version back in 2007. Many Twilight fans rented that item to become familiar with David Slades work. Then again I guess this really comes down to a lack or creativity, aforethought, basic background research, or just plain common sense on the part of Mr. Wood.

    I humbly submit that an apology from your company and Mr. Wood is in order, and perhaps revamping this ill-conceived publicity stunt and asking fans to donate new books for a book drive would be a far worthier activity.

    Laura Byrne-Cristiano

  29. CullenCoven says:

    You go girl! Give em’ hell!

  30. Dear Twilight fans,

    Learn to take a frickin’ joke!!!
    As someone whose fandoms are made fun of on a contant basis myself,Your coming across as a bunch of whiney babies.

    Not everybody likes Twilight and some downright can’t stand it. That’s the problem with anything you like in life. Sometimes people will make fun of what you like and you can either take your toys back home and never share them or you can lighten up and realize that sometimes that’s just how it goes. To some, Twilight, among many things, are seen as a bit silly by other people who have different world views. You can either accept the silliness and laugh at it with them or you can get all huffy and defensive and live up to the stereo-type of what a Twilight is seen as to the rest of us.

    Yours truely,
    Rachael L Anderson

    • Twilight_News says:

      There is a difference between just simply liking other things, a joke, simply parody, and advocating telling people what they should be reading and destroying that product.

      We can take a joke as much as the next person. The Onion Twilight parody, the Harvard Lampoon Nightlight, and many others poke fun at Twilight. No offense taken. This PR stunt is offensive.

      They wouldn’t be offering Naria or Harry Potter fans(which are G/PG-13) to turn in their books for Game of Thrones which is adult. They wouldn’t dare. But because it is Twilight, they decided to tell people what to read. For every action, there is a reaction. And ours is a logical presentation of why their PR stunt whose stated goal is to interest fans is A) not going to work and B) offensive. If that’s their idea of successful PR someone needs to go back to school.

  31. Might I suggest you reread the IDW press release.
    and then rethink whether there was “tongue in cheek” involved.

    lighten up Twiglets.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Even tongue-in-cheek can go wrong. They had a perfect chance to play it straight. Make a David Slade connection, and get people to come over on the product’s merits. Instead they went for the cheap shot.

      A marketing ploy is only effective if it doesn’t offend the audience it’s directed to.

      • Remember this is at Comic-Con the convention that in 2009, Twilight Fans completely broke convention etiquette and seat hogged through other panel’s such as Bill Willigham’s Fables.

        There’s a reason the Twilight Panel is very first thing on a Thursday. People still remember.

        • Twilight_News says:

          Please, Hall H fits 6,500 people and it’s the big franchises that are in there. Getting a seat in Hall H or for that matter Ballroom 20 for big events has been a problem for years. It’s always first come first served and seat squatting as you put it goes on all the time. It’s not just a Twilight phenomena. And if Comic Con wants to change their policy they can any time they want, take it up with them.

          Proceeding New Moon was Johnny Depp who introduced Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. This franchise is of interest to lots of people including Twilight fans. Somehow I don’t think Mr. Burton was upset at having part of his target audience hear about his film.

          Following New Moon in 2009 was Avatar…you know that little James Cameron movie, perhaps you’ve heard of it. As soon as Twilight fans left their seats (and many stayed because we happen to like sci-fi too and Cameron has quite the reputation) Avatar devotees were leaping into them.

          It is how it works. We played within the system. You don’t like the system, complain to staff. Last year Twilight wasn’t there and I heard many complaining about space as usual and the con moving elsewhere to get more space, but as you know Aneheim didn’t pan out. Bottom line we have just as much rights to those seats as any franchise, and we abide by the system as do other fans. Though if memory serves someone was stabbed last year over seating and it wasn’t a Twilight panel. As crazy as Twilight fans can be, I don’t know that we’ve resorted to that yet.

          • Well said!

            I really don’t think anybody that attends comic con or is into the fantasy/horror genre should be looking down on anybody. We all essentially like the same thing, fiction.

            Destroying books, never a good idea. It reminds me too much of censorship. And who exactlly are going to be giving them their Twilight books? Certainly not Twilight fans. If the haters go out and buy Twilight books just to return them, that is just too pathetic for words. You’ll put more money into Stephanie Meyers’ pocket, which I don’t think she will really mind, LOL!

            Why are men so threatened by Twilight? It’s really sad.

    • Official Press Release

      IDW Publishing is daring fans to switch to a vampire franchise with some teeth! This year at San Diego Comic-Con, in an unprecedented promotion, fans can turn in any copy of a Twilight book or graphic novel at the IDW booth #2643 for a free copy of a 30 DAYS OF NIGHT graphic novel! IDW is vowing to help vampire fans get back on track with the undead the way they were always meant to be: bloody and terrifying.

      “Real horror fans have watched vampires systematically turned into wimpy fodder for years now. It’s time to fight back” said Niles. “I’m happy to be working with IDW on the Sparkles for Blood event. Hopefully, working together we can put an end to this nightmare.”

      IDW’s exclusive “Sparkles for Blood” outreach program is designed to help all fans of the undead get what they really want – bloody, vampire horror. Sprung from the twisted minds of Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith in 2002, 30 Days of Night graphic novels and major motion pictures offer vampires as the feral, animalistic creatures that stalked humans under cover of night that they really are.

      “Recently, vampires in pop culture have started to swing back to the romanticized vamps of other literature and films before 30 Days of Night,” said IDW chief creative officer, Chris Ryall. “In some cases, they’re even being treated more as chaste immortal teenagers than as the murderous creatures that they are. ‘Sparkles for Blood’ will remind everyone that vampires are creatures of the night, not of the twilight.”

      As part of the book-swap being offered to fans at Comic-Con, everyone who receives a 30 Days of Night graphic novel in trade for their sparkly novel will also receive information about the coming 30 Days of Night ongoing series. Written by 30 Days co-creator Steve Niles, with art by acclaimed artist Sam Kieth, this first-ever ongoing 30 Days of Night series kicks off very appropriately in October.

      “We may need a forklift at the end of the show, for all the Twilight books,” says Dirk Wood, IDW’s director of retail marketing. “But it will be worth it. It’s time to start scaring people again.”

      Every lapsed 30 Days of Night fan and sparkly vampire purveyor is invited to the IDW Publishing booth #2643 at Comic-Con to get back on the straight and bloody path. Steve Niles will be in attendance and signing at the IDW booth every day.

      Suggested Wood, “Come swap out your Twilight books and get a needed blood transfusion in your reading habit.”

  32. I will freely admit, I’m not a huge fan of the series. However, this type of publicity and marketing astounds me and makes me sick. I’m sorry that you fans are being attacked/insulted in such a manner. Quite sickening.

    I own all four books plus part one of the graphic novel interpretation. I will not be trading any of them for this movie, because even though there a few things I don’t like about the story, I still enjoy sitting down and reading the books. For what it’s worth, it’s enjoyable and entertaining.

    My deepest apologies, Twilight fans.

  33. Wow…it’s nice to see that people will actually get something good and useful out of their Twilight books.

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