Afternoon News

Premiere Magazine has another article out featuring an interview with Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie. We understand that Premiere has even more coverage to come, so keep watching!



The Charlotte Observer has an article about the upcoming midnight release parties and even mentions the Lexicon
Thanks to Megan for the heads up! (Yes, the one mentioned in the article)

The Miami Herald Also has an article up on the Twilight Saga phenomena. Thanks to Bianca for the heads up.

Blast Magazine has an article about Twilight at Comic Con. 

Taylor Lautner, who plays the character Jacob Black in the upcoming movie adaptation of the books said, “The fans are the driving force behind this thing.”

You can read the complete article here.

Stephenie on GMA

Just a reminder that tomorrow Stephenie will be on Good Morning America.  Check your local listings for times and channels.

GMA is also asking for fans to send in questions for Stephenie.  Send your question in here and yours may be asked on air.

Entertainment Weekly Update



Special Event to Include Author Q&A, Autograph Session and A Musical Performance by Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October 

Fans Will Have the Opportunity to Text in Questions for Meyer’s Q&A Sessions

 NEW YORK (July 30, 2008) — Stephenie Meyer fans who are unable to attend the beloved author’s sold-out four-city Breaking Dawn Concert Series tour will be able to enjoy the events from the comfort of their own home via Entertainment Weekly’s will host two live webcasts of the special concert series being held in celebration of the release of Meyer’s highly anticipated novel, Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment of the internationally bestselling Twilight Saga. The Breaking Dawn Concert Series will include a Q&A and autograph session as well as a special musical performance by one of Meyer’s inspirations, Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October. This special concert series will kick off at the Nokia Theatre on August 1 in New York City and continue onto Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. will live stream the August 1 New York event at 7:00 p.m EDT and the August 7 Los Angeles event at Royce Hall at 8:00pm PDT. is providing the content, and producing the live video for these events via the live streaming video platform. 

 "I am thrilled that my fans from all over the world will be able to be part of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series" says Stephenie Meyer. "Having these events broadcast online lets everybody experience these special events."

" users are obsessed with Stephenie Meyer, and we’re happy to feed the addiction," says Cyndi Stivers, managing editor of "We’re delighted that Stephenie is allowing us to provide the front-row seat for these concerts."


" could not be any more excited about producing the live video for these events and streaming them live to the world with such a great partner like" Said Nate Parienti, Co-Founder of iClips. "We strive for a diversity of content in what we offer through the iClips Network and we are certainly ecstatic about being a part of the Stephenie Meyer/Twilight phenomenon!”


As part of the Breaking Dawn Concert Series, fans will be able to text in their questions for Meyer courtesy of Waterfall Mobile, a select few of which Meyer will answer during the live broadcast of her Los Angeles event. Text BDAWN to 67463 for more details. The event will also feature special musical guest Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October, who will perform several songs during the concert, including those that have appeared on Meyer’s playlists: Sound of Pulling Heaven Down and Hate Me from New Moon, and Overweight from Eclipse.  Meyer has said that Furstenfeld’s music has played a major role in her writing and has even inspired scenes in the Twilight Saga.

In less than three years, Meyer has become a publishing phenomenon with more than 10 million copies of the Twilight Saga in-print in the U.S. Fan anticipation is reaching a feverish high with the film adaptation of Meyer’s first book in the series, Twilight, scheduled to be released in December 2008. The stars of Twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, were recently featured in character on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  Meyer’s fourth and final installment in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, will be released at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, August 2, 2008.



Newsweek has a Q&A up with Stephenie.  Thanks to Veronica for the heads up.

Word of the live podcast that the Lexicon is doing with Kallie and Kassie of Twilight Series Theories, Bailey (No More Marbles) of His Golden Eyes, and Lisa of Twilight Moms is spreading.

Coming next week, Alphie, Pel, and Be My Escapes visit to Forks and La Push. We have great pictures and stories to share.

Quote of the Day

 The Quote of the Day – 7.30.08 – Reposted with Permission

"Carlisle: "I’ve seen vampire venom work miracles, but there are conditions that even venom cannot overcome.""

To catch up on all of the quotes thus far check out the QotD archive page.

Crash Test Dummies Needed…Well Sort Of

Twilight Teez just upgraded their server and they need help to test it out.  Here’s an email from owner Brian where he explains:

Twilight Teez is now operational on our new, super server, but we need some help.  We need to see what kind of traffic load this bad boy can take, and we were thinking that folks from the Lexicon would be just the ticket.  We’d like to ask as many people as possible to come visit our site, poke around, and maybe even make purchases (if they so desire).  Visit our blog.  You know, really give this new server a run for its money, so to speak.  Our goal is to see if this thing is going to be able to handle the load that will be put upon it when the ring goes up for pre-order sales again this Saturday.  So come on over.  Invite all your friends, your families, your arch enemies.  Hey, you could even invite Paris Hilton, if you wanted to.  Just come over and let’s see what Mr. Incredibleserver can do.


Twilight Teez latest

For those of you who have been emailing in wondering about the Bella’s engagement ring being sold by Twilight Teez, this is the latest info regarding the ring that was supposed to go on sale today.

We will need to push our Bella’s Engagement Ring one more time.  The new launch date and time is as follows:

July 20, 2008 at 12:00:00 noon (PST).

For your inconvenience, we will be offering a 10% discount on the ring purchases from now until July 27, 2008.

-Brian Schade
Chief Technology Officer
Twilight Teez, LLC

You can read the full explanation here.

From our mailbag

It seems that everyone is dying to know more about the music featured in the Twilight clips found on the Penelope DVD.  We asked Summit and we were told that the music you hear is stock music, not the actual score or soundtrack for the movie. It’s just generic mood music that they use to underscore any number of projects.

As you may have heard, the movie calendar from Borders is now going to be released on July 25th; however, you can preorder it now. You can also get a copy in US Borders stores when it releases.

There’s also good news for you international folks concerning the calendar. The calendar will be able to be shipped to Canada and the UK as well as other countries (check the Borders’ site for details).

 Now the real treat is for you Aussie’s, according to Borders the calendar will actually be in Australian Borders stores, so you don’t have to order it online.  We are still waiting to hear back regarding New Zealand and the rest of Oceania.

Twilight Teez still down

This just in from Brian, one of the owners of Twilight Teez.

We’ve had major Murphy (as in the law) action over here at Twilight Teez.  There’s been a major snafu with getting our site moved over to a new server, and we are still working the issue.  We have passed the original launch deadline of noon today for the ring, and I wanted to send a note hoping you guys could post an update for us.  We are still working very hard to get the site back online.   We hope to be able to get back up and running within the next several hours.  Hopefully we don’t have to delay the launch but for only a few hours here.
We are eternally sorry for the inconvenience and heartache this is no doubt causing Twilight fans.  We certainly did not plan this, and we will do everything to make sure the site is running as soon as possible.  Once it’s operational, we will make the ring available for pre-sale.

Bella’s Engagement Ring

The folks over at Twilight Teez will shortly begin taking orders for Bella’s engagement ring. (12:00 mountain time…that’s 1:00 central, 2:00 eastern, and 11:00 pacific on July 18th) Just as was the case for the Bella’s signature bracelet, there are a limited run of signature edition items.  See their site for details. Owner Brian will be happy to answer your questions.

EDITED:  This just in from Twilight Teez

EDITED: This just in from Twilight Teez:

"I am writing this to inform you that Twilight Teez has exceeded our server capacity.  We were running a Virtual Private Server (VPS) and felt that we were doing just fine…until 5:40 PM Arizona time when we exceeded our server’s memory capacity.  I am writing to you to let you know that we are diligently working with our hosting provider to move our site to a full dedicated web server which will more than meet our needs.  We should be back up and running within 12 hours if not way sooner.  I was wondering if you could post a note to this effect to let people know what is happening and why they can’t view the site, and that we should be back online and operational well in time to launch Bella’s Engagement Ring at the appointed time."