Crash Test Dummies Needed…Well Sort Of

Twilight Teez just upgraded their server and they need help to test it out.  Here’s an email from owner Brian where he explains:

Twilight Teez is now operational on our new, super server, but we need some help.  We need to see what kind of traffic load this bad boy can take, and we were thinking that folks from the Lexicon would be just the ticket.  We’d like to ask as many people as possible to come visit our site, poke around, and maybe even make purchases (if they so desire).  Visit our blog.  You know, really give this new server a run for its money, so to speak.  Our goal is to see if this thing is going to be able to handle the load that will be put upon it when the ring goes up for pre-order sales again this Saturday.  So come on over.  Invite all your friends, your families, your arch enemies.  Hey, you could even invite Paris Hilton, if you wanted to.  Just come over and let’s see what Mr. Incredibleserver can do.